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I'm against SOPA / PIPA, and here is why.

I think that we, the architects of the internet, are able to create bottom-up solutions for current and future problems. A good example of this is Creative Commons, and here I am at Google talking about how it affects "piracy" in my world of digital photography. this video should jump ahead to 11:48 automatically
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That's quite the screenshot you start with.
“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”
Napoleon Hill
Yesterday I posted on my website home page that my site would go black today to support the SOPA Strike. This morning, I can't get to my website, which is on GoDaddy. Was moving my site anyway, but WTF?
whats funny this is just a step in the direction to charge for emailing. that will be next and this is just the platform to head in that direction
very cool advice .. thanks .. love it .. very educational .. thanks .. Kerri
Trey, I agree with your assessment but isn't there a motive we might be missing? Is it possible that the music industry and Hollywood might be adding to the coffers of some politicians so that their self acclaimed source of income is not threatened?
Jon Dye
verycoolthanksyesyou'rewelcome yes, thanksverynice yes you're welcome. . . Jon
A lot of us on G+ are people making (or trying to make) a living out of creative endeavors - piracy affects us on a personal level far more than the very wealthy men at the top of the entertainment business, who could all leave their over compensated posts tomorrow and retire rich beyond the dreams of avarice.
It galls me that the very sort of men who make their riches by exploiting those who do the actual creating are now trying to ruin the internet in the name of protecting themselves against 'piracy'. Piracy is a problem but what these men want to remove is competition.
Jon Dye
they say that SOPA is intended to stimulate creativity, but in reality it has the opposite effect. Creative Commons is the way to go for the foreseeable future.
Dee-lish -- HDR photography with HDR music!
Thanks yes...

One of my overall points is that bottom-up solutions are usually better than top-town solutions.
im in the same boat with our site
Great presentation. It's very strange that the people that actually do the work don't seem to have a voice in this debate. (Artists, Musicians, Writers, etc.)

Offtopic: how do you make the video start at 11:48?
+Virginia Rafael Yes, we do have a voice! Here, on the internet! The very thing/place they're trying to censor (hmmm, funny that).
I downloaded that photo with the girl from Ibiza to use it for as a wallpaper. Will I go to jail for that :)
Thank you Trey. Besides my appreciation of you reaching a lot of people over the SOPA and PIPA issue, I needed to hear some of your personal message today!
Jon Dye
There is also a link under the share section that lets you choose exactly when it starts.
Thanks a ton Trey, absolutely yes for your description of openness and vulnerability. If one is not opened towards the world, how can the world be opened to him?....and let him to make f.e. pictures that touch the heart. The good shot comparing to the ordinary one is in this "touching heart" behind the grain and colour. I am new here on Google+, but I am happy to share the same space with people like you that are inspiring.
The argument against #sopa and it's ilk has long since gone beyond anti-piracy which is a real problem. What's at heart here is unelected individuals having the power to silence someone with little or no evidence or due process. Once the US does it, the rest will fall in behind!
I have been wanting to visit Google since I used to live in Mountain View and still go to my Aunt's House. Love the wi-fi.
I remember when I was young I had this urge to "capture" the world the way I saw it. Show the beauty that caught my eyes. I'm not sure why I shut up that inner voice but lately, seeing people like Trey, I get that itch again.

Beautiful, inspirational... thank you so much for sharing :)
Thank you Trey. I've included this on my personal blog and will reshare in a second.
So, if I understand correctly, I can use some of your pics and just need link your site and of course give you the credit... That is terrific!
wazzub will work with google to make everyone's browsing a delight not a night mare
What next if these SOPA/PIPA sails through?
+Doug E. Rivera Keep in mind he offers a non-commercial creative commons. You cannot use non-commercial creative commons to make money.
I totally agree with you Trey. SOPA / PIPA are not the solution to today's piracy problem!
An excellent point, most of the people are not wicked (except RIAA guys :), and appreciate your working effort. If your creative work really touched them, they will pay you with the respect, publicity or, yes, money, even without these highway-man practices of RIAA.

