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Trey Ratcliff was in a video call with 2 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Frederick Van Johnson and Dave Veffer
Trey Ratcliff answered questions from audience
Sony vs. Nikon - Live Questions answered from audience - with Frederick Van Johnson from TWIP!
Trey Ratcliff and 2 others participated
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Sean G
Try threw chrome browser...
Sean G
Cool Stuff Trey!! Rock On!! Love the new Q&A with Hangouts. +Vic Gundotra would be proud...
Very interesting points of view.. thanks for putting it all together... many should listen to this so they can see many sides of the same story...
I think the 'focus peaking' ability of Sony is fantastic. I doubt I could switch to another system and risk losing it. It's too valuable to me. :)
Nice job. I'm heading to Queenstown, NZ in November and planning my camera pack. I have a Nikon D90, but I'm spoiled by the light weight of my Olympus Pen E1.
I am going to just put a Sony strap on my Nikon DSLR....
Finally my Sony DSC-F707 shots will be HIP
Focus peaking is incredibly useful, but not exclusive to Sony by any means - for example, the Panasonic Lumix G6 has it.
The problem with the possible FF NEX model is the lack of native FF lenses. Sony would have to come up with an all new series of FF lenses for the E-mount. With an OIS system built in those lenses, they'd be pretty large. Maybe they will do that, eventually, anyway, or maybe they'll just dump the OIS, but they might do an A-mount version first, because the lens catalog is already there. Maybe next year in Photokina, maybe sooner. We'll see.
Reading a lot of the comments to this interview (not just here) I feel there's perhaps an unfair bias towards Sony and in particular the NEX-7, which lest we forget is getting on now in digital terms and almost certain to be replaced this year. So anyone thinking of jumping into mirrorless - and I'd encourage you all! - might enjoy this quick roundup of the alternative formats I prepared earlier: - NEX is great but as the title of the post says, it's not the only game in town.
Hi Trey, the nex is actually a good camera for astrophotography. While now quite as much light gathering as a full frame it matches (and in many cases beats) most other non astro converted camera's. It's low light abilities and decent spectrum of light gathering make it useful. Given the lens you said you wanted to use then I'm guessing it's more wide field rather than nebula or galaxy pics and the nex does just fine at these. While not my shots (I'm in too light polluted an area to do this) these show just what the nex can do....
I used the NEX5 for a long time as a backup camera! I am Pro Sony all the way! I shoot only on Alpha models now. A-77 and a A500 backup for my work. I highly recommend them as an affordable option to pro and semi pro photography.
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