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Anyone fancy a walk down a street in France with me to get some food? Let's go... I'm hungry! :)
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Only if they have good bread.
I miss this living in the states. Walmart hater, that's me.
wee r look hard an drift feel da ceez
smell da wave feelz like lov ay mon
Really dig the reflections in the stone.
wee send lov through dizz net 2 save earth redline iz rRr=-=9
Nice. I love this types of photos...crowded streets at night...nice shine going on...good stuff
Hehe, It's amazing how different it looks when everyone has gone to bed already! Sweet!
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quel appareil et le réglage ne vous utilisez?
Let's go! This is my dream trip....I will keep believing!
wow,it looks like well!
ill go......just cuz its pruuddy
Very nice shot. I love the warmth conveyed through your lens.
Nice, look peaceful to. Can I get some flying fish and cou cou :) :) Bajan dish. :) :)
Yeah sure! I'll just hop the next flight and be there in about 14 hours. Wait up for me! ;0)
Seriously though, great shot and if I were in the area I would totally take you up on that. Since I'm not...
so beautiful and warm as well. I would like to visit there. where is it?
Would love to walk down the street with someone
wait for me.. i'm coming!!!
so enjoy with a restuarant in france with a walk
to be relax to ........
there are a lot of wonderful streets in Europa like this. the old world and if the streets could tell a story, it would be amazing I'm sure
I'm guessing its Lyon in France?? :-)
Oh, how super - can I come? Love France - been there several times. This is a lovely photo!
Lyon is a good place to go to eat! Wonderful photo!
wow nice to take a walk across the street!
Wow, what a great photo. Would love to be in France right now!
its amazing look,, ireally like so much...
thanx for tag me.....
Nice photo! i like this kind of moments...with some chick leaning on my shoulder.
Are you kidding... Wish I was there!!! Nice photo
looks really nice,want to pay for the plane ticket? lol
Nata m
Nice place. great photo
Definitely shot in Lyon, 64 rue Mercière (64 Mercière street) i would say. Quite certain in fact :-)
yeepee ! i'd never been in this place .
oh sorry mean is "beautiful"
I think it's so bright I hope it is better when we get home
And remember
that is so beautiful ,,lol ..good job
yea cool place, but i am thinking how about food ?
There should be a McDonalds around the corner
I love France & its people & the food & its culture &
way of life!
France is my fav country but never been there, how romantic walking down the street :)
I wish I could click my heels together and end up in France right now.
Eve C
Hi Trey! I am with you! :))
ohh...what a big food warehouse.. yummiee..!!
Who cares about food when the street is this beautiful, if I were here I would be numbed with awe so as to feel no hunger at all.
mani S
wow, glittering
makes me want to visit France
well to tell u i like how it looks n i would like to take a walk n see how great it would be it looks beautiful to me
I would love to unfortunately I'm in Seattle
Looks nice what would it look like in daytime.
l'd love it if i could go there! ^_^
ya batab upload kis na kia ha hahahahah
France is a very beautiful country. Like other European countries, they preserve beauty & art with history.
Amazing ! The perspective, the lighting... Where is that, in France ? It reminds of some "5th Arrondissement" street but I might be wrong. Love it.
I'm there - I love French food!
"I love Paris in the morning.. in the summer..every winter" la la..
Fantastic "appealing" photo..
Makes me feel hungry even though I just ate a pizza
Makes me wish I had a passport.
like it but now i dont have the situation
If you're buying, i'm down for a smashed sandwich!
Wanna be there someday... :)
su wa
where is this?
Y- Fi
what is the best food to eat in france?
me too I am hungry too :))))))))
Kang Li
wow looks amazing
me three i am hungry
Mình rất yêu trẻ con. Chúng luôn làm mình ngạc nhiên. Mình ngạc nhiên nhất là khi chúng hỏi: "Bố ơi, bố có phải là bố của con không?" Hơ... mình có phải là bố của chúng nó không nhỉ? ? ?
wow how wonderful, never been their and now I get to see through your eyes take me for a walk let window shop
Shana A
beautiful pic.
We couldn't just pop over to London first for some fish and chips could we? Wonderful Photograph.
I've been to this place last month during my Europe trip.
Yeah when you want... But not where you took the photo, that's rue Mercière and it's a tourist catcher ;)
There are some nice restaurants in the old part of Lyon going down to St Georges. By the way I'm just poping out of the office to go for lunch... somewhere in Lyon :D
well your photo and writing certainly worked on me.... I going as soon as I can.... 
I love too! But am too gar away! Hee hee
The beautiful street waa nice
me i know nigerian like whyoh you startingeh a problemoh ahhh, hahaha
Is this google tour 3d available on android smartphones yet..??
Hey Trey...i hv seen all of pics u hv posted on g+.....realy they r awsome...keep it up such beautiful work....
what part of france is? this coz im hungry!
Wow, like out of a dream :) Ah I see.. stuff that dreams are made off ;)
Nancy H
i'm in lets go !!!!
waoooo... i think itzz winters <3
It's alright, you guys go without me. But can you's pick me up some milk while your down the street?
Great work +Trey Ratcliff.
a pain a chocalat sound great with a caffe
Just looking at the pic makes me want to take the walk
I was just in France myself for the past month and got home last night, after a 24 hour trip from Paris to Toronto to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where I live. Will have to post some of my shots soon, after recovering from jet lag.
but for good food it's better to come in Italy
Great,LOve the picture I want a copy .
Great pic! Too bad this app doesn't let us save it :(

so how much are you going to to treat me?
feels like i'm there...
Jo Penn
great shot...
this is beautiful i would like to be there now
great spot! | photo is a little 'over-exposed' and missing the interesting people. Lyon is Jacques Pepin's hometown as you may know & really is the source of the great food Paris is more known for.
I almost always prefer the company of drunk Russians... but only sometimes (-:
Just a couple weeks and we'll be there.
Of course I would love that. I have always wanted to go to france:)
I have never been to France...thanks for a lovely evening on the town.
Great Photo share!
i'd love to go there :) the pic looks amazing
That place looks like fun, I should leave tonight.
great natural lighting ! great picture!
It was a night just like this when I was in Paris. Love it !!
Comment number 500 from a french gastronom. Cheers !
How was Jean-Paul Lacombe food so ?
Great night shot! Oh, to be that good at photography!
I so do agree with Esther. But I'd add or even must admit that I neglected Lightroom before now I'm eager to learn more.. some fine day.. .
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