Talking about the censorship, to be honest, it's not always an absolutely bad thing. All European philosophical and political thought of Antiquity and the Age of Enlightenment, as well as the early America's one of times of the Founding had always reserved an important place for the censorship in the social life (a bit more on that here:,
but not the way SOPA and PIPA (and their sponsors) envision it...
Me to, from what I have read it looks like yet another manifestation of the "greed is great" syndrome, the Madorf mentality. Makes me puke...
nice shot of the skimpy lady in Eivissa! Cala D'hort is gorgeous with Es Vedra in the backdrop. you captured it (and her I must add) beautifully!!
You have to open up in terms of business, and marketing. Love the art and the speach awesome!!!!
I worked on a project back in 1998/1999 for IBM (Search "Project Madison) that was supposed to fix the music industry's piracy problem, (Save us from Naspter) and because the music industry was too confused, and full of people who had no tech savvy, they blew the last opportunity they had to build into emerging technology the safeguards and protection that would make music and intellectual property safe for mass distribution.

I have no problem sharing my work. In fact, it was because of my sharing on the internet that I was fortunate to have been discovered, and "hung" at a major City Of Miami Birthday party in 2010. For an emerging artist, to be hung in a gallery is amazing enough, a true milestone in your art career - and here I was being displayed for an audience of no less than 2500 people. This was immensely gratifying, but little has come of it - but it is a nice feather in my cap. I mention it because the curator who found me found my work on the internet.

I have a few photos on Wikimedia, with the license for attributions required, and I've found those photos on numerous websites WITHOUT attributions. I found one of my photos ON THE SIDE OF AN AIRPORT LIMO VAN - with no attributions. The only thing Wikimedia has done for me is give me some "cred" and SEO value but it has done NOTHING for me as far as "sharing the love", much less giving me any monetization.

I've had to go after webmasters, and as soon as you ask politely for a simple photo credit more often than not, they freak out and the photo is taken down, they'd rather remove the photo than give credit.

This is related to the whole Napster ruination of intellectual property value, "that music should be free" - even though I know from first hand experience the myth that "all those musicians are rich" is bullshit. Nashville "Music City" is FULL of passionate, bright, amazing musicians who barely make it, and their "day jobs" are pitiful in the NWO economy.

The technology industry is full of people who think "open source" applies to intellectual property, and that music files should be able to be copied freely - wheeeeee!

The problem is that we now have an expectation in our culture that intellectual property should be able to be copied as some sort of entitlement. What really needs to happen is public education. Photos are not your right, music is not your right, and you should pay for the art you enjoy. Anything less is a devaluation of art and music.

That being said, while SOPA is a bad idea, the technology industry needs to support intellectual property by SUPPORTING the music industry, as well as the photography business.

The hole that needs to be plugged is in the operating system and in the files themselves. Yes they need to be special. They need to be flagged on websites with a new file attribution that inhibits screen shots, downloading, recording while playing, and anything else a user could do to steal the art. Enjoy what you see on that site. Enjoy the listening experience, but if you want it on your machine or your ipod or phone, you need to pay for it. You want to use that photo, it should be paid for and attribution to the photographer needs to be attached or the server won't allow it to be displayed. The photographer can then flag his files as free or as intellectual property. The same with music. This kind of technology exists, we just need to put it in place.
I love the ladies voice on Stuck on Earth !
Hi Trey, the Awesome pics..I jus loved dem all....
I really appreciated ur Work(ART)
I appreciated the ALL Pics clicked by u..dey are jus toooo awesome....
I appreciated the message here. Especially the bit about being able to forgive yourself for you mistakes. I needed that today. Thank you.
you are always inspiring everyone. Cheers!
i ended up watching the whole thing ;) great talk!
Very informational to know this, now I have this understanding.
Thank you for sharing.
Yes, yes, yes. BTW, I've decided to really educate myself on all this, so I can have a bigger impact against efforts like SOPA/PIPA. So I've started auditing a class on Copyright Law at CU Law School. Very interesting stuff.
This is great stuff! I think the advise goes for just about anything you do. Thanks for sharing.
In reality there isn't such thing as the described nice circle of love for me at least. I used to put my name and a logo of a website in the lower left corner of the photos, but then immediately people start cropping my name out? Why? I've actually asked some of them, sometimes I get an apology, sometimes they just delete the photos, often nothing happens. It is a very rare thing I get asked before someone uses my photo.
You have added something to my life +Trey Ratcliff Your eye has shown me beauty that I hadn't seen before. I hope someday that if I can't properly repay you (except with praise for your work) that you know success in some other way. In many ways Mass Media is a sort of corruption of the relationship between an artist and an audience, but some work seems to grow roses in that sheep dip. Thanks Trey.
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Thank you Trey, you helped clarify some questions that I had and on other subjects, you helped to verify that there are others that think like me. I just hope that one day I'm able to travel to some of the gorgeous places you have gone, meanwhile, I'll just capture my little piece of this spinning orb.
i love the theme, of presenting the beautiful work of artistic photography! Regards to you an your work! keep it on!
For those of us who do both personal and paid work what would be a good way to allow commercial commons use of personal work but not for paid work? Especially with both personal and client images shared in the same portfolio/blog.
I think my greater fear are the "compromising proposals" and "deals" that have to be made to pass SOPA and PIPA. Thank goodness 3 of 4 of my reps oppose this abomination of a bill. I just hope they don't decide to attempt to find "agreeable terms" to pass it-- let it die. For once I hope the elected officials listen to ALL the people who elected them. 
+Trey Ratcliff Thank you so much for sharing this. I have always enjoyed your photos. Now I must say thank you for your spirit of sharing. CC is one of my favorite things as well.
these are very beautiful photos and a wonderful and fulfilling post...congratulations! keep up the good work and shareing your work with others god bless you....
The list of those organizations and companies which supported SOPA/PIPA (and are asking to be punished by boycotts):

