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I need your help and opinion! I'm going to spend tomorrow with the Google Photos team, and I want to make sure that we spend the time wisely. I know they have a huge list of obvious to-do items, but I wanted to collect some ideas from you. I'm quite sure that +Brian Rose and the others will be open to your ideas!

Use your +1 to vote on your favorite ones below!

Now, I know everyone has their own personal El Guapo, but I didn't want to niggle them with little things that are obvious. Maybe big ideas… or revolutionary things, such as the first one in the list. Let's think big so they can put this stuff on the road-map for the future!

Note: I have noticed many common themes that I may not put up to voting because I assume (but will ask anyway) they are on the Google radar - things such as Tagging, Resolution Issues, CC Licensing, +1 from Photo View, Video uploading, and many other tiny things. I'll encourage the Google Photos team spends an hour or so reading this whole thread.

Other things I don't have room to add to the vote but I notice are popular below:
- Allow people to "collect" favorite photos of others (perhaps like a Flickr Gallery except without stupid 18 cap)
- Permissions on photo-level not album-level
- More post-photo feedback/stats like Impressions in FB (thx Kelby!)
- Make Geotags more transparent
Eric James Leffler's profile photoJason Wilkins's profile photoMadan Kumar's profile photoBernd Paysan's profile photo
- Enable Photo-Selling via Google Image Search where photographers get 70% and Google gets 30% -- to blow Getty out of the water… Currently through Flickr, Getty takes 80% - Highway Robbery! (Kudos to +Thomas Hawk for bringing this up about 1 AM in his home the other night!)
- Better Photo/Album Management (think smart UI for photos, as smart as Circles for people) Can we get +Andy Hertzfeld to mock something up???
- Simple Import from Flickr, SmugMug, Zenfolio, etc so we don't have spend days moving around our collections.
- Make a consistent UI feel across all photo activity (sharing + viewing + management) instead of the White Picasa with clunky controls versus slick black lightbox.
- Photographer Suggestion Engine - ala Amazon… "If you like this photo, maybe you will like these 5 other photographers…"
- Post-comments to be tied to the photo, rather than lost forever after they flow off the stream.
- Google-made plugins for Wordpress to enable easy blogging of Google Photos
Share ONE photo from an album easily -About 100+ cumulative votes from below
Trey Ratcliff
Circle-specific photo-sharing. For example, just share ballet pics with my family. -About 75+ cumulative votes from below
Ben Lee
or just give him a sec to edit - i think they are just spaces waiting to be filled? ;)
Loved just seeing the new Google comments functionality in action!
He is adding stuff...........give it a sec.. the vote with your +1's
Be able to "collect" favorites from others' albums, and make those selections visible to everyone else. "I like this one, that one, and this one over here".
Groups means also better Tag handling. The page after clicking on Tags is poor and counter intuitive.
Perhaps you should turn off commenting otherwise you are going to get a massive list of comments when all you wanted was votes...! LOL I'm serious
Love the Wordpress plugin idea! Need that now.
+Leo G I think the issue would be combine the services into one mega flickr killer...
+Theo Johnson There's a request on the Zenfolio site for assistance on the Zenfolio > Picasa download function using their API. It already exists for Flickr. (over my head)
I think the photo selling makes good financial sense...
ability to add a description to a whole set of photos. example if I make a album callled "no flash corners" let me be able to describe what the album is about.
Something similiar to Portrit?
Dave R
Permissions and sharing at the photo level not album level.
Have the tags on your albums be visible in sparks for that keyword!
In Picasa my main complaint is that I can't set a photo's privacy settings based on circles. I want my family photos to only be viewable by my friends circle and family circle. Setting them to private the current way doesn't work, no one can ever get to them.
Integration with other services and 'one place to rule them all' - multiple service posting interface => upload to Picasa and crosspost with different messages to twitter, facebook, livejournal, 500px, other social networks and services.
The biggest thing, honestly? Being able to reorganize albums without everything posting back to your feed (as an option at least).
Also like the Photographer suggestion engine - OMG it's so hard to post a comment when it keeps screaming down the page. and all that cr%%P about clicking in the white space just doesn't work...! :/
Good suggestions.. Instead of being ultra-reactive here, I will let you guys and gals all discuss it... and see which other ideas collect the most votes.... BTW, I have 2 more spots up there, but that doesn't mean I can't bring all this stuff up... Thanks again! I'm really enjoying reading what you think... your ideas.. I'm NOT a fan of design-by-committee, but, I think we can take some of the most important things and get them addressed sooner rather than later. Thanks again! You guys rock.... this is fun.
Jen L
Granular download permissions e.g. per individual photo. That's been
one feature on my Flickr wish list.
Tom Mauti
Easier access to the original size photo. Better photo management like moving or deleting multiple photos.
Automatic posting to your stream when you add an image to an existin album.
Blocking image downloads similar to the blank gif that RedBubble provide or something useful.
Thought of another thing, iPhoto integration, why do we have to go to a separate app that doesn't integrate well in order to upload photos. I want to be able to sync my iPhoto albums directly into Picasa. FaceBook and Flickr are in their.
Photo and video will not be siloed for long. YouTube, or a version of it, should be part of the unified end goal.
Add, edit, organize albums. Need to be able to group albums into groups and subgroups. Oh, and a Lightroom 3 plugin! ;$
And this is yet another reason I love google and G+, they not only want to hear feedback, but they essentially seek it out in a continuous manner. So many good suggestions here!
Get Instagram folks early access to the API so they add Google+ as a supported service ASAP.
Geo-tagging (unless someone knows how?). Plugins for upload from Lightroom.
Photo hosting integration with blog platforms- and make it EASY!
oh yeah the ability to upload photos with your phone to a certain album via app, right now you don't get a option of where it goes
We need a good Flickr -> Picasa/Google Photo transfer mechanism, and sooner rather than later, please :-)
Comments in lightbox have to work the same way they do in Google+ comment boxes
I should be able to press enter and go to the next line!
Getting a public link to a photo at the photo level. If I tag someone in a photo right now they can't see the photo unless they sign up for g+. 
The only think I am really missing is the ability to pool together all the pictures from i.e. a photo walk. Not sure if a tag or something would work.
I just want to add one.... PAUSE THE STREAM WHILE POSTING! I do love chasing it around.....but that would really help overall usability....
The way it worked for sharing before G+ was really good but add sharing permission for individual photos as well as Albums. You might have a holiday album with your kids in it you want to share with your family and one shot from that you want to share with the world.
+Trey Ratcliff Most of your ideas above are great, but since google+ is so new, I would say focus on functionality and then move into something like selling images. I think 70/30 would be awesome, but google is going to have to take baby steps to roll out new initiatives here on g+. I say make it easier to post, share and view images and then move to additional functionality.
I think better photo management and a consistent UI will come hand-in-hand, as Picasa continues to be rebranded as Google Photos (or Google+ Photos?)
While sharing a photo or post, we should be able to disable comments or disable share. Sometimes we want to share something with our family but if by mistake it gets shared to someone else then he can share it publicly.. quite a privacy concern. Currently we can disable share or comments but after posting it :(
Unlimited storage of photos, including storage of the original photo. Picasa used to be an excellent way of delivering images to clients. Yes you do have to buy additional storage but apart from that you had good access control, a very fast and reliable server, and the ability for clients to download their own images. These Picasa features change when you move over to Google+ world. It would be nice to have them back.
+Trey Ratcliff I like +Thomas Hawk 's Idea to allow photographers to earn from their dedication. But please for the sake of social networking The photo's should remain free for the viewing.
Probably a bit dated and out of left field especially for a focus on photos but since these guys work with graphics file formats and it's that great google thinktank - back around 1995 I pitched the Netscape development team the idea that using the comments or 3rd party chunk of GIF89a files left open a door to interactive GIF files that could have pieces of script inside easily hooked into from external CGI or scripts to make them do all kinds of things. Unfortunately this was just as Netscape embraced Macromedia Director as their first real plugin and they didn't see the advantage to offering an interactive platform anyone could use with some simple tools when their first big business partner stood to profit from selling Director as a web authoring tool. Flash followed soon after and still required a significant investment in tools to author it and we're now seeing Flash fade to HTML5. GIF files might seem dated but they still hold a lot of appeal to people and the file format offers some wiggle room never really explored. Keep in mind the GIF89a animations were initially part of a spec no one used until a Netscape programmer included the hooks and some curious end users found that the animation stuff was there and worked. GIF89a always had the potential to shove anything you want in there - that's one thing that made it attractive to crypto folks who use it to hide password lists and other things in GIF files. Give the world the ability to do some simple programming to jump to frames, call specific frames and whatnot and you have a potentially compact scriptable graphic format capable of doing a lot of what Flash, Director or Powerpoint could do. Seems at least worth tossing the idea out there and handing it to some of those Google geniuses that get encouraged to play with code in their free time.
Love the way you use HDR properly and don't seem to over use it on some of your other pics. This one's just awesome naturally. Always great composition on all your stuff. I don't have the equipment to do what I'd really like, but I do love taking pictures and it is my dream to some day get the kind of shots you always take! Kudos and yeah your stuff is always First Class!
Lisa P
I didn't read previous comments to see if anybody already said this, but you can't share (repost) photos from the stream in mobile app. I almost exclusively use my phone (Droid) and would love to share other people's photos but can't find a way on my phone app. You can comment, +1, mute or report abuse, but can't share. Unless I'm dumb and just don't see it...thanks! 
Great great -- keep the ideas coming, and keep VOTING for ideas and stuff you like in ALL the comments. I think we will start to see trends forming...

Remember, if you want your idea to get votes, it's probably best to keep it short and to the point. You might be very smart and be able to write a TON about your idea... but it can also accidentally make you sound boorish or like a crusader-of-a-small-thing. Anyway... a tiny suggestion there.
Customizable photography portfolio! :) Where user can arrange photos emphasize the one they like. And yes, also give viewer option to rate the picture! ..
Be able to move photo from one album to another like in FB.
n Also... expose the GPS data embedded in JPEG EXIFs much more transparently, and help educate people about the security risks in posting cell phone pics with location data. Give people the ability to expose or mask EXIF GPS coordinates on a scalable level, by photo, gallery, entire account - and start finding more useful ways to encourage use of this data when it's useful, and to help people not accidentally expose their home addresses, current locations, etc.

For example, prompt on upload or posting to make sure it's obvious to people publishing location data that this is being published. Warn people if embedded GPS data is being published opt-in or out at each stage of upload, post, share, etc.
Ok, here's my attempt at thinking big. Currently photos exist alone, or in a users stream so attached to a user or grouped in an album, still attached to a user. It would be neat if there could be a kind of digital dna for a photo which would link that photo to other similar photos and allow you to explore other and discover other photographers based on the "dna" of the photo... The point being to find other interesting photographers rather than more interesting photos...
Permissions per individual images not only by albums. Which circles can see and on what resolution.
I want a way to see a photo and share it to my stream with one click.
a possibility to share new photos that i added to an existing album without resharing the whole album.
i want a message in the stream which says "album xyz got new photos" and which displays just these new fotos.
Please DON'T buy Flickr! Continue to innovate with Picasa, fix usage issues - integrate better searching and licenses (CC) into Photos. Why buy a service that stagnated five years ago?
Hadi H.
showing the location of Geo-tagged photos.
Provide a way to conduct a survey.
The ability to have photos in more than one album, so that I can organize my photos into categories without removing them from the album they are currently in and without doubling them.
I'd like to see Photo Zoom built-in rather than be an extension.
Make software more stable. I often need to restart the browser when I hit bugs.
When >1 photo is shared cycle through each photo as the main thumbnail
Ed Subi
How about making the page a 2 column format ... with the right narrower scrollable column as a space for the stream and then a wider column displays what you had just selected and currently reading or maybe commenting on. Could require a major re-design of the UI though :).
I want function to +1 to the photo in my friend's album in lightbox mode. This will be great for anyone that wants to browse all friend's photo back in timeline.
Resize images in the lightbox view when the browser window is resized.
Can't view the 79+ prior comments for some reason...(Apologies if this has been mentioned.) How about the ability to walk into a photograph as if you were actually present where the image was captured? Say let's meet in Dushanbe Tea house, a vineyard in Paarl, S. Africa, rambling about the cloisters & gardens of Iford Manor, UK, playing chess, cards in a cozy Rathskellar, on the streets of Delft with it's azul hues, on Sandy Spit in the BVI's, a hidden mountain abode with a lofty hearth & breathtaking views...endless other places in the blink of an eye... :) All from the comfort of your own home, or where ever you happen to be at the time... A tad Narnia-Matrix-esque? You did ask for a challenge, eh? I like the idea of a virtual reality chat room with a capacity limit set only by the chat room host, perhaps? Do we have to be Jedi to do this? ;) On a simpler level, allowing us to change the sharing of our posts AFTER posting (ie. if the original post was limited, allow us to alter that to sharing said post with the public & visa versa).
The ability to share a photo from within a lightbox. Lets say I click on someones album and then find an awesome pic that I want to share with the world... as far as I can tell (and i've asked around), there's no way to easily share that photo. The only way to do it is to find the post where the author had posted the photo and share the whole post.
can organize the photos in the album into the order you wish and the ability to choose the album's cover and to move/duplicate photo to different album.
Group albums for collaborative photo-editing. I'm an iPhoneographer and would love to be able to share/see others' work in one place. I suggested to +Brian Rose that we come up with group album functionality since there's obviously a need for it. Hope it's something you guys will consider.
How bout having them fix the damn iPhone app so I can actually vote on this when I'm not around my laptop! Grrrrrrrrrr!
This might be an Apple issue or maybe just user error...

Surfing through a lightbox with a Might Mouse is a terrible experience. If I scroll to the side, it changes pictures. If I scroll up/down, it changes pictures. So basically, if I touch any part of the top of the mouse, it changes pictures.

So maybe the option to turn off mouse scrolling.
I would like more editing tools from the light box. It would be great if you could do all the functions from picasa right in the light box or at least initiate them.
Some thoughts/comments:

I gave "Sets" my vote, assuming it is like on Flickr where one photo can be in several sets at once. I cannot live without this if I'm gonna use picassaweb/G+ for more than just "blogging" and a quick portfolio.

I really think integration between picassaweb and G+ is confusing right now. More intuitive sharing control. Why does some photos suddenly shares itself (again) when commented first time (even if they have been shared already, but it was in a "multi-photo" posting). When does comments stick to the photo and when doesn't they, and etc. Lots of think that can be improved here, and needs improvement before G+ is opened up completely for non-nerds:-)

What kind of warning is it you get when you move photos between galleries (in picasaweb), does it mean anything? I have moved photos around a lot, but I think I'm still to see what the problem actually is? Get rid of this warning/problem.

I think some of the problems on G+/picasweb is caused by permissions being bound to galleries more than individual photos. I think Google needs to put them completely on individual photos to remove most quirks in current handling.

Disclaimer: I haven't read all comments above. I'm on my way to work. So sorry if I just repeat other peoples points.
The ability to +1 a photo when viewed from a mobile app (in my case Android.) It seems the only time I'm ever given the option to +1 a photo from the app is when it's posted to the stream. When viewed from an album there doesn't seem to be an option to do it.
This has been mentioned before (and I've +1'ed those posts) but per picture permissions and grouping of photos is a must to maintain some sanity to the organization of albums.

