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Sailing Away to Akaroa

Thanks again for all the recommendations! So many of you suggested that we visit Akaroa on our visit to New Zealand, and it was a great one.

You can walk along and see most of the commercial part and the harbor in less than an hour. One end is a long dock where they launch a few ships per day. Just as I got out to the end, this sailboat was pulling away from the dock.

This photo came from a single RAW file. There was way too much movement to let me do a multiple exposure in this one.
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I dig the enclosed wheelhouse for inclement weather.
Have you been on Croatian coast yet ? or somebody else
Nice area
nice boat
nice atmosphere
all are my dream's.......!!
My family use to come here on day trips from Christchurch when I was a young lad...
+Trey Ratcliff now that you've mentioned that this came from a single RAW file, I kind of want to know how many exposures the rest of your images are comprised of... (do you count changing the RAW as an exposure? -- that's not what I mean)
Jealous! I mean, er, great shot! Hahahaha!

Seriously though, looks like a heck of a trip. :)
I love this photo, the focus is great, as you can see the ship, and distant hills clearly. And the colors are great
I've been at Akaroa for a few days during my last vacation and it's a really loveable area of NZ for sure.
Nice shot +Trey Ratcliff Did you go swimming with the Hector's Dolphins? That was my regret when I was there last: not diving in when they came by to play.
Akaroa is such a cute little place, luved it. I went on the Hector's dophin trip, saw them but but they didn't come to touching distance that day..:(
Akaroa is sitting in an extinct volcano,the pacific ocean broke through
the volcano's side and made the harbour and Akaroa such a wonderful
I didn't realize it is from raw file.. I thought it was going to be rain. The colour is soft. Nice.
La verdad es que nunca tengo palabras cuando veo tus fotografias, las encuentro tan facinantes, detallistas, extrovertidas y acaparadoras.Da la sensacion de que capturas todo en una imagen!! El agua es realmente llamativa!!
Estas fotos son maravillosas. No puedo creer que verdaderamente existan.
that is a nice place to be i wish i was on that bot lol beautiful scene...I LOVE IT...
Very nice. Thanks for including the photo tip.
i love this photo~it look like moving!
i like it. i like the sea. l living belong the   sea.
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