1-800 Contacts, Inc. 1-800-PetMeds 2b1 Inc 3M Company ABRO Industries, Inc. Acushnet Company adidas America Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) Allen Russell Photography
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Alliance of Visual Artists (AVA) Altria Client Services American Apparel and Footwear Association American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) American Board of Internal Medicine
American Federation of Musicians American Gramaphone LLC American Made Alliance American Mental Health Counselors Association American Photographic Artists
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) American Society of Media Photographers American Society of Picture Professionals American Watch Association
Anatoly Pronin Photography Andrea Rugg Photography Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracy Initiative (ACAPI) Applied DNA Sciences Art Holeman Photography Association of American Publishers (AAP) Association of Equipment Manufacturers Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) Association of Test Publishers AstraZeneca plc Australian Medical Council Autodesk, Inc. Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association Baker & Taylor Ent. Bay State Psychological Associates Beachbody, LLC Beam Global Spirits & Wine Blue Sky Studios, Inc. Bose Corporation Braasch Biotech LLC Brian Stevenson Photography Brigid Collins Family Support Center Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) Burberry C. F. Martin & Co., Inc. Callaway Golf Company Cascade Designs Incorporated Caterpillar Inc. Caveon, LLC CBS Corporation Cengage Learning
Center for Credentialing & Education Center Stage Photography CFA Institute Chanel USA
Christopher Semmes Photography Church Music Publishers Association CMH Images Coach
Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (CACP) Columbia Sportswear Company Comcast Corporation Commercial Photo Design
Commercial Photographers International Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System Consumer Healthcare Products Association Copyright Alliance Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Coty Inc. Council of Fashion Designers of America Country Music Association CropLife America Cross-Entertainment LLC CSA Group CVS Caremark D'Addario & Company, Inc. Dan Sherwood Photography Danita Delimont Stock Photography Dayco Products, LLC Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Dennyfoto Derek DiLuzio Photography DeVaul Photography Direct Selling Association (DSA) Directional Insight Distefano Enterprises Inc. Doriguzzi Photographic Artistry Dolby Laboratories, Inc. Dolce & Gabbana USA, INC. Dollar General Corporation Don Grall Photography Dunford Architectural Photography Eagle Rock Entertainment Ed McDonald Photography Educational & Industrial Testing Service Electronic Arts, Inc. Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA)
Eli Lilly and Company Englebert Photography Entertainment Software Association (ESA) ERAI, Inc. Eric Meola Studio Inc Evidence Photographers International Council Ex Officio Exxel Outdoors FAME Publishing Co., LLC. FAME Recording Studios Far Bank Enterprises Fashion Business Incorporated Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy Fender Musical Instrument Company Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA) Ford Motor Company Fortune Brands, Inc. Fred J. Lord Photography GAR Associates Gelderland Productions, L.L.C. Gemvision Corporation Gibson Guitar Corp. GlaxoSmithKline Gospel Music Association Governors America Corp. Graduate Management Admission Council Graphic Artists Guild Greeting Card Association (GCA) Greg Nikas Photography Guru Denim H.S. Marketing & Design, Inc. Harley-Davidson Motor Company HarperCollins Publishers Harry Fox Agency Hastings Entertainment, Inc. ICM Distributing Company, Inc. IDS Publishing IEC Electronics corp. Images Plus Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC) Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) INgrooves Innate-gear International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) International Trademark Association (INTA) IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries
Ira Montgomery Photography J.S. Grove Photography James Drug Inc. Jaynes Gallery
JCPage Photography Jean Poland Photography Jeff Stevensen Photography John Fulton Photography John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Johnson & Johnson Juicy Couture, Inc Julien McRoberts Photography K&R Photographics kate spade Kekepana International Services Kenneth Garrett, photographer for National Geographic Killing Jar Productions LLC Lacoste USA Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. Lexmark International, Inc. Light Perspectives Linda Olsen Photography Little Dog Records Liz Claiborne, Inc L'Oréal USA Lucky Brand Jeans LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Macmillan Major League Baseball Marcia Andberg Associates LLC Mark Niederman Photography Marmot Marona Photography McLain Photography Inc Merck & Co., Inc. Messy Face Designs, Inc. Michael Stern Photography MicroRam Electronics, Inc. Minter Works of Art Mira Images Monster Cable Products, Inc. Moose’s Photos Morningstar Films LLC Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) MotionMasters Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association
MPA - The Association of Magazine Media Mr. Theodor Feibel (sole proprietor) Music Managers Forum-U.S. Nashville Songwriters Association International Natalie Neckyfarow Actor/Dancer/Singer National Association of Broadcasters
