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A fun This Week in Tech yesterday with +Mike Elgan +Ryan Block +Doug Kaye and the host +Leo Laporte ! :)

You'll notice I didn't join in the Apple love-fest just because I'm a hardcore Android user!  Woo! :)   (even though I do still use my iPad)

It's a loooong episode, but if you're into geeky tech stuff, you will enjoy the show! :)
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I was already watching it when you posted this :) ....
I'm so glad to see somebody is a "hardcore" Android user with all that Apple love fest that is going on among photographers.. not saying that Apple doesn't make good stuff... I just always feel like I'm missing out... lol 
I was just sad that there wasn't much photo talk. TWIT tricked me by having TWO photographers on the show, but not talking photography. :P Good marketing ploy!
I love the part when Ryan says (and I'm paraphrasing) I don't know what it will have but I'm getting it. Apparently this is the week for the sheep.
I love +Leo Laporte and +TWiT, but I don't watch it anymore. Most shows that I have watched are nothing but Apple love fests. I don't hate Apple or want to boycott it, but since I don't use their products (or ever will), the shows don't really speak to me anymore. 
I wasn't able to talk in the chat room from the get go. Anyone else have that problem? I was watching and trying to chat earlier via iPhoneTwiT app. 
I don't know about the app, but the Chat Room moderators boot folks at the drop of a hat -- for *any*thing that can remotely be construed as off-color, stalking, or troll-ish.  They try to keep the chat family-friendly -- even more so than the shows themselves.  I got booted once for (jokingly -- I swear!) asking whether anyone had a certain host's phone number.  Try again next day or week, & see if you're back in. 
"The world is really run by attorneys in the United States." that's my fav statement by +Trey Ratcliff in that episode and I have to add "and by organisations like the German GEMA". I think we have more blocked videos on youtube than every other country.
I really ignore the Apple excitement, I am kinda deaf on that ear anyway.
No John C.Dvorak!  Oh because Ryan block is on!  Two of them are never on the TWIT show at the same time since the last encounter. (classic episode, John C. Dvorak  at his best).
Not all of them are fanboys! Leo has changed phones faster than I change my underwear for the last year, but I always see him with an Android on his hand (sometimes feeding his fishes XD). I have never had nor plan to have an iphone but normies do love those phones and Apple is a huge tech company so it's perfectly normal for me that they talk a lot about them. 
I love Android, but it seems they don't have as many Photography apps as I would like (or maybe I just don't know how to find them) !!
Hey! What's the name of that Mont St Michel image on your laptop skin?  I've been looking for that for a long time.
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