I have albums that I want to upload and share publicly but within those albums I have photos that I only want to share with friends. Right now I would have to create two separate albums for the same topic/event/location etc to maintain privacy. Good quick indicators would be important (thinking small icons and mouse over of photos) to tell what circles have access.

Likewise, grouping of albums is important. I've added about 3 albums for various trips I've made within Korea, and I'll be adding more in the future. Would be nice to consolidate them into a group called "Korea 2007" or something along those lines.

One last thing regarding organization: It would be nice to control the size of the album cover images in the album listing. It is beautiful with the large images, but I think they may be too large once you have a lot of albums.

Wish the feedback button was accessible in lightbox view...

Other existing Picasa web album features that would be nice to have directly in G+ (some of which are mentioned previously):
-Ability to zoom images
-Ability to set album cover.
-Move pictures between albums
-Geotaging photos
Allowing you to link a photo in your post with an external site instead of uploading to G+ (Trey already mentioned photo file transfer but I am looking for a link to an external site (say SmugMug) to view a photo which also displays it on G+ in the post. Integration so you don't have to upload pics to so many different places.
Sharing photos from google to other social services should be just like Instagram. iPhone/mobile photos should use actual geolocation (from meta) instead of selecting from nearby available geotags at the time of posting.
A subscript field to comment on comment instead of having to + the person in the stream.
Different upload resolutions in Picasa App including 2048 resolution for the free size limit
As long as we are considering importing photos to google, please don't forget the stream flowing the other way. I'd like to get photos to flickr from Picasa just as much as I want to get photos from flickr to web albums.
If Google search already allows you to search using an image, wouldn't it be great to integrate that functionality into a photo search in G+ so you could search for similar images?!
Something like instagram/picplz or just buy one of them. Also auto upload should allow to upload at original resolution. ability to upload pix at high resolution for printing. 
Last thing from me... Display/edit licensing info. In Picasa Web albums I've chosen one of the Creative Commons licenses as default for my photos, but that information is no where to be found on G+.
I'd like to someday be able to record, edit and repost 1+1 video chats and hangouts.
+Trey Ratcliff Those are some really awesome ideas! I've voted for the ones I find most interesting.

I had a suggestion to make. The project I made in my final year of college was a visual search tool which could rank a given set of images based on their similarity (in terms of overall shape, color, pattern) to a query image.

I've, therefore, done a lot of poking around in the field of image similarity and have always thought that a good use for Google Plus's vast Image database would be to enable users to search 'visually', i.e., find images similar to a query image.

Tineye already does a decent job with this, but (as far as I know) it only finds exact matches and doesn't suggest images that're similar. Also, Google Image search already has this option so I think it would be great to have something like this rolled out images in Google+ as well.
Not sure if it has been said already but being able to highlight sections of photo and comment on it like FLICKR would be good. Also for showing how it may have been cropped better if relevant.
allow the scrapbook to have up to 10 photos, appear 5 just like the current but user can swap or slide them to see more without going out from the page. And maybe the possibility of any user in circles to choose 5 out 10 of another user scrapbook to appear from his profile. that means i choose 10 photos (5 to appear) and every single friend can choose another 5 in his profile but from the 10 that i have chosen.
•Full Screen browsing of photos
•Option to add watermark automatically like SmugMug offers if so wanted
Is 'niggle' a word? :)
Popularity search by time period would be nice, most +1 in last day, most in last week, most in last month, etc. Or some other trending metric to allow searching for "newly popular" public images.
The Picasa application is long overdue for revamp. Give users a little bit more control and it could be come that de facto standard RAW processor for those unwilling to shell out for one of the big names.
Place number of views somewhere visible in image details?
+Trey Ratcliff I'm +1'ing Better Photo/Album Management (think smart UI for photos, as smart as Circles for people) but really I think the one thing which is needed - badly needed - is "just" someone who really walk through the use cases of a photo poster. Your level or casual. I don't know how you "do it" but I feel the G+ interface horrible clunky and it will never encourage me to post pictures. Different sizes depending where it's posted - some ways I get them twice etc etc. This is not friendly.
would be nice to be able to reply directly to a comment on photos.
also would be nice to be able to save pics from other users in the same sense that you can mark 'favorites' on flickr, to be able to easily refer back to them at a later time.
Auto-arrange according to image order in Picasaweb (newest first/last) and automatically apply when you upload new images from Picasa.
Expose data from exif and other metadata about the picture in a "details" view.
Synchronisation both ways between Picasa on the MAC/PC and online version. Meaning: If I change things online, it also syncs completely to my desktop.
Allow including slideshow with music or narrative as a possible way to present/view an album.
Single photo sharing from within the albums to specified circles. Not like now: copy pic url and then share.
Allow including articles/posts in an album to make it easier to find a writeup on some topic such as HDR-basics or review of how different lenses work as well as more advanced topics such as how to make a glamor shot and edit it in Aperture (or whichever software the photographer wants to use)
If it got lost, I second +Miguel Ángel Díaz - Geotaging and keywords, with keywords searching engine.

