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1000 Free HD Wallpapers For you on Google+  Merry Christmas! (or happy solstice gaia-bbq or whateva)

Well, it looks like the album below caps out at 1000 photos, so now is a good time to share the whole thing!  All of my works are Creative Commons noncommercial.  This means you can use them for personal stuff, like desktop wallpapers or phone backgrounds on your personal blog or things of this nature.  All I ask is that you link back to and give credit if you use it publicly.  Otherwise, enjoy!

Unfortunately, all the images in Google+ max out at 2500 pixels across.  Every day, however, I upload 7000+ pixel images.  If you want these Mega-Big-Sizes, best to go to my full-on portfolio at .

Thanks, and stay awesome, Internet.
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Awesome! What a great gift. Thank you.
great ! Thank you ! :)
Great! I like to use my language....
Buon Natale!
Thank you that's very nice! Sitting on the coach with the kids looking through them! Girl lives the horses boys one the waterfalls the other mountains and the tiny sun sunrays. I love them all! Merry Christmas to you and family!
These are incredible. Thanks for sharing.
Gotta love creative commons... Thanks, Trey!
Thanks for all your stuff and all I learned by watching your tutorials.
I would love to travel and get shots like this. Maybe when the kids move out. For now I will travel via your outstanding shots +Trey Ratcliff 
Thank you so much!! Happy holidays to you too.
wonderful, Happy Holidays! HO,HO,HO!!!!
Thank you! +Trey Ratcliff I just change my FL wallpaper to your image from Patagonia for now.
I upload your photos to the desktop in our elementary school library as the rolling screen saver.  Children who never leave Des Moines Iowa travel the world seeing your photos.  They spontaneously utter "ahh" when they walk in to see what you've captured.  Thank you for taking our children with you!  (and you've inspired me to visit New Zealand some day too)  Thank you & Merry Christmas Trey!
Aww come on you make me feel like such an amateur!
Great images!
Thanks +Trey Ratcliff , you are awesome and very generous.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.
Thank you for sharing these and for all you share with us throughout the year, +Trey Ratcliff It's all so beautiful! Happiest of holidays to you and your family. :) 
You are a crazy person, Trey.  Thank you from my small part of the internet!
i like that pic!i luv horses
Thanks, I just downloaded a few for my Galaxy S3, it looks great now! 
Thanks for the gift. No boring Christmasdays and a lot of pictures to look at. :)
Merry Christmas +Trey Ratcliff and to all of you who likes to follow his great work! 
Thanks so much for sharing - such beautiful work!
Appreciate the gift my brother. Happy holidays.
hello mr trey,im also the one who's following your great works thanks for sharing all these to us,merry christmas to u and to your family.
Thanks Tre. Super nice. If everyone was as generous, this world would be an amazing place.  
The beauty of nature. You capture it so well my friend. 
Thank you! I was just thinking about changing my desktop background at work :)
I cannot thank you enough. I've been capturing G+ pictures to use as wallpapers for a while now. Quite a few are awesome +Trey Ratcliff pics!!! 
Thanks again!
Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!!!!!
Thanks Trey , have a great Christmas. :-) 
some lovely pictures :)
neil h
so cool. thank u. God bless
Nice peaceful composition,better if a stone circle 
Awesome. Thanks Trey! If you're ever in London give a shout! 
my friend made me like this :) :P
annnnnhhhh sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute i have one named sunny
thank's for generosity. happy holiday to you.
When will u visit Asia specially Indonesia for capture a great moment ? Merry Christmas :)
i want to hang that on my wall. it is gorgeous and it is perfect because it has horses and mountains in the background. the sun adds to the picture too. Love it! <3
 Thanks Trey... I hope you have a Merry Christmas too
Thanks again Mr Trey you done it again great job!!
thank love it ;) i like it all all my friends thanks again
Wow +Trey Ratcliff your work is so stunning. You do beautiful work, love the pictures. Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas!
Very nice and thoughtful of you for the kind of offer. Personally thank you and for all G+ too. Wish you a very very wonderful happy holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!!! :)))
Great pictures !! Simply amazing!! Thanks for sharing with us ...
Great pictures !! Thanks for sharing!
Magnificent portfolio, Trey. Thanks for sharing it.

thanks for your amazing...I admire you...
What a wonderful generous person you are Mr. Ratcliff ...Thank You !!!  :)  
wonderful pictures !  tnks for so generously sharing them :)
YOUR THE BEST TREY!!! May you and your family have a Wonderful Christmas Eve,Christmas Day and Blessed NEW YEAR!! The very first picture I saw of yours was the Christmas scene at your home,with the children and tree.Turned me into one of your followers!! THANK YOU :)
Looking through them and saving sone with my 3 year old. Thank you very much. Generous gift
this story makes me laff, ure so silly trey!
Just awesome, thanks for sharing this!
nice choise. sow beutiful
Jesse H
I use a Android. 100 in 1 will not work. Bummer ...
Thank you that was nice of you... 
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Fascinating how you give and give and give free stuff and valuable things to the community and on the other hand make your money using the Net to make a living. Seems it goes together very well, at least for you.
Thanks for all your efforts over the year and have a happy holiday!
Nice and beauty shots.Good eye and feeling for photos
Love your work. Keep it up. Merry Christmas.
Wow simply stunning. Thx!
Thanks Trey for ur great photograpy..I really like most of these. Hope u will shoot more amazing photos.
Thank you Trey, you work is magnificent! Merry Christmas!
Thank you Trey Ratcliff .. we kiss ur amazing eye .. bless u & urs Ma'an 
Thanks for these beautiful photos. Merry Christmas.
Thanks a million! No words to describe your awesome photos.
Thanks alot for your beautiful unique photos! Nice gift man!
Merry Christmas, Wish you the best holidays ever +Trey Ratcliff ... :)
These things we do in the body of Christ is the only way . He answers our prayers for everyone who knows him
Very beautiful group of photos. Thank u very much.
These are awesome, thank you. How do u feel about someone using one of your photos for
Thanks very much Trey, nice photo shot week for you and all the best from Spain-Madrid
beautiful pictures. Please continue to use your beautiful natural gift. It is truly a talent from heaven.
that picture proved that what is earth, and its beauty. 
Yes it is.
Merry Kissmas and a Happy New Year 2016
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