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Are you from Indonesia?

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I get the impression there are many people on Google+ from Indonesia! If so, let me know... and, if so, then I LOVE YOUR COUNTRY! I'll be coming back to take more photos... I've been to Borobudur and all around Jogjakarta, even to Prambanan, like you can see below. But I'm wondering where to go next!
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Great shot Trey! Indonesia is definitely on the bucket list. Thanks for sharing.
woaaahhhh !!! awesome .. :D
you can try TampakSiring Palace at Bali...awesome place for photography...i'am from indonesia....i love my country...
i'am indonesia, that's so cool Photos, I so like this :)
get out to Flores! no temples like around Yogjakarta but really the most wonderful scenery and lovely local people. No "black Amex" cards to be seen.
Thanks - wow yes - many active people too!
This is the photo that originally brought me to your profile... just stunning.
im from indonesia and i proud with my countries :) come one visit my country
Love my country... I'm from West Java... Bogor
Suppose I could have put on G+ "Bragging Rights" that I met Tony Wheeler - founder of the Lonely Planet bibles on Flores back in 1991. But anyway, Flores for me!!
yeah im from indonesia
vishnu,shiva,and brama is 3 element of god
brama the first mean creator,
shiva the second mean protector
vishnu the third mean distroy
in bali citizen they pray to vishnu
i'm a citizen of Indonesia why do not you try to go to Raja Ampat in the western part of the bird's head (Vogelkoop) island of Papua, or the western tip of the island of Komodo in Nusa Tenggara province?!
You should have gone to Bali Indo too. a lot of hidden temples and huge structures of their gods....amazing experience.
jack an
Haha,I am chinese,welcome to our country
Wow,Nice place..When are you going to take a photo in Thailand?@_@
hey.. I'm from Indonesia.. Are u will come here place? It's so Amazing you know.. (:
i'm from your loved country:) indonesia....

like that:) that's prambanan temple in jogjakarta
don't forget come to jakarta capital city and a lot of tourist object
and nice warm hospitable friendly locals I love your people!
it amazing...i come from indonesian......
thanks for visiting our have to visit borneo in your next trip....
I love Indonesia. Indonesian people are friendly.
Prambanan it is very pretty and very nice scenery. if you play to a site that is not less beautiful in Cianjur Mount Padang, West Java, Indonesia. if you will come to Mount Padang I am ready to take you. thank you
Hello Bagus. Nice To meet you . Iam from sukabumi Jawa Barat . .
hmmm nope...but i wish to go indonesia babe...hehhehe be cool....:-)
what about the volcanic mountain - Bromo in East java?
exotic island madura
beautiful cave in pacitan
beautiful sunset and fishermen boats in Papuma Beach Jember?
Wildlife in Banyuwangi?
I'm from East Java Indonesia, those places are some example of beautiful natural places in East Java
Greetings from Indonesia!!
Indonesia has a lot to offer. Locations depend on what you want to see as it's spread throughout the archipelago.
I, myself, am from Solo, Central Java. It's actually near Prambanan and Borobudur temple, but you've been there. :)
Based on your previously taken photos, I'd recommend Bali.
Wow that is the prof of two cultures Indians and Indonesians. I am a Hindu. Very spiritual and beautiful discovery +Trey Ratcliff thanks for posting
its awesome......dude...i love the background
I'm from Indonesia, and yes, there is so many amazing place in Indonesia, except the capital city :P, you should go to West Sumatra. :)
Thats very superb pic dear...Hope U upload more of it again... :-)
Scenic beauty is amazingly stunning..
so proud about it. I'm Indonesian people!
gile ni poto... mantap, mas. Awesome. could you share some tips how you made this photo?
This is a very beautiful pic!
Stunningly beauty>>>>>> spirit filled with visions of light<3<3<3
well it depend what type of person you are! do you like nature, i recommend in pulau samosir on danau toba, or in bromo mountain, or in lombok west side of bali, if you like history many pura (meaning temple) in indonesia, although many of it is in yogya anyway
yea I am Indonesian, there is so many beautiful place
Awesome pic
saya dari indonesia .
saya tinggal di tempat yang sama dengan pic yang anda ambil
wOW...nice, i love my country too
You could come to Menjangan Island or Bunaken... It's so beautiful
Well, basically the Government don't really pay attention with those sites. Sad but true.
do you ever go to dieng ?