My camera doesn't have GPS, but I would like to keep a record of (and share with others) where specific photos were taken. Being able to add that similar to iPhoto using Google Maps would be very helpful.
If a post where photos were uploaded is aborted, the photos that were uploaded should also be removed from the profile photos.
Add the ability to +1 albums and individual images. Right now all you can +1 is the post of the share.
please give a simple possibility to read the different languages translated in my own language like in Picasa.
The option to see a photo in a hangout simultaneously by all participants, the same way now you can watch a youtube video!
Some tool for stitching or merge into hdr multiple uploaded photos would be great for standard user!
Thanks everyone - I am definitely seeing some trends here -- I will assess and score stuff in the morning to see where we are at! :)
I am one 1,000,000,000% for a Google photo store which we can use to license images and/or sell prints to customers. I had some of my prints for sale through an online hosting/print selling service last year. Over the course of about 3 months I sold quite a few prints. Unfortunately, after subtracting monthly hosting for the images, print vendor fees and and additional cut taken by the service I ended up pretty close to breaking even for all the effort. I think Google can shine if they do this!
Photo organising as simple and powerful as people in circles.
Stop photos being posted into the stream when tagging people.
Don't provide access to an entire album when posting just one photo.
Some sort of counter for the posts and comments! Last night I counted my posts - it was exhausting :) ppl like to know this stuff!
As +Jodi Grim said (but at the bottom of a massive post)
-allow users to select "Limited" and directly edit which circles can see
--do not repost on stream once this is done
--Alternatively (but not ideal) allow deletion of posts within phone app.
+Trey Ratcliff ~ Thx for taking the time to get input to share with the G+ Photo Team! I have voted above... :)
One thing I didn't notice suggested yet is support for 3D image formats - even if they are viewed "side-by-side", at least being able to include them without having to edit them into jpg format first would be a huge step toward my "wish".
--> Ultimately, I would absolutely love to be able to have the .MPO and .JPS images from my EVO 3D be included in the "Instant Upload" feature of the Android Google+ App!
When I upload some pictures I would like to be able to *pick which will appear as the main* one in the post. Now, it is the first one. Moreover, the gallery itself is nice, although, I would prefer if I was able to *change the sizes of some thumbnails* fo the gallery was more irregular - as for now only the first picture has thumbnail with the size quite different than all other.
...oh 'n if I were to be able to suggest something for "down the line", have some type of Google 3D Viewer similar to what and provide. (Yeah, I know the images are "corny"; but, it does provide a way to share a 3D image without needing glasses or special hardware...). Thx again +Trey Ratcliff! :)
I say make Picasa the main photo app and integrate your circles suggestion into it. 
how can I + 1 a comment from mobile? Lol!! 
While I appreciate the need for a Wordpress plug-in, not everyone is using the WP platform. There are many CMS and blogging software in use today, so why not some non-proprietary HTML or HTML5 code that could be used with any CMS or blogging platform? This could be in addition to a WP plug-in if necessary, but there should be a non-proprietary option for all platforms.
in the photos page on your profile, have an option to show a wall of the best pictues (with the more +1, comments) in addition or insteaf to the albums list
Create albums containing photos of other users (eg curated sets)
photos of you - present photos of you in different contexts (with the appropriate permissions)

Photos of you + Family context
Photos of you + Professional context (conference visits, seminars, etc)
Photos of you + Hobby / Sport context (your latest sporting triumphs)

Why? people who know you primarily through a sports club don't have to wade through all the shots of you at the latest photo meet, conference visits and baby pictures when they really want to see your sporting prowess :) Take them straight there and let them click through to the other views afterwards.

And perhaps badges highlighting categories with new photos added
Tags assigned to the pictures not only tagging people/things in the picture. Like assigning tags to the blog posts.
EXIF info if it exist on the image. That will really be great info. Those who don't want to share that info can just use the Save for web option
A timeline feature, in which you can choose to see a place, a person, a photographer, etc. progress through time.
Please, for the love of god, make them kill the scrollbar in lightbox-mode! It serves no practical purpose whatsoever and it is immensely distracting
Show the photo stream with the photos (as is for the games); this would allow the photo related posts and comments to stay with the photos. And there could be a settings option - if the user wants the photo posts to be shown also in his main stream or just in photo stream - this could help to keep the main stream more focused and shorter.
Pausing the stream feed whilst viewing embedded video clips.
Add a layer for 3d animated avatars in Earth. Integrate it with +. make an app for Android so that people have the option to locate and orient their avatar with the sensors in their phone (including gps) to match where they really are (virtually) or by using the sensors to move their avatar where they want to be. Add this to Sketchup buildings you could walk around in. To go along with this an app that allows Photomatch and Building Maker to make use of the position and orientation sensors in phones for created textured 3d models. Perhaps even integrating with kinect. Sorry got carried away there. You asked.
I can't seem to organize my photo album...Am I missing something? If not I'd like to be able to do it.
On the iPad on WiFi, I want an option to see the huge thumbnails like normal. On the mobile site, when you click the tiny thumbnail to make it bigger, you get a page of thumbnails of the entire album, which could be 200 thumbnails, when it should route you to only the original image.
+Reynaldo Pulido Pool Party ( developed by the Slide team ) is kinda like instagram I think. But with Pools just like the circles here on G+. So you can't share with "everyone". Well, okay. I see that you might want that :D But you can check it out none the less. If you need an invite contact me.
Fred S
Online photo editing features perhaps..?

