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Update - comments closed - thanks!

I have 20 free codes to hand out for the new app at . So, if you have a blog or with the media or anything, let me know in the comments.... Good man +Luke Lakatosh will be getting back to you in the next few hours!

It will also work on the new Apple TV - as soon as it accepts apps, you'll be able to have a non-stop HD slideshow on the Big Screen! :)  It will be a free update...    

P.S. Android version works on +Google TV at 
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Note on your page, the Android Market was renamed to the Play Store. 
Would love to try this out.
I'd love to take you up on it +Trey Ratcliff since I love your images. Unfortunately I don't own any iOS devices and will not as long as Apple continues to pursue these ridiculous patent suits. If there was an Android version, that would rock.  If Marco Arment can finally authorize an +Android version of Instapaper, you can make the jump.

FWIW, I like Apple products, and use a MacBook Pro and iPod, but no more as long as the legal vendetta continues.
Hi +Trey Ratcliff My CherryPics Photo App would do well on a Apple TV ! It' s great to see this evolve.
I'll send you my App for free to test on the Apple TV.
Thanks for the App, Guys ! Rated it 5-stars, hope you like mine too! +Luke Lakatosh +Trey Ratcliff 
hai trey.. i have download your photo voyages for android.. but i cannot read the full title of the photo.. is there something wrong with my phone or the app?
And I just hooked up Apple Tv and ordered a Mac Mini so I can work with my leg up and not at my desk
Hey I'll take one Trey. Thanks
If you have some available, please pass one along, Thanks Trey.
I have been writing a blog that nobody reads for over seven years, I'm a very amateurish photographer, and I'm a heavy Android user. You could do better, buy you could also make my day.
I blog all day long I would love one 
I dont have a blog but i would be very interested in int.
I asked politely on my iPad I hope.. the G+ app was being wonky!
I have apple tv and google plus is my blog
Hao Sun
I would like to review it and post on G+. 
I have a blog and two Apple TV's but for $0.99 I'm happy to pay unless of course +Trey Ratcliff is still feeling generous.
+Trey Ratcliff I would be happy to spread the word about your new app on my site if you still need help.  I love the iPad Stuck in Customs app and I often show off your wallpapers app when talking to photography groups about innovative new ways to exhibit work.  Wether you choose us or not I am going to try out the new app!
36'th comment, but here's hoping to be a lucky one. ( , but it'd down while I transfer media from another server.)
I would live to try out your app. I'm an aspiring photographer, new to google+, and have been truly enjoying your work.