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Amazing Video of Queenstown

Wonder what Queenstown actually looks like in motion? See this!

We are still house/land hunting... and with this video, you can see why my friend +Gordon Laing from lives here along so many other interesting people that I hope to get to know over in the future. This video actually features a place that Gordon lived called Jack's Point.
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Really it's amazing Trey!! Thanks for this video.
Ian Hex
Ridiculously stunning.
i can´t believe it....amazing.....I have no words..................Quiero vivir allí !!!!!!!!!!!! Invitenme!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautifully filmed. Thanks Trey
Look forward to meeting you Trey when you do come to New Zealand. The South is just as good as the North Island!
Thanks! I can't find the person that made this video... maybe some of the NZ people know? Did they use a local to do it?
We do have the filming capabilities, whether it was a local company that produced that or not is a good question. Might ring RE/MAX on Monday to find out. 
Great video, very peaceful place. Perfect for photographers and videographers.
Stunning! What a beautiful place.
Don't like you very much right now Mr. Ratcliff... ;-)
I miss that place, used to live an hours drive to the south. Amazing country, sights, people and experiences.
Envy You and your family. Thanks for sharing that video! Hope you find a house soon and one with a great view.
La vida es hermosa, bella disfrutemos nuestra naturaleza 
What are you talking about Adres Cervantes.
فيه من الجمال ما ياسر الالباب حقا مدهش
Hi Trey is this your new home now
Beautiful location, I hope you enjoy.
Does this video ever end....? Bet it took alot less time to build the damn house!
u are prety but your name?
You are HOME and I am sooooo jealous!!!
oh i wanna chat with somebody like right now< anybody > wanna talk to me"= invite me to chat
Wow looks like a beautiful place, love the dry stone walls!
This is Lord of the Rings country! Amazingly gorgeous !
I cried because the song......the motion.....the beauty.......
Try the Shotover Jet Boat. Or jump off the mountain and do
Parapente (hang gliding) in tandem. Both are thrilling. 
Also, the"Dart River jet Safari from Glenorchy is a MUST!
Combina vida, naturaleza y experiencias y tendrás un video inolvidable..
Welcome to NZ Trey. Hope to see you one day in the stunning Taranaki. We can go to the snowy mountain (volcano) in the morning, and an hour later be on the beach enjoying the sun and surf. 
nga xu
woa!very nice.i really want to go here
I don't know if lonely is the right word. I have lived in unpopulated areas throughout the world and they seem very peaceful and beautiful. I never felt lonely in Tahiti standing on a deserted beach. I think that Trey is giving his family an incredible opportunity to grow and learn in another country that is very similar to ours. What a wonderful chance to learn new customs etc. Take some time and learn of the Maori people. They are a wonderful, warm hearted people.
Take your time. If you get it right, this will likely be your final stop in life, and you'll invest heavily in creating the wonderment that you explore through your travels right there where you live.
Obrigada por mostrar me coisas maravilhosas, mesmo sem conhecer lhe me faz feliz com estas imagens lindicimas, bjs bjs. Leida
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