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Wooow.. :) Really Mindblowing.. :D
How'd you get from Paris to Iceland so fast? <smile>
Wow You know I always wanted grass on my roof. It's true!
i'm always in awe each time i view one of your pictures. stunning!
Excellent capture, Trey! Lovely colors!
its good..but it look artificial..try to avoid HDR..or upload one with bracketing and without.
You are making me Iceland terribly. One of my most favorite places to live and your photos of the area are making me homesick for it.
looking at your photos makes me feel like i'm in another world :)
I'm fascinated by what they must go through to get it started: sod? seed? Either way, it must take some work to get it to the point that it can survive a heavy rain.
+Trey Ratcliff Your photos are mind blowing. I love everything I have seen you post so far. Sometimes I wonder if I am looking at a painting instead of a photograph which I think is the point. Simply some of the most beautiful and interesting photography I have seen.
Unexpectedly, HDR often flattens the scene, which I think has happened here in the foreground, especially the plough. But the point of a photo is to tell a story, and if springing the plow by flattening helps ... why not?
I love green grass, it makes me feel comfortable. Great shot!
Absolutely not, there's a stronger feeling of protection. 
Excellent composition and processing. Fantastic colors.
I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm still learning. When you say it "looks flat", what exactly does that mean? I see that mentioned a lot. How could it be avoided? In regular photography or HDR.
I like this, really adds to the farm life.
Looks so much like medieval Europe! Super snap!
Looks like a safe haven, like the Viking settlements in Greenland before the Little Ice Age. Really idyllic, if you can get away from time to time.
+Bruce Cox, they cut turf about 10 centimeters thick and lay that on any surface they want. The grass binds new roots, and if there is sufficient mud and rain it will grow and provide awesome thermal insulation(with the mud).
+Trey Ratcliff, My father lived in one when he was very small. He has no good memories from it, dirt floor, no toilet and no running water, and sometimes you had to share a part of the space with some of the more valuable animals. A big house like this one(Burstabær) most probably had the stables in one of the "parts". However, since i dont have any of these bad memories, i share your sentiment, its an amazingly effective way to build houses in cold and windy areas. And they look nice to me :)
+Trey Ratcliff I found your picture there:
Great shot Trey. Looks a lot cooler there than Texas right now. As for the grass on the roof, my wife would love it. Just don't know if I'd want to mow that.
Thanks, Trey, for my new Android wallpaper :)
What about an Earthship? I'm heading to Buffslo Wyoming in a week to spend 2 weeks volunteering in a build
Gorgeous picture. The green is beautiful. Colors are so sharp.. houses look great
I am pretty sure I lived here in another life.
i waana live in.
This shot makes me too look a little longer. Soo much to see. That means its a good one.
uuuuuuuuu, woow, it keeps that real feeling!
Can you please provide info about aperture size and shutter speed on these nature fotos? abosolute clarity and stunning ones
woow! how did you get it?
That is great! Did you have to move anything? =) You didn't have to cut the grass did you?
the stuff of dreams... fantastic capture!
Very-Very Nice........... itna beautyfull place maine aaj tk n dekha tha..ilove this
munju s
i would become insecure and depressed if i had to live here
lip hin
woww nice shoot trey :)
breath-taking view look like a painting on a canvas
I have wanted to stay at a place just like this
it's on my bucket list lol
Sa Tr
Is so perfect that looks like a painting
I'm assuming this is a sod house? 
Goal photoshop renderingcomposition
Yes , I want but how ... if weather temp. reach to 50c in my country

Wow, that would be an awesome place to live.
hai n....................very nice.i like this
Tim Fry
This came up on my Chromecast background just now, and it's such a good photograph that I stopped what I was doing and did a Google search for it.

Excellent work!
This is beautiful! And a awesome location! Awesome work!
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