National Association of Manufacturers National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) National Basketball Association (NBA) National Board for Certified Counselors National Board for Certified Counselors Foundation National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) National Football League (NFL) National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) National Retail Federation (NRF) NBCUniversal Nervous Tattoo Inc., dba Ed Hardy New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. New Era Cap Co Inc New Levels Ent. Co. LLC News Corporation Next Decade Entertainment, Inc. NHL Enterprises, L.P. Nicholas Petrucci, Artist, LLC Nike, Inc. Nintendo of America Inc. Nissle Fine Art Photography North Dakota Pharmacists Association North Dakota Pharmacy Service Corporation Oakley, Inc. One Voice Recordings OpSec Security, Inc. Outdoor Industry Association Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) Outdoor Research, Inc Pacific Component Xchange, Inc. Party Killer Films LLC Pearson Clinical Assessment Peavey Electronics Corporation Perry Ellis International Personal Care Products Council Peter C. Brandt, Architectural and Fine Art Photography Peter Hawkins Photography, Inc. Petzl America Pfizer Inc.
PGA of America Philip Morris International Photojournalist Dave Bartruff Picture Archive Council of America (PACA) Pigfactory Music PING PNW Images Premier League Production Music Association (PMA) Professional Photographers of America Quality Float Works, Inc. Raging Waters Music Ralph Lauren Corporation Ramsay Corporation Rebel Photo Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Red4 Music/Doogs Rock Inc Red Wing Shoe Company Reebok International Ltd. Reed Elsevier Inc. Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Revlon Richard Flutie Photography Rite Aid Robin Davis Photography, Inc. Rodger Scott Craig, a member of Liverpool Express, The Merseybeats, Fortune, Harlan Cage, 101 South, and Mtunz Media Roger Smith Photography Services Rolex Watch USA Inc. Romance Writers of America (RWA) Rosetta Stone Inc. Saddle Creek Sage Studios LLC Sam D'Amico Photography Schneider Electric Sean McGinty Photography Secret Sea Visions (Photography) SESAC, Inc. SG Industries, Inc. Shure Incorporated SIGMA Assessment Systems Six Degrees Records Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council SMC Entertainment SMT Corp. SoBe Entertainment
Society of Sport & Event Photographers Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Sony Electronics Inc. Sony Music Entertainment Sony Pictures Entertainment Soul Appeal Records and Music SoundExchange Southern Gothic LLC Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) SPI (The Plastics Industry Trade Association) Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association Sports Rights Owners Coalition Spring Fever Productions LLC Spyder Active Sports, Inc Stenbakken Photography Stephen Dantzig Photography Stock Artist Alliance Stuart Weitzman Holdings, LLC Student Photographic Society Studio 404 SunRise Solar Inc. Taylor Glenn Photographs Taylor Guitars Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc. Tednologies, Inc. The Cambridge Don The Collegiate Licensing Company/IMG College The Donath Group, Inc. The Dow Chemical Company The Estee Lauder Companies The McGraw-Hill Companies The Music People! Inc. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) The Recording Academy (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) The Timberland Company The Walt Disney Company Tiffany & Co. Time Warner Inc. Tony Bullard Photography Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. TRA Global Tricoast Worldwide Trio Productions, Inc. / Songscape Music, Twist & Shout, Inc. U.S. Chamber of Commerce Ultimate Fighting Championship
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Universal Music Group Uniweld Products Inc. VF Corporation
Viacom Vibram USA, Inc Virtual Chip Exchange USA, Inc. Voltage Pictures, LLC W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. Walcott Studio, LLC Wal-Mart Warner Music Group Wendy Kaveney Photography Western Psychological Services Westmorland Images, LLC Wild & Associates, Inc. Wild Eye Photos LLC William Sutton Photography Willis Music WindLegends Ink LLC Winestem Company Winslow Research Institute Wolfe Video Wolverine World Wide, Inc. Woolrich, Inc. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Xerox Corporation Zippo Manufacturing Company Zumba Fitness, LLC
Thanks for the messaging on Stop SOPA and PIPA. I too am a firm believer in the internet business model based on CC non-commercial, attribution. I can point directly to revenue generated from this model. Unfortunately I can point to people who abuse and use my images improperly like Congressman Lamar Smith (Author of SOPA) himself as he used one of my images without attribution. These guys in D.C. are technology clueless and they are writing our laws for the internet. God help us. Fight on.
I don't know what posted here but it sounds interesting.
Thank you... I think maybe I'll be able to hit the "share" button a little more often....
Wonderful slideshow of your work, Trey, and very inspiring video, with great ideas and advice. Thanks for this 'nudge' to follow my heart and create for the joy of creation and the joy of sharing my creations, and to continue stumbling, making mistakes, forgiving myself for my mistakes and ultimately realizing the greatness within me...
I have written my Congresscritters -- have all of YOU?
Thank you all... interesting comments - I'm reading through them all now.
This is great -- Sharing raises the bar. It makes life fun to participate in abundance. I heard "Woz" speak back in the 80's and I caught a vision for giving and sharing what you know. Creativity keeps flowing so it is not ours to hoard. Thanks for sharing.
And thx to +Cory Doctorow (not on G+ yet? He must have some hardcore cory-reason) and +Xeni Jardin for having a clever model of internet-sharing that we can all use as a template.
Thanks for sharing, the clip was fun and interesting to watch!
I'm just curious +Trey Ratcliff - If you upload high res images, do people just save them and print them for themselves instead ordering through your website? Just wondering if you run into that?
Thanks :)

