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"How do you learn and improve your photography?"

+Doug Kaye co-hosts with me this week and we are joined by an awesome group of teaching types, +Nicole S. Young, +Matt Kloskowski, +Colby Brown, and +Derrick Story to discuss how to learn and improve your photography. Even +Dave Veffer and +Tony Wang got in on the fun!

The gang tells stories and gives advice on lessons they’ve learned throughout their photographic voyages in life. We also share some of our photos.

We close the show with our G+ Discoveries:
+Jeremy Hall, +Ben Horne, +Jessy Eykendorp, +Andrea Ewald, and +Hengki Koentjoro.

Thanks to +Leo Laporte, +Tony Wang, and +Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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+Trey Ratcliff
*How do you learn and improve your photography?"

Get out there and shoot!
Thanks all :)

+Danny Robertson I think it is 50/50 yes? Although, some good situations require almost no retouching...
Kelby training has probably contributed more to my development as an external influence than any other resource I've leaned on, and I've studied just about everything, but I've grown the most by taking on work I wasn't quite qualified for and finding a way to deliver. I'm convinced that there is a special part of my brain that can only be accessed through panic.
Thanks again for the mention, +Doug Kaye! I'm still a bit in shock!
Very informative show, all of you!
You're very welcome, +Andrea Ewald. I guess I see in your images something I try to find in my own. I look forward to shooting with you on another photowalk.
Just got a chance to watch the video. Thanks for some new insight and +Matt Kloskowski keep writing the books even though you don't like to learn from them =)
Thanks much Trey for the last slot, much appreciated.
BTW, just a bit of correction, I'm actually from Indonesia and I'm still waiting for your visit to this huge archipelago nation once you are in New Zealand. Thanks again Trey and I enjoy the show very much.
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