There you will get the wondering place
Let's go to Banjarmasin and Gresik sir
Wakakaka....banyak juga G+ers Indo yang nyaut niiyy.....Nice shot!
hallo salam kenal G+ers Indonesia, saya Andrie dari Sukabumi, JawaBarat baru gabung di G+ . .
Yes, I'm from Indonesia! I live in Batam
wiiihh cepet amir... udah 1xx komeng. COOL
hi there..i think you should visit flores, Nusa tenggara timur, and lombok.. sumatra (danau toba)... and some part of java like borobudur, prambanan, but not to forget merapi - the volcano mountain nearby. there will be stunning views waiting for you.

if you need some information about java just drop me email or msg me .
i will be at this account. :)
Neo Xu
I am from Indonesia I also have not been to Borobudur in Indonesia but there are places your friends who may or learn a little about the culture and religion of the country I am afraid there is no happy or through other people's habits have terauma happening in our country so sorry!
beautiful picture......

i like this
This is incredibly great!
Bagian kecil dari keindahan negeriku....poto yg sangat bagus
have been my list to go there ...... great nation :-)
Amazing one.. Thanks for the share _/\_!
Now this is amazing. How do you make these photographs to look so surreal and out of this world? Props to you, you're a very talented photographer.
hey, am not from indonesia, but i love this pic. wow.. its like from a story book i read while growing up. thnx for sharing!!
If you have another chance, I suggest you to visit another island....papua, sulawesi,'ll find another cool places there...
Toba Lake is also in Pakistan, that is also awsom.
i'm indonesian.. ur photo inspire to me for proud to my country !
I am also not from Indonesia but this is a beautiful pic, an absolute lovely pic...
i'm from indonesia.. nice shot man.. i wish i could go to Jogja this year..
so many great things in my own country.. i haven't visited yet :)
i'm indonesian thx for loving my country ^^
Hi, I m not Indonesian but, I m India and I really like this photo... its really really really awesome...! Hope I will be there... in future...

And ya if u have more photos then plz. upload it, have u photos inside of temple? if yes then plz. upload it, Specially photos of all god as you mention.:) Thanks.
Greetings from Manado, Indonesia, home to the famous Bunaken National Marine Park (if you're into diving/snorkeling). And kudos to fellow Indonesians who use proper English in a global platform.
Amazing... for me, this would have been such a gift. :D
Anywhere, anywhere you go in Indonesia is something magical. Love the modern city? come to Jakarta. Love ethnic city? come to Solo, Yogyakarta, Padang, etc. Love international city? come to Bali. Love amazing journey? come to Indonesia. You're so much welcomed here guys.
Indonesia sure have a lot of places of nature to be visited...
I am from Indonesia, we will protect this nation from the western invaders ...
Toraja is a must for your next visit..
go to Boliva i hread is a great place to explore you might try it sometime

Sincerely Aaron Matthew Abel p.s. i never been there but i seen pictures of it. it's a great place to rome around i hope you like it too
i am an indonesian... and love this photo...
Hey.. I'm from Indonesia. Have you ever go these places below?

1. Pantai Maluk - Sumbawa - NTB
2. Gunung Rinjani, NTB
3. Pulau Komodo, NTT
4. Kepulauan Raja Ampat, Papua Barat
5. Kawah Ijen, Jawa Timur
6. Carstensz Pyramid, Papua
7. Gunung Anak Krakatau, Selat Sunda
8. Gunung Bromo, Jawa Timur
9. Gunung Kelimutu, NTT
10. Taman Laut Bunaken, Sulawesi Utara
11. Danau Toba, Sumatera Utara
12. Baluran, Jawa Timur
13. Pantai dreamland, Bali
14. Danau Gunung Tujuh, Jambi
15. Green Canyon, Jawa Barat
16. Danau Sentani, Papua
17. Goa Gong, Jawa Timur
18. Pegunungan Karst Bantimurung, Sulawesi Selatan
19. Pulau Belitung, Bangka Belitung
20. Pulau Derawan, Kalimantan Timur