+Ashley Hoyle yes that happens - but most people like to buy in the official way because it is a limited edition print
Thanks for such a fast response +Trey Ratcliff! That definitely makes sense. You have great insight to the evolving world around us and I appreciate you posting this video!
This video just upped Trey's credibility...if that's even possible.
The vulnerability idea as you presented it reminded me of my class in Leadership Development in my first semester at Cabrillo College. As they mentioned similar ideas about how Leadership is often about being vulnerable or stepping outside of the comfort zone. Very good video.
Gosh! You're great photographer.. now I finally know something more about man which is producing so many wonderful pictures for internet community. You hit a nail when you were talking about life of amateur photographer.. about dreaming of different life, about travelling, about getting over limits which are all around us.. I have same thoughts, same dreams.. and fears.

You're doing really great job, and I am happy that there is way how you can share your photos and thoughts!

Thanks for sharing!
The world needs more people like you +Trey Ratcliff supporting this, providing logical arguments and less like +Chandler Smith who give the media companies fuel to suggest it is just a game of the hard line internet fans wanting freedom.

Was interesting to hear you only have one eye too :), inspirational.
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Really like your point of view!
A super talk Trey. Please come and talk at Google London someday too :-)
thanks Trey for all of your pictures you share with us.
Sure - and thanks to +Mark Frauenfelder also for the Boing-Boing template example I used in the talk. I notice they have gone dark today too :)
I know it will sound corny but I just wanted to say that this video has inspired me to be more open and more myself, slowly moving myself away from lurker, past occasional comment to a more active social media (namely G+) user.

Hopefully I will post more personal items rather than just shares that show a glimpse of who I am personally.

Thank you, for you have inspired me.
Hi +Trey Ratcliff . I just want to say one thing. You are amazing! Thank you, thank you for being so amazing. :-)
Thank you for your comments. Being a older guy who just started on the web and who is a crafts person. First with a defunct wood shop now with a used camera. When I had a wood turning shop it was great to take a new piece to the coffee shop and share my work in a fun open fashion. It didn't make me any money doing this but it did give one kid "The Bug" to start into a path he may have never thought. Also giving away free little spinning tops to kids at shows. Which again never really made me money but brought people over and gave a kid a toy other than a game boy. So now I hear your speech and felt that little bit of what makes a community special . Thank you p.s. your photos are great.!
His voice is shaking. He sounds like he's about to cry. Damn you SOPA, stop making people cry!
Trey, great thoughts & thanks for amazing slideshow
Overheard someone say they were "held up in customs", too bad #SOPA is not in effect, +Trey Ratcliff could sue for infringement ;-)
Some very valid points!
+Trey Ratcliff +Ashley Hoyle I've wondered too if people are downloading your images and bringing them to their local print shops. Is it violating your CC license if they hang the print at home? Have you considered a digital tip jar for this behavior? That might discourage people from ordering the prints from your site though.

But for people outside the US, downloading and printing is more convenient than shipping large prints worldwide... so it may be source of extra income. As you say, most people want to do the right thing. 
Content protection online is kind of like the war on drugs. Authorities will always bust the users but never the supply chain.
At the end of the day I am really not surprised. Trey is on Googles Payroll... Of whom happens to be the largest content and copyright thieves in the world 10 times over anything else. Google actively links to known pirate and content theft sites, there engines actively grab peoples content and "Thumb nails" them for Google images which perpetuates further theft... Need I go on? Must be nice to travel the world and take photos, it must be a kinda pricy life style and some how I kinda think Trey has lost the view how most artists, creative media specialists lives these days. Poor, on Welfare and broke since most everything they create is outright taken from them and expected to be a free service throughout there career. Nuff said and good night.
+Trey Ratcliff So well said. I'm planning a big Hangout-On-Air event where people can join and call their representatives live on speaker phone to ask them to oppose the bills! Monday! Announcement coming in the morning!
Inspiring and true. Trey, you said you do not accept contracts. What about making childs wish come true? :) I used to stay out during full moon nights and watching clounds when i was child. I love them and see them in my mind still, but never could take such photo. Could you please try? Just clouds, that special colours of sky and clouds like some out of the world animals. Please :)
I love your pictures.
Hi peoples, art rules and keep collaboration alive!
Please check out Pure Cvents NZ on linkedin for more of my thoughts on this, and possible NZ input, I put these comments it on news one for Black America , today, first, but adding my thoughts elsewhere. But everyone, lets move on from protest into an (open source) discussion of practical, financially sustainable suggestions to give balance to both sides of the argument.Look forward to hearing valid suggestions Jeni
lovely talk. thanks.

Question: How do you make sure to deliver the message about your creative common license? I'm sure many would just take it and probably watermark it as their own. But you must have some methods to communicate your license for the viewers before they copy it.
Alex Jones of built a virtual empire by allowing his material to be pirated. I don't think he ever even thought of it as piracy. It was a way to spread ideas and it worked very well. It has also been quite profitable as far as I can tell. His "model" is worthy of study. There is an incredible synergy between radio broadcasts, podcasts, DVD, live video reports, websites and the advertising that piggybacks on that, T-Shirts, books, etc. This model could be adapted to almost any area of interest (like photography). You are certainly doing quite a bit of it here. Leveraging the content across the various media modalities is the key. A great idea can spread like wildfire. SOPA and PIPA would be a huge step backward for all this.
Instead of constantly defending ourselves against proposed laws like PIPA we should go on the offense and root at the source of this problem directly - the RIAA and MPAA are bad for our Country and for Democracy in general! We need to bring the fight directly to them and get rid of the real leaches of our society and political system - The lobbies and Corporations that don't really produce anything of value.
Thanks +Trey Ratcliff for sharing you thoughts. Very deep reflections. I was teach from my parents to be thankful for all the things we have and as a derivation I think that one of the transcendent pursues of my life is to help others to shine more, to increase their light. Je I sound e little mystic but I mean it in a practical terrain way by helping real people with concrete problems or things to solve or be relieve from. That is part of me and makes me feel good.
Dude,you have seen the world and tell me if I'm wrong,but you do know Jesus.You won't get any hate mail from me man.I'm definitely impressed!
Excellent talk. Started watching for the anti-SOPA/PIPA message. Stayed for the philosophy.
Inspiring, thank you so much.
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