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Today, I'm moving to New Zealand... wish me luck! :)

This photo below was taken there... one of the many many long roads I'll go down... I hope you join me on the adventure!

Many people will ask why, but since I'm about to be on +Air New Zealand for the lifespan of a fruit fly, I won't be able to comment-answer. But I'll make a post about it soon... If you want to see more of New Zealand, come to and click on the "New Zealand" category on the right. Thanks, and I'll see you on the other side!
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all the best mate...wish u all the success....
This is a beautiful country it seems, have fun
New Zealand is awesome! I wish I could move there too!
Safe travels and Wow! Good luck ;)
Looks absolutely beautiful there! Good luck.
Good luck Trey and we will miss you...even through you sort of live on the interwebs so really its not like you are going anywhere...I am rambling. :-)
Oh my! This is a great view! Good luck with moving, hopefully everything will be okay once you get there. Waiting for the blog post. :]
LUCKY MAN best of luck from everyone in punjab
Good luck! I'm looking forward to following you on your adventures and enjoying your vision through your exceptional photographs!
that is really pretty and have fun moving i guess
Stunning. Feels like an ominous wall of granite approaches...
Many Americans are moving to New Zealand to escape US taxes, cost of living issues, and other stresses bearing down upon the country these days.
+Trey Ratcliff don't you mention fruitflys when you arrive down here, they found one of those pesky Aussie fruitflys in Auckland the other day, and there is now restrictions on fruit movements across a couple of squre kilometers of where they found it
Welcome to NZ
loucura... linda paisagem.. que estrada para passar de moto
Gorgeous! Much good luck on your travels and moving in!
Wishing you all the best for wonderful photos and living in a wonderful country!
Good luck!! :-) I hope you are still available for the various +TWiT shows!!!
Good luck +Trey Ratcliff You will love your new home and the Maori people, won't miss a thing have everything and more that you would ever want or need! Cheers to you on your new endeavour!
Best of luck, +Trey Ratcliff! So, you're flying to NZ today, and then flying back to Cali next week for the G+ conference?
That is such a beautiful scenery, kinda pulls you in. Good Luck on your trip.
Congrats, its beautiful there and the geology is amazing. It is also very active so be prepared for earthquakes and don't face your bookshelves toward you bed.
Good luck,the only place I would live apart from England.
Safe travels Trey. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures in Kiwi Land! Did you do a haka dance before you got on the plane? :-)
Wow! That's a beautiful view. Breathtaking.
Awesome. Looking forward to seeing your work, Trey. Best wishes!
New Zealand's new tourist catch phrase :
"New Zealand, where Photoshop was integrated into Nature."
Nice very good picture!Beautiful!:)
And interesting!But good!
Oooh. Jealous, purely on the factor of New Zealand. It's a beautiful place that I've always wanted to visit, although some of the things that I've heard of their internet caps and rates don't make it somewhere I'd really like to live. All the same, good luck with the move and all the best. XD
I'd like to visit, but the giants that peek over mountains, like the one in this shot, kinda scare me. best of luck.
have a nice life!
Wow, living the dream. Good luck!
Good luck. That looks like Mount Doom in the background.
I assume those mountains in the far background are The Remarkables. Maybe you were on the west side of the south island? Just a random guess. Haven't been there in 5-6 years.
Enjoy! It looks absolutely beautiful there.
Anyone who needs to ask "why" has never been to New Zealand.

Go there (I have), and either you'll move there too or spend the rest of your life wishing you could...

(I am in the latter category at present.)
All the best! “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd
best of luck.hope u'll share more wonderful photo with us.
Aww man....I live in Austin, and NZ would be the one other place I'd love to live. Good luck and enjoy!
Best of Luck and bring lot of photos, NZ is beautiful place
NZ's awesome hope you enjoy living there.
New Zealand welcomes you..:-)...
smash New Zealand! :)
Good Luck! Air New Zealand is a great way to fly, the most amusing safety instructions I've seen so far... There's a risk that you're gonna wear out the shutter curtain with the amazing landscapes waiting to be captured over there. A wise mans move...
Good luck man, hate to see you leave Austin but I don't blame you for it one bit :-).
Best wishes and good luck moving! I am green with envy, what a beautiful placeto put down some roots.
+Rachel Marie Mt Doom is in the North Island. This photo was taken in the South Island.

+Trey Ratcliff Kia Ora, brother - welcome on board. I'll make sure the kettle is hot :)
kiwi r
it looks almost too perfect, first thougth was that it was fabricated, but no, its a real photo!
Ian Hex
Best of luck with the move, Trey. =]
Kuba M
Nice ;) krajobraz zarabisty 
What a beautiful photograph! Keep us posted on how it is. I would love to visit someday.
I still wonder when they are going to drop "New" from the name. It has been around a while now, or what? :)
I hope that road takes you to where you want to go, sure that will be awesome!
Good Luck and safe travels.
Good trip,wonderful view!!!
Good luck!!! Hope you have a nice move and have fun.
Good luck! New Zealand is beautiful.
Safe travels... I'm flying today as well, but nowhere so beautiful as NZ!
Wow unreal picture #newzealand
I clearly have not travelled through the whole world so far, but New Zealand is my favorite country so far... Enjoy... Wishing you and your family the best! Without any doubt, you will find it in NZ.
Let me know where to send the smoked brisket!
Kay K.
That's one place I've always wanted to visit. So beautiful!
Love you all and will miss knowing you are in the states - but hope you all have a wonderful adventure!
Have fun exploring the deep south :) look me up if you want some location tips
We did it over three years ago and have never regretted it. google iowegians if you want to see our blog
Good Luck dude. I very much enjoy your posts so please keep those coming if possible!
Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavours wherever they may take you! Ive enjoyed many of your photos and am sure there will be many more to come, good luck +Trey Ratcliff !
Kia ora Trey. Welcome to Otago and Aotearoa. I have some cheese rolls in the oven if you want a snack when you arrive.
This is probably late, but best wishes for your move!
good luck,the people are great at-least all those I meet in Guam
Beautiful place! wish I'd get there someday, too!
Kathy B
out of this world
Best of luck to you and your family Trey,
Bon voyage 
This shot is so beautiful, its almost unreal! It looks like two different backgrounds.
hey best of luck there! I hear it is amazing there.
What a beautiful picture..............
i hope you see kiwis! they're fuzzy little flightless birds! good luck! and, that picture is beautiful!
Good luck with the move. I moved to NZ from Ireland 6 years ago, and it's the best decision I ever made. Greatest wee country in the world :)
beautiful pic.... reminds me of the drive on rt 1 in anchorage-Alaska...
WHOA. Gnarly perspective.
Great news Trey!! Weather's quite pleasant here in Auckland just now ... a little cloudy, but very pleasant. Will you land in Auckland? Be great to see you again!!
all the very best for journey and eagerly waiting for see more like this
Your pleasure is our pleasure
You are welcome to visit Israel - I'm sure there is something to shoot
+Trey Ratcliff Welcome to NZ. Are you shooting in the North Island this time ?
amazing pic! looks unreal. I always wanted to go 2 NZ
Can't beat those south island roads. Good luck Trey, I'm leaving NZ tomorrow after another great holiday here.
I wish you all the best in the move. I know that flight all too well!
Oh my goodness how beautiful You can only have a wonderful life in such a beautiful place
NZ is awesome! The Lord of the Rings movies were filmed there.
+Trey Ratcliff: Do you have room in your bag to take my wife and I? :) U.S. (especially Texas,) will miss you! Have fun!
Good luck be safe dude
wow... 30 days is a long trip... hope no volcanoes blow up :P
good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8)
New Zealand is a country that if you want time out and get some piece and quite all you have to do is get in youre car and just drive, im proud to be a new zealand'r we are friendly and great people and i hope you have a great experiance while you are here =)
gorgeous! my parents lived there for a couple years!
Is there a public story out there about how an Austin guy moves to NZ? (sounds amazing!)
Cleo K
landscape is amazing
What a view! This is so beautiful.
Great Good Luck! Living the Adventure!
wow that's beautiful... I may be looking for a new place after the November elections.. Keep us posted on how you like it there ;)
it's even better once you get into the mountains.....good luck and enjoy
good luck Trey! and btw the picture is awesome!
for a fruit fly???? are you entomologist? any way wish you best of luck
Good Luck Sir! A change of scenery was always like getting a new life to me. Try it, you might like it!
Congratulations! I am envious and want to hear all about it ^_^
WOW! That picture took my breath away!!!
Good luck to you my friend; I have dreamed of going to New Zealand for years. Enjoy your stay.
oh man what a pic absolutely magic
Awsome shot! Have the smoothest of moves. Personal legend?
I came to NZ 8 years ago on a project...and never left! Welcome, Bro!
Good luck on the move ! Happy trails !
Hope to catch up with you sometime :)
Lisa Ng
Welcome to New Zealand! I'm sure you've been work your New Zealand accent... :)
I've always wanted to visit New Zealand. Hopefully one day I will.
Welcome to this side of the world! Hope to meet you at a photo walk in NZ or AU sometime soon :)
Enjoy, will check your page from time to time. am sure the photos will be great as usual.
thank you for sharing this series. Headed to new Zealand for 13 days next week and am restless to immerse myself in the landscape!
I had no idea you were moving here. Welcome!
Chani K
I'm pretty sure Gods patting you on the back with this one murmuring something like "finally someone to capture the grandness of my work!" LOL ... Seriously though this is beautiful! 👌🌟🌟🌟
You and your family are on a great adventure. Growing up in a military family that moved a lot gives you a great perspective on the world.
Best Wishes
good luck dude and all the best and if there are more photes like this i'll be more than happy to jion u on this adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why would you need any other reason to move to New Zealand other than that picture!? Good luck Trey!
Don't need luck in New Zealand. It's pretty safe here. You're just lucky you have the opportunity to live here :-)
Welcome to NZ. Perfect timing Trey, winters coming!
Yay - welcome to the best darned country in the world (I know everyone says that but we know it's true when said about NZ :-)
Absolutely AWESOME country ... ! REALLY jealous!
If you're passing through Cambridge and keen for a photowalk holler out to +Liz ℚuilty and I.
I have to admit, I'm quite a bit jealous especially since I moved the other way from Wellington to Texas some years ago (via a few stopovers). I still miss the country incredibly and definitely want to go back at some point. For now, I have +Elia Locardi 's Wellington picture as desktop background! 
I live in Pennsylvania and we have a stretch of highway we call the "seven mile stretch" as it so straight that one can see the end of it , 7 miles away, from the beginning. That an oddity on the monutainous regions of the state! (There is a Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania)
Great! That will give you plenty of opportunities to visit Australia. :-)
Good luck! It's a really nice place. A little too small for my liking.
Seriously jealous, and wishing your awesome luck with the move! Love to move there myself if I could manage it!
Good luck and go God! Then I want to know all about the fruit fly.
I wanna go too...
A marvel of Nature and (Trey )
+Stephen Chumley Not the Remarkables, its the St Arnaud range approaching St Arnaud and Lake Rotoiti looking ESE from SH63, Nelson Lakes region - a fave spot of mine. +Trey Ratcliff If you want some NZ photo hotspot tips let me know, I've walked a lot of the South Island high country and have seen places off the beaten track that are just begging for someone of your photographic prowess to capture them thru the lens... :-)
You just wait till you see the crazy birds. There's an owl that lives on the ground B-). There were no mammals their until man showed up :-P
Is it because of the variety of rain that Palmy has?
Erika z
wow, that's really awesome!! i'm happy for you! wishing you the best of luck!
Probably the most beautiful country in the world and I come from Ireland!
Now you will have no escuse not to nip across the ditch to +Australia on a more regular basis
I am moving there too I hope I get the chance to meet u cuz I am a big fan of urs :)
I hear New Zealand is wonderful! Best wishes on your journey!
They are lucky to have you.

Wishing you and your family well, I look forward to updates :)

cool. i wish i could see that in person.
se dice que para aser una buena foto solo necesitas una camara y la impiracion
Best wishes to you and your family as you start this new adventure. Looking forward to hearing more about it through your posts.
You will be welcome that was some beautiful shots of home it is a
couple of tiny Islands with wonderful scenery just around the corner.
NZ isn't that those couple of little islands off the coast of Tasmania?
Long way to go..................
Epic +Trey Ratcliff! I lived down there for eight months and it's an incredible country.

The flight is ridiculously long but worth it.

Favorite town was Wanaka on the south island. Lake Tekapo is also a sight to behold.

No shortage of great pics. 
good luck
lin ke
it is cool
Good luck and congrats! NZ will take good care of you ;)
M Way
WOW! I like it. beautiful.
If / when you get up to Taranaki, let me know. Would live to meet up. We have two spare rooms here and guests are welcome. 
After scrolling down through the posts you must be here by now. Next stop Stewart Island. Welcome. It's not really that far. Try NZ to London. LA is just half way. Remember don't step on the hobbits. Look forward to perhaps meeting and if you get to Dunedin and need a bed we have one. 
Good luck Trey, looking forward to the photos.
Good Luck!!! I love your photos!
goon on you mate! I have friends in Auckland, need to go visit
C Daly
Good luck mate, be well.
harika manzara , manzara kadar da kadraj harika
Congrats Trey! I'm so happy for you and your family. I would love to visit their someday.
it's great ! I love this type of photo ! how do you do ? it's really marvelous ! good happy time in New zeland
I had to leave New Zealand due to family issues and I miss it so much hopefully will be able to return one day
As usual for you, this is one beautiful picture.
I agree with Tom, always great pictures....
Breath taking. I miss the Mountains.
Hectic - Lord of the Rings natural studio.
the 63 eastbound leaving blenheim for westport?
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