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Trey Ratcliff hung out with 8 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Brad Sloan, Scott Jarvie, Keith Barrett, Karen Hutton, Trey Ratcliff, Todd Sisson, Gino Barasa, and Thomas Hawk
Trey's Variety Hour #48
Trey Ratcliff and 8 others participated
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its  working better 2 night 
+Todd Sisson - Todd - get on Google+ mate! Great place to share your work, meet other artists and promote your passion!
...well, I swear Todd said he's not on G+ - but his stream is busy! <scratches head>
ok but what do you mean dudude 
How do I contribute?  I own a few social media marketing orgs in Dallas Tx.  I think ya'll might be interested in what I have to say,...
Been listening to ya'll, and would to chime in with my two cents, if you'll invite me.
this is 1st hangout that i have a few of you around social media...great to hear what you have to say
I don't think the numbers are really a barrier (it depends on the personality I guess) but I find the photography group is perhaps self policing just by the standard of your work. If people are in awe of your work then they are happy just to watch and learn - by the way, Thanks for sharing so much of your work.
Interesting discussion about the follow chain and strategies of G+. I definitely am not in the upper echelon of circled photographers, but I try to interact and produce content regularly. Perhaps it'll work out eventually.
No doubt +DeShaun Craddock if you look at my page and follow the tips down the page a bit it will work for you. (I just have too much else to do with the day job)
My first time "eavesdropping" on a hangout. Pretty cool!
Hey guys, this critique is a great idea
That was a good hangout! Very interesting... I'm more tech centric but admire you photographers!!
I would love to join! It never lets me
Hi +Jason Bugra , you have to be invited to join I believe. They talked in the beginning of the hangout about how they get to know new people and they are glad to see fresh faces - If you missed it, the video is usually put up on youtube later.
+Todd Sisson I mis-heard something you said  in the hang-out then mate, my bad! Great to see you in the hang-out.
first message in google+
This is so sweet! I'm actually pretty jealous cuz I would love to be part of your guys stream! 
am entertained. involve me in your fun fully.
+Gino Barasa , thought this was an excellent program.  You were a good host and enjoyed the part where you/others poked fun at yourself.
hello beautiful friends...
've a good day....take care
Gotta say this is one of my favourite Trey hangouts - the constant sniping, sarcasm and crapping on Gino's images was brilliant... Great subject matter on Facebook as well. Well done to they guys to keep the Trey boat floating while he is away...
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