And please tell them the iPhone Apps photo page is dead slow, it sort of seems to freeze for awhile..
Like I sent in feedback and sent directly to Brian and Romain,

"Any clues when the tagging flow from Picasa, to PicasaWeb/Google+ will be fixed? Tagging everyone in Picasa is just Useless now since the tag are all dying and staying on picasa instead of being synced to G+. I've spent so many hours tagging my 30k+ pictures it's really frustrating to have to do it all over in G+. I would also wish adding pictures to my albums in Picasa (with auto-sync to picasaweb) would post the new pictures added to the album on G+ stream. The only way I found to to this is by using G+ and select the "Add picture" then selecting the existing picasaweb album (which is bad since it will then be out-of-sync with my Picasa on my desktop). Another thing I noticed is that it's impossible to choose the pictures we want to showcase when sharing an album, it simply take the first picture of the album every time and its useless. I know you guys are working hard on G+ but those points are the main reasons I use G+ and it's really sad to see it's not working at all as I intend. Thanks for your time reading this and I'm hoping to see major improvements in the "Pictures/tagging" portion of G+."
This may have been mentioned.....but photo viewing on google+ from the Android app is frustrating. I have an HTC EVO, one of the largest phone screens.....and because the comment window is so large and doesn't auto disappear I usually end up viewing photos in portrait mode and "pinching" to see the whole photo........ this is one place where the facebook app is actually better than the google+ face book you see the photos in full landscape, full screen.
Share photos to Google+ directly from Picasa. 
+Mark Bernat Just tap the photo once and the comment window disappears. Then photos look great in landscape.
Maybe its just me but the option to change the 'dispay' image or album image easily, unless im loosing the plot somehow?!?
If already mentioned my apologies but from a viewers perspective implement slideshow feature ( with user adjustable hold time) for all album viewing, photos from circles etc.
Using the word "photos" is great for photographers and people who post snapshots, but as an artist who creates work that is not photography, I would really like the label to be switched to "Images" instead so that all visual imagery is equally included and labeled.
The entire UI of the photo sharing process is kind of clunky. In particular, there are so few core controls for moving photos, posting them to your profile, and captioning them that if you start uploading them in the wrong part of Google+, it's nearly impossible to correct things without deleting the photo and reuploading it.

In particular:
- uploading via the "Share" bar at the top does not let you add a photo to an album (or at least the way you do that is so undiscoverable that I never figured it out.) The bigger issue here is that there is no way to move a photo into or out of an album, short of directly uploading it there.
- adding a photo to an album doesn't let you caption it in your stream. Even though albums support captions, the user process of uploading a photo mandates that the photo is published in the stream before a caption is added. Oddly enough, the process of adding a photo with the Share bar allows you to add a caption before posting.
- this one is more of a personal preference, but the orange "Upload New Photos" button is always difficult to find. For some reason, it never stands out for me on the right. I would almost like to see that button moved to a power position on the left.

The good:
The actual upload window is great and easy to use. I also like how easy it is to add a long and thoughtful message to a photo. That's not unlike Flickr, but different from Facebook.
My El Guapo....who happens to be THE El a large Mexican man that wants to kill me...
A utility to replace an existing photo with another High Resolution version. 
Change the order of photos in an album.
A number of folks have hit on the same concept, but I don't see it stated clearly. They ask to hit +1 from the Lightbox, or to add people to Circles from the lightbox. Both are good, but what we're really expecting is to be able to perform any action on an object from any place we see the object. Why should we have to be in a given view or mode to +1 a photo or comment, or to add someone to a Circle? If we see an object, we should have full access to manipulate that object.
I'd love to be able to import all my photo's off of smugmug and ditch the pay model... but I just don't have the time to re-upload all of them. :sigh:
Ability to share an album or tag someone in the G+ Android app. We can view them but there is no way to share the album or the picture straight from the G+ app.
I would love to be able to do everything from lightbox. +Trey you have some amazing photos in your slideshow, it it would be cool to share them. Consequently, it would be good that once something of yours is shared you can then follow up and add caption to that shared photo since it is out there with no tags from the owner. SO I guess I am saying a share from light box plus ability for original poster of said photo to get first an alert, then an ability to add caption to said photo. This way one can post an album and photos can be shared from the album and the photos can take on a life of their own, but the photographer still maintains credits.
I would like a Lightroom plugin to publish direct to Google+
Tags - transfer from Picasa software and Picasaweb, tagging privacy features