Pulau: Island
Kepualuan: Islands
Pantai: Beach
Danau: Lake
Goa: Cave
Gunung: Mount
Pegunungan: Mountains
Kawah: crater
like this yho..
yes Im from Indonesia..n_n
I'm from Indonesia,,,
Indonesia have any beautiful place...
I Love Indonesia...
come and visit will enjoy your trip ..
good noon friend am newbie here. just want to find my real friends, indonesian man, or foreign, its OK, lady or jantlmen, doesnt matter too... ehm, yes, am INDONESIAN-isme so PLURAL-isme too..kindfull hehe
.like making frienship, helding culture celebration, also usually SEMEDI/ concentrate to pray in temple every week, one years later, Borobudur temple, and i also like writing everything...... like art, traditional art very much...,

nice to introduce my self, bro! salam
Did Candi Prambanan always look this good? I've been there many times but I didn't realize it's this good. Your picture is great!
Glad to see you and many people here love our country.
While you're in the area, check out Timor Leste. It's only a $100 flight from Denpasar, and one of the most beautiful (and tragic) countries on the planet.
I'm Indonesian myself -- glad you like the country, and thanks for the wonderful photography! Many people have mentioned Komodo Island -- I'd highly recommend Douglas Adams' account of his travels there (and to other remote places worldwide), Last Chance to See.

And since nobody else has mentioned it, the Moluccas Island, a.k.a. the Spice Islands -- one of the reason we get colonized in the first place -- are worth a visit (though I must admit I've not been there personally). Quite a musical place, as attested to by the oversized contribution of people from those parts in the music scene.

And Menado, North Sulawesi, if you want to taste some really rather unusual food (or any Menado restaurant in the big cities). It's up there with the more bizarre eating habits of the Cantonese :p
Yes I'am Indonesian, If u like those kind of objects u should try BALI. Nice shoot anyway
There are so many amazing photographers from Indonesia on 500px. I want to visit Indonesia, too.
yay.. prambanan near by solo (my city)
yeah,i love the way u like indonesia ;)
If you're going back to Jogjakarta I'd recommend the drive out to Cetho and some of the surrounding temples. Because of it's location, it's rarely visited by tourists, but offers AMAZING views - as well as being a fairly interesting, albeit small temple.

Others: Sambisari, Kalasan, Plaosan, Banyunibo, Ijo, Sewu, Sukuh, Pawon, Mendut ... and a few others.

Just outside of the city is another fairly small set of chedis on top of a hill with the most amazing view of the setting sun. Can't recall the name though. Another place not to often visited by tourists and soooooo worth the 20 min or so it takes to get there.
sir , if you are interested in such structures you should visit India . we have a lot of ancient temples in south INDIA and such a kind of cultural heritage can only be found in INDIA
Writing this comment just to say Yes! and Thanks!
yes, I was Indonesian... welcome tu Nusantara, the true plural and multicultural nation.. a country where western (abrahamic) and eastern (vedic) religion meets and blends....
recomendate next dieng temple,moseum gunung merapi,keraton mangkunegaran(solo),temple suku,temple cetho,temple gedong songo ect..
That's very nice I wish I could take pics like that!!!
nice pict :-)
saya dari Indonesia dan terima kasih telah menyukai salah satu kekayaan negara kami, salam :)
I'm in Singapore (a neighbor) I'd love to go and see this temple. How close are you allowed to get? can you go inside?
Hi! Is it possible to get your approval to use your picture for my college project?
If you just simply would reply in kind to my comment with a simple "yes" that would be great.
-Have a great day! - Jill
Maybe you could try the beaches of Banda Aceh; see how far the rebuilding has gone post-Tsunami. And the beaches of Lagundri and Sorake at the southern end of Nias Island, with its white sands and surfs that rival Maui, its tourism industry just beginning to pick up again after the 2006 quake there...

