I need your help and opinion! I'm going to spend tomorrow with the Google Photos team, and I want to make sure that we spend the time wisely. I know they have a huge list of obvious to-do items, but I wanted to collect some ideas from you. I'm quite sure that +Brian Rose and the others will be open to your ideas!

Use your +1 to vote on your favorite ones below!

Now, I know everyone has their own personal El Guapo, but I didn't want to niggle them with little things that are obvious. Maybe big ideas… or revolutionary things, such as the first one in the list. Let's think big so they can put this stuff on the road-map for the future!

Note: I have noticed many common themes that I may not put up to voting because I assume (but will ask anyway) they are on the Google radar - things such as Tagging, Resolution Issues, CC Licensing, +1 from Photo View, Video uploading, and many other tiny things. I'll encourage the Google Photos team spends an hour or so reading this whole thread.

Other things I don't have room to add to the vote but I notice are popular below:
- Allow people to "collect" favorite photos of others (perhaps like a Flickr Gallery except without stupid 18 cap)
- Permissions on photo-level not album-level
- More post-photo feedback/stats like Impressions in FB (thx Kelby!)
- Make Geotags more transparent
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