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After hiking up Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale yesterday, I met Spencer down at the bottom.  He was a super-nice guy... thx for saying hello... and hope you had a good hike too! :)
After following +Trey Ratcliff for almost 4 years, I randomly ran into him this morning hiking camelback. What are the chances? Great to meet you Trey. You are my favorite photographer and I love your work. You make THE best desktop and phone backgrounds....ever. I feel like I have gotten glimpses of the world in all its beauty from your photos that I would have never seen otherwise. It makes me want to travel the world. 
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That's a great hike! Glad you enjoyed it... get shots of the view?
+Ian Tang  I haven't processed my photos yet.... I'm afraid they are rubbish!
Seeing your stuff, I am sure they are top notch! :)
Wow, I can't wait to see what you create with scenes from my old hometown. I don't miss the city, but I do miss the desert. (Although saying Camelback is in Scottsdale is a no-no!)
Did some climbing there years ago, spent most of the time belaying so I got to see the view. Had a 35mm pns back then, not a lot of good shots.
That's a cool coincidence! I love meeting up with people offline after being social media buddies. 
Cool, I didn't realize you were in Arizona, and Phoenix no less. Always nice to find other "local" folks on the big ol' internet.
It was so awesome hanging out with you guys there.
That is awesome. Hope to bump into you some day too!
That is one great hike! Glad to see you hang out in our great state! Love your photography. :-) 
here in west africa. Cant reach u dudes but i love the gesture of meetin after being cool online buddies. Do feel to send me some of your pics. Heard you great photography @ trey
Oh my.....that's wonderful...
You are lucky Spencer Kerbey!!!! wow...
They look like friends  Linh!!!   *)))
I used to live in Phoenix and have spent many a morning stretching my legs at that exact spot before hiking up Camelback.  Too bad I don't live there anymore, would have been awesome to run into you!  I hope you will be posting some shots you took on the hike, the view from the peak is pretty spectacular!
Stoked I got to meet you. Keep up the good work. Here is a pic I took from the top (proof I made it) trying out the panorama feature on my new iPhone. Thought it turned out pretty well I would love to see any pics you took on the hike up or at the summit or any in Phoenix really. Seeing my hometown and familiar things through your lens would be awesome after drooling over all of the awesome places you have been. 
Camelback is awesome!
Absolutely agree about +Trey Ratcliff His work is astounding. Hopefully I will bump into him one day.
Trey, you are 'awesome'! And I don't use this word quite often.
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