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Google+ THANKS for 4 million followers!  Special video JUST for you on G+ from Paris!

I just made this behind-the-scenes last week...  The video ends with a little slide show with some recent photos from France.  Anyway, thanks very much...  I hope you enjoy the video and get something out of it! :)

If you have any questions, let me know... will do my best to answer them. :)

This video is all HD... it plays low-fi by default, so click that little gear to make it look better.
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Congrats +Trey Ratcliff I was just about to do a post like I did for +Tom Anderson the other day but you beat me to it ! 

I hope I can convince you to do another workshop in Paris ! 
WOOOOOW 4million....Thinking of running for President...hehe
Congrats to the "warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys".

Well deserved +Trey Ratcliff.
Congrats and thanks for the view of Paris and the lesson. You are such a wonderful teacher!!
Sorry for my ignorance..but I am a photo newbie.  Is it possible to do the metered shooting/HDR photography on the D3200?  I cycled through my settings, and didnt see the some of the settings you were referencing on your D800.
Все великолепно  и камера и зарисовка! Я давно слежу за вашими репортажами . Мне очень нравится.
Thanks :)

+Jeff Rice  you can still take RAW photos with the D3200, which can be used to make HDR photos.
No real questions, just a comment that using Evanescence as the sound track for the slide show portion was perfect!  :-p
Many thanks for all you have done & congratulations!
Great video, thank you. I miss Paris and the Galeries Lafayette. Christmas time in Europe is so much more festive than in North America.
I was thinking of going back and watching the Christmas light photowalk (from Texas I think) again to refresh my memory on shooting lights. 
Congrats +Trey Ratcliff ... as always, you're an inspiration. :)

Speaking of inspiration, when are you coming to Japan again? 
Awesome work Trey. Do you think that you will ever visit Portugal?
This is great Trey.  You've inspired and educated many!
You reached 4,000,000; I reached 400. I guess I'll also have to release a celebratory video... 
Neat video and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. I was in Paris a month ago but only had my iPhone for photos, but it's about the image not the gear, right?
Wonderful video - love how you did the end! That Christmas tree was awesome too! :)
+Trey Ratcliff If you missed the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette then you missed one of the best skyline views in all of Paris.  Of my images of Paris, the HDR panoramas I did from the roof are some of my favorites.  You can also get rooftop access to the roof of Printemps.  (Well, both rooftops were open to the public in early April.  I don't know if you can get up there in November / December. )
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I remember I was a fan back when you were underground and only had a million... ;p
As always awesome nice sound track...
As always, amazing shots Trey. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I appreciate you sharing your techniques on G+. As an amateur photographer, I find your work to be extremely inspiring. Safe travels and I look forward to your next photo walk in NY.
greg s
Very cool..
Excellent work, very good pictures, and great music. Would you share some pictures of Paris to download in my own blog on facebook as well as in g mail? I visited this beautiful city unfortunately my camera was broken and I  no longer have a single photo of this trip, I would love to have some you'd like to share. thanks

+Charles Lupica  Oh yes the roof is great - the first shot in that slideshow is from there, btw.  

+Belinda MooiMeisje  sure thing - use all the photos you want - all my work is Creative Commons non commercial.  
Congratulations! if there is a photographer that deserves 4 mil (and more) followers its you :) way to go +Trey Ratcliff :D 
A great video made in a country who has so many places to be discovered ^^ and i leave there
Well I don't know if I deserve it, but I'm grateful nonetheless
Hey, I'm not far behind with 277 followers :-)  Over 4 million is pretty impressive.
thats real cool thanks nuff respect blackroses intl
I LOVE trx photography 
I LOVE trx photography 
Hi Trey, great info as usual. Do you need special access to photograph in a mall with a tripod? Is this something anyone can do on a regular basis?
Congrats dude! I remember when you were shocked with having 8,000 followers.
Hi Trey, great info as usual. Do you need special access to photograph in a mall with a tripod? Is this something anyone can do on a regular basis?
Congrats Trey, and thanks for the video and all other G+ awesomness
Let's aim for five million by spring.
Evanescence (nice choice-she rocks!:), cloisters, opera & ufos...that's awesome Mr. Ratcliff! Thanks for sharing!! And congrats on 4 million! (I remember back when it was less than 400 hehe! ) Bravo! 
Hey +Trey Ratcliff ... What software did you use for the slide show ? Great video .... As usual 
Congratulations +Trey Ratcliff for your amazing scoring! And thanks for your video with great views of Paris and France. A good way for remembering the Photowalk in the Tuileries with you. Thanks again and you are always welcome in France.
Gratz! +Trey Ratcliff  ...I guess I had a good intuition when I started following you shortly after you started to use google+ and promoted that on stuckincustoms...

I've learned a lot about photography - especially about HDR - just by looking at your pictures! Thank you!
+Trey Ratcliff I loved the slideshow but missed that the first shot was from the roof.  It's worth viewing again and again so I'll go have another look now. The reason I mentioned the roof is that I have been to Paris are least a dozen times and it was only after many trips that I discovered that people could get to the roof.  There's always something new to discover in a place like Paris. 
+Charles Lupica  I agree - this is the first time I have been on the roof too - in fact, I had to break in this time.. it was officially "closed" - so I was alone up there with +Tom Anderson  ! :)
+Eric Richards  doing in that order ONLY helps with me organizing and seeing my files later in Lightroom! :)  They just make sense in groups of 5 like that, from lightest to darkest.
Viv R
thanks, helpful and funny "i like the french generally".
looks a very nice place you was at trey 
love trx, have a beautiful day today
Trey...loved the slide show at the end....I am surprised no-one has asked you about the music.....I love it...who is it??
Thanks for an other great video also the one of your son playing the panio was great to see too.
Best Denny
Thanks for the inspiration. The flight to Paris leaves in 2h. What a timing! This will hopefully be a weekend filled with great sights and pictures!
Hey +Trey Ratcliff pretty sure you can set videos to play in HD by default. It's in your channel settings menu in YouTube. I just saw that setting for the first time the other day.
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