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Great shot! Those buildings look fantastic
Beautiful shot of Portifino. I was just there about a month ago. Very nice resort.
And it's not really a lonely boat. ;) But it is a great picture!
This Portofino is in OCT, Shenzhen, China
This is one of my favorite photos you have ever posted.
This is my favorite. I can't imagine a better photo.
A lovely image. You are my goto man for desktop wallpaper!
Amazing! On my Italy must see list IRL.
I love Universal Studios! Take any pictures of Hogwarts, Trey?
Loved THIS photo... colors are beautiful.. but there is something VERY special in it.... this boat upfront, has my only sister's name on it!! Adriana!!! The perfect photograph.
Trey, you keep painting the most wonderful canvas' with that Lens of yours!
I know, it looks like a painting!
Super reality :). Very nicely composed.
Magnificent! I loved Portofino, it's a lovely "portrait" of the place.
Another beautiful image. I love how the color range falls from warm to cool. Well done as always!
Every major element in this photograph supports every other — and what a fine pallette!
Astonishing photo. Looks like a hybrid with a great painting. Didn't know of HDR techniques (am not a photographer) until I started following Trey on g+
This shot is amazing! The capture and balance of all the color is unbelievable!
oh, the pinks... and so alone she floats... sadness and beauty in one stroke... genius!
do you have a program preference for HDR? I am just starting to experiment and I've been learning a lot, but am wondering if I should invest in photomatix or is photshop just fine?
i need to report a copyright infringement, i'm using this beautiful picture as my wallpaper, will I go to Jail?
I love the colours in this photo!
Love how the building colors match with those on the evening clouds
lovely, such intensity, colors and those houses are just to die for!!!
How can get this color....! Like like like ...
wonderful shot - amazing colors
That... believe it or not, is the Portofino Hotel in Orlando at Universal Studios.
And just about ever facade is a faux painting. It's really quite something to see up close. Only then do you realize how "faux" it really is. I lived across the street from it for a few years.
真的是深圳吗? 求证实? Really is Somewhere in Shenzhen China? Anybody can identify this? Thx!
Killing detail, the bells on tower are painted! Really beautiful "cliché" Trey :)
You have enhanced the beauty of Portofino. Great job
More xi
That is a fabulous photo!
Portofino is way too overrated!
Next time (or first time, dunno) you come to Italy, go and see Camogli, a small village not far from Portino. It's way more beautiful! :-)
Beautiful photo - love the colors
I don't know why, but I have looked at this photo at least a dozen times now and never ready past the first line. I am shocked to realize that this is at Universal Studios. What an amazing job!
Amazing what you can build out of plastic! Does it smell like harbor (or chlorine)? Can you get a bottle of wine in a restaurant for $10?
Omg i wished i was there now !
It surely looks very much like Portofino in the architecture, but there a little too few boats and the mountains on the back missing :)
The legendary Portofino! Thanks for sharing!
Hard to believe such a nice place is real. Great photo!
Perfect for a painting. I would love to use pastels on this.
looks like an artists masterpiece great work!!
Like it!! You are an artist!! Love your pictures!! 
gary s
Looks like an Impressionist painting.
Love this shot. I stayed @ the resort across the water from this for xmas vacation in 2008. We took my neice. Thank you!
Trey, overall, you have an amazing collection of gorgeous photos here. Well done mate, keep doing it! A few comments, for my taste, there is too much reliance on fascile subjects like sunsets... bordering on kitsch sometimes, but beautiful nevertheless. The other criticism is that having looked at the whole portfolio in one viewing, I grew a bit tired of the frequent use of HDR... it became a bit gimmicky to me, but again, often really lovely images. So keep it up, just don't get into a rut by trying to follow your past successes. ;)
Peter L
great processing
thr coolours are wonderful on this pic :-)
reminds me of Quinquela Martin's paintings
Wonderful,hippy photo!.and all those colours! Still such peace with that 'lonely' boat..
I want to learn with you Try Ratcliff
Will never know how to do such a picture ... First what camera I have to bye. Not too much expensif pls.
I'm very exited ....
This is surreal! Lovely shot.
have you benn to all of these wonderful sites very one of them is so amazing to see and would lovely to see with ones eyes
Me encantan las fotos. Qué maravilla de sitios. Enhorabuena.
Oh is beautiful! and more because my name is Adriana
What do you shoot with?  No editing?
The sky is wonderful,,, the whole color blends in perfectly...
Beauty/Colourfull picture, will make a very NICE painting!
I really love this shot! The placement of the boats, the pattern in the sky - the shades and lines in the buildings...awesome! It would be really neat in black and white as well!
Caro R.
Incredible, well done.
WOW, Beautiful colour schemes, I do believe it really exist. As I am dying about puzzles,that would really make a very big nice one.
Ngo Ho
mani S
Amazing shots 
Beautiful photograph..... is it HDR?
+Trey Ratcliff
Fantastic Xmas gift. Fantastic photos. Thx
Ric Lav
Jolies endroit à visitée
Great reflections.  Excellent lighting.
i wise a was there at that time....the photo is howesome
very good ....wonderful .....beautiful ........
It is important to note you can only do this from a desktop computer and not iPad or tablet, right?
You got me +Trey Ratcliff I've been to Portofino, I did a double take before I finished your complete comment. I was wondering which angle showed that many buildings. Great picture, I initially thought it was in Holland. But Universal Studios? Wow, that's great.
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