i'd like to see them make the work i've already done tagging in Picasa and Picasaweb and just transfer over with one click. People can then decide if they want it. that will certainly help their goal of speeding adoption. they can make it opt-in or opt-out. if they go with the more liberal opt-out like facebook, meaning all of my personal tags become new tags (thousands across all my friends photos), when they untag the photo it shouldn't untag from the photo completely - that's where facebook does it wrong. it should have levels of public visibility of the tag. i might want to untag publically but still be in the conversation of the people that are tagged on it. also if i tag someone for my personal photos collection, and they untag, it shouldn't untag it from mine; it should just change color or something so we know it's not publicly tagged.
Geotagging the images...and doing a google maps link to get directions
Easily accessible photo metadata, preferably a toggle button for this so it keeps state from one shot to the next, so we can check which settings played fine in which shots. Excellent way to learn from the experienced photographers out there. Since it will be a show/hide kind of toggle, it wouldn't come in your way if you are not interested...
A better integration with Google Contacts..I have many duplicated contacts because Picasa Web does not delete old contacts. For this to work out I don't want to have to fix my contacts over and over. I believe they are aware of the issue but maybe you can find out about the progress.
let me download my damn movies from picasa!!!!!!
Trey: I'd like to be able to see the number of "impressions" for a posted photo, similar to like what you get on a Facebook Fan Page. That way, it might help you better determine which images are resonating with viewers. Also, I wish a "like" vote shared the image on a readers page here on Google+, rather than just doing....well...nothing. ;-) Thanks for representing us. Best wishes! :)
How about sync with other website and SNS?
Google should make a good free quality HDR software.
+Raj Padda I just did the test (again to be certain)
If i upload a picture that i have NOT edited in ANY WAY at original size/original compression it´s the exact same size when i download it.

If i upload something i have edited the size changes, usually to something bigger since i use the setting i showed you.If that setting isn´t used it will be way smaller...
You learn a lot from the EXIF data I prefer it on the right panel like it was in Picasa verses having to pop it up under actions for every photo. Picasa was so much better as once you hit photo information it stayed up for the whole series you were viewing. So maybe split the right side panel; leave the comment stream in the upper top half like it is today and on the bottom half put the EXIF data.
To be able to share your posts with other social media websites, either by having a unique url for each of your posts, or share options for Facebook and twitter
The watermark is the reason, it basicly repackages the whole picture when it adds the watermark. It´s not the same picture anymore :-)
+Raj Padda
The ability to post multiple images in a single post would be nice. I'm referring to images that aren't uploaded through the G+ interface. We don't need a lot, maybe 5 in a single post.
What if adding such a function that we can share the pics links with friends by sending the message including the link to their phone, and how about creating a formu just discuss about the photo posted in G+, and can they creat a board about the most favourite photo in a day, a week, and collect them in an album as a sourse of the phone background and the computer background. Last but not the least one, can the cooperate with some magzines to create some columns specifically about the photoes and comments in G+.
let participate with out giving away our jpegs, we work perfectly on facebook, :)
youtube type widgets that host the photos elsewhere track views and uses for the copyright holder
One of the neat things about 500px is that when one right clicks on an image, this message appears: "Hey, this photo is © name." Can that be implemented in Google+?
I'd like the ability to reorganize how the photos in the album are displayed. It's really important to give the flow of the photos you'd like people to see first.
+Trey Ratcliff I didn't have time to look for others, but something I'd love to see that was inspired by other earlier personality post. I would love to see G+ grab a post appropriate thumbnail when you leave a comment that has a link to an image in a G+ album. They could take this farther and incorporate thumbnails from a number of photo sharing sites like flickr, 500px, etc. I'm not very likely to click a link in a comment to see an image because when I go back, it looses my position in the comment thread and I have to scroll through to find where I was. Instant thumbs in comments would be swell.
Another need to have is simply a proper API to upload photos, so we can do it via 3rd Party App.
Integrate picassa and G+ photos better! I love the picassa client app for managing my photos but it doesn't play well with G+. Also make it possible to share one photo from an album. This one is a tremendous oversight.
If I post a photo from an album in Picasa web, viewing that photo in the lightbox from Google+ creates a filmstrip of the rest of the photos in that album. If I subsequently move that photo to a different album using picasaweb, lightbox viewing of that photo on Google+ no longer produces a filmstrip. It's a bug.
The ability to create a "group" photo folder and set permissions for others to upload/modify - would be a great way to collaborate on photo projects and seminar type collaboration.
Also, I want to be able to post artistic nudes and filter out photos of cats.
When I like a photo, it should be visible to me and my circles (that I indicate) in some kind of "group" of liked photos.
Keywords or other tags can help with organization. If I want to see "china" pictures, I should be able to "find" them here in some user interface. Artist name, Location name (reverse geotagging) and other keywords should be part of the picture interface.
I just want to be able to download full resolution versions of the pictures I've uploaded. Picasa has this, but Google+ doesn't (yet).
Auto generate tags based on EXIF data, for example I want to see all photo's I took at f8.0 or 1/250 or with X Lens or at 70mm
I don't have time to read this to see if anyone else mentioned it, but I installed the G+ widget on my Wordpress blog and THE IMAGES I POST ARE NOT SHOWING. The Facebook widget does. Google should fix that. I +1'd a number of your excellent suggestions Trey, but didn't see any movement on the counters.
I would like photo sets, but not in the context of of Flickr sets. I have a single image and I would like to make available different formatted options for each "piece". For instance...

Let me include a "thumbnail" image that would be used in the stream. This let's me control the end result if I don't like how Google+ resizing works. Might also prefer to focus on a small portion of the original image to be used as a "teaser".

Let me include a "lightbox" image that would be used in the lightbox. Again, this allows the contributor to control the resizing.

Include a per-photo option to allow downloading of the original that defaults to an album setting that defaults to the global setting.

Sometimes an image makes a great desktop wallpaper on various devices. So I might want to include separate images formatted for various displays. Maybe by ratio (16x10, 4x3) or by device (iPhone, iPad).

Then people have the option to provide a value-added service. I have a single photo in my album, but if someone views it they are presented with various download options if they have been made available (a la

I'm probably just an edge case though. :(
You need to be able to share "limited" or "link only" with non Google Plus members, this worked quite well before in Picasa. Now when I share in Picasa it fails on non Google Plus Members. I can send them a link via email but this is cumbersome. You also need to be able to have a plugin for Adobe Lightroom. There should be a better way to integrate with Blogger also. You should look at being able to create Groups aka Flickr that doesn't require you circle People.
Again, I'm possibly in the minority, but I'm willing to pay for what might be considered "pro" features. :)
Love your photos! Keep it up..
It's been mentioned but being able to replace photos seems pretty basic. You post a photo and then see something you want to edit the next day. You have to delete and add, which I'm assuming breaks any direct link that's on the web to your photo. A replace option would be much better.
Picnic in G+ photo arranger. G+ support in Picasa.
I would love an Aperture plug-in. Also, please fix Picasa once and for all, or replace it with something intuitve and streamlined, like Aperture. Model sharing after Smugmug (all kinds of options, like selling) would be awesome....
A way to filter the stream would be nice also. For example I really don't want to see posts where people share posts of people already in my circle. I don't need to see a post twice, it just clutter's up my view. Or maybe a re-share should only go to people who don't have the original shared post in one of their circles? Hope that made sense. :) Also filter out by type. Such as animated gif, youtube, etc.
sorry to divert the photography chat here , have you ever photographed hands in zillons of shades and I would be interested in your photographic eye based on sign language ? how would you photograph that ? seeing its action based , and body language based ... if you come up with some ideas , then I can , like , look at YOUR photography , and create a good profile , and Im a deaf artist as well, your photography is so colourful and so visual , Im glad someone in the google circle recommended you .. those photos tell a millon colours , and one wonders how to capture hands .... i would love to learn ..
It would be cool if you could set up a BOOKMARKING ALBUM SYSTEM. When you see cool photos on G+, you could tag them. One bucket could be "Friends photos", "Family photos", "Professional photos", "Techniques to try", etc... Google would let you peruse or even share albums you accumulate. Sort of like the old box of photos you used to have.

People always push albums of photos they create and you have the option to view them as the providers package them. In my suggestion, you swing it around from the other angle - for photos that you want to remember - it's like collecting your own photo album of the best / memorable ones you come across.

(By the way, Trey - just got my D7000 (to get started) and the 18-104mm. Very excited to play around and start practicing. Picked them off your advice and verified by a fair bit of research - thanks).
If a image has Keyword/Subject/Tag information in the meta data, import it and use that information.
I keep reading the comments and thinking that I pay SmugMug a bit of money to get this right and be responsive. My suggestion to Google would be to work /with/ some of the smaller, targeted sites to share collections. I don't really want to import all of my photos to another service just for social networking. However, a snazzy cross-linking service that utilized existing APIs would be very welcome.

Not just "don't be evil", then. How about "be friendly", too?
I think and well after I read lots of article, I want to say just this to Google, make something like Flickr in new version put more functions and with selling opportunity will be nice. The digital media is growing each day and is a potential to share with the world,
It's will be nice to have all my media one place!
Have Google buy Zooomr and incorporate its features — smartsets, photostream, groups, portals, unlimited uploads — into Google+/Picasa.
Have a setting to allow Picasa desktop to upload to picasa web with a resize to 2048px maximum edge
I think that Getty has ruined Flickr (along with Flickr mgmt.) so your first comment via +Thomas Hawk is spot on!!!!!!!!!
Import from Lightroom, just like Facebook and Flickr (yuck)
This reminds me of the Star Trek Next Gen. episode where they show how the Borg reproduce!
Here's a suggestion that would be unique to Google+. The ability of having an album of the same event shared between a circle of friends. Most photo sites present the "individuals" album and friends, family, etc can comment on it, etc but what about taking it a step further and allowing friends, family, etc to add their own photos of the same event to that album. Say a New Years Eve party where multiple friends get together any many pics are taken. One individual from the party can create an album and all the individuals who took pictures at the party can add their pictures to one consolidated album. Ability to add pictures to the album would be dependent on the individuals in the circle which the album is shared with. This feature would be disabled at the public level.
Sorry if this has been mentioned already but it might be cool to have an option to display quick links to one's album titles on the profile page, on the left, under the circles display maybe. We all go to people's profiles to initially check out their work, and to have the album titles displayed and linked on the profile landing page would give people an additional and immediate glimpse of the photographer and their work. To know that a photog has a Street album, a Wedding album, or a People with Funny Faces album without having to click on their Photos button and go to another page would be pretty neato! Thanks for all that you are doing Trey and +Brian Rose (Edit: Oops, sorry, didn't see you asked to keep it short)
Google+ with photovine integration could be kinda cool.
option to '+1' individual photos
Album renaming, grouping already posted photos or instant uploaded into albums...
Calendar view: Group photos in an album to the day/month it was taken (depending on "amplification").
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