There's also the Lake Sentani festival in Papua, next June…
hii trey. am sorry but im not from Jakarta. am from the Philippines. but if you are wondering where to go next, especially at this time of year, summer in the Philippines, may be you consider our place as you vacation stop. my pleasure to show you around...
You just love indonesia's old golden age, try to see current social culture and condition...corrupt government, intolerant mind, low pay wages, and more.....while 2/3 of Indonesia internet user trying to be a facebook-twitter mini-celebrities rather than dig useful information from it...what a mess....
So cool........... nice pic and nice temple
Love the past doesn't mean love the present....
nice pic, for your next visit you should go to Dieng
one of the best from my country.
Indonesia, your amazing is my proud
hi...i'm from indonesia
if u want to ask me about unique culture in indonesia,,i will answer that...there are so many eksotis culture n holiday destination in indonesia...!!
I am a native of Indonesia if you want to come to Indonesia just call me.I will help you get around Indonesia till bored
Im from Indonesia :) ... thats a stunning image of Prambanan thx for share..
Me? Not really.. Not from Indonesia..I'm from Malaysia. If you r on t way there u may wish to stop over at Pulau Tioman,Pahang; Pulau Langkawi, Kedah; Cameron Highlands,Pahang; Frasers Hill,Pahang; Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu;all in Malaysia. By the way , Pulau is Island in Malay.
HK Lam
Nice pic! Good work, looks surreal
I am Indonesian....glad to know u luv our country...please visit Malang next time.thanks....:-)
Yap, I'm from Indonesia, then if you like Hindu temple, just go to Bali. If you like beach go to Lombok Island. If you like diving, go to Manado island, and if you like traffic jam, go to Jakarta hehehehe.
I' m from Indonesia too, until now, i never going outside of my country, because it's too much beautiful places i have to go in Indonesia.
nice to hear that u love my country :)
Anda dapat mengunjungi berbagai obyek wisata di Indonesia selain Yogyakarta, misalnya ke Bali dengan berbagai obyek wisata, Medan, dan obyek wisata yang sangat menarik jika Anda kembali ke Indonesia.
I just gone to Bali and it is beautiful. but i think some natural and undeveloped islands must be more beautiful. do you think?
Have you been up Mt Bromo?

Love your story. Pls come back to our beautiful country :)
Ade L
Beautiful country, but it would be good if they stopped destroying the habitat of Orang Utans and other endangered creatures.
wow....awesome.thats called "CANDI PRAMBANAN" terima kasih telah mengunjungi negeri kami....,thank you for loving my country..., greetings from Indonesia....Love you..
kita harus bangga sebagai warga negara indonesia dengan keragaman budayanya....!!!
indonesia, how cud u take that pic soooooooooooo beautifully, pin this!
Indonesia has lot beautiful spot, come and tell to the other. this is beautiful country, :)
Thanks for taking such amazing photo of our heritage cultural site!
You should also visit Mount Bromo! Spectacular volcanoes!
we bangga dengan keberagaman budayanya dan adat dimasing-masing tiap daerah.yg we benci ma indonesia itu pemerintahanya.pemerintahanya hanya mementingkan perutya sendiri.pemerintahanya berbondong"pada korupsi
Thank you for the comments! Come visit here anytime soon :D
Nice photo Trey! And thanks for your compliment! Indonesia is a land that offers wonderful opportunities for adventure, business and leisure. Indonesian people consist of many ethnics and nationalities that make it so different and exclusiveness. We'll wait for your next journey to Indonesia.
so beautiful.. visit India n Manipur (Imphal) too ...great
Wow ... nice shot +Trey Ratcliff , I'm Indonesian, living in Jakarta. But I've never been to those places that you mention ... I'm so jealous of you people ... :D
I'm Indonesian, and that is a wonderful picture! Good job!
Thank you for visiting to our beloved country INDONESIA, good your photos. in addition to the temple that is in our beloved country you need to know our culture is also quite diverse, many are unique also in the traditional tribes that spread from Sabang to Merauke. I hope you come back again and took time to visit to South Sulawesi Gowa, .......
I agree with Diky.......I wud lyk to visit these places too.....and yup a very nice shot.....
wow, your picture so wonderful bro, you got picture in beautiful moment, I like this
Bagus foto mu, ayo balik lagi! Great photo, you should come back soon and explore more of the country.
Awesome. . i'm from indonesia. I live in bandung. . I can be u guide. .
if u come to indonesia, I will be u'r guide to show indonesian beautifull. . especially bandung :)
Nope but I've been there , Bali, Lombok, gili air, java, Sumatra. Stunning place. Hope they can stop the deforestation. 
Oh its my country but I Suggest you if u want to visit again go to the other islan like Sulawesi or Nusa Tenggara Barat
Great photo Trey. One more desirable place i strongly recommend for your next shoot in Indonesia : Belitung Island, where the Jurassic rocks are standing.
Hi Trey, thank you for visitting. You can go to Bali, Lombok, Menado... there are a lot of places to visit
Take Candi Sambisari at Merapