The Photo of 10,000 Cuts, above Guangxi Mountains

Here's a photo from last night, high atop one of the many conical mountains that are in this tight little region of southern China.  To get to this spot, it was very difficult! It was a completely unmarked path, and often not a path at all. I was bleeding from about six different spots just to get climb up here.  The rocks are razor-sharp, and you have to use all four of your appendages to Smeagol up many of the bits!  But once I was up here, the view was absolutely magnificent.  

The hardest bit might have been coming down.  Of course I was up here with +Tom Anderson  , and we always stay in these places too late.  It was pitch black, and the way down was very muddy and slippery.  I think we fell down about 5 times each-- and a lot of sliding down mudbanks in our shorts...  and it was sooooo humid... just dripping, muddy, and miserable... but we had a feeling that the shot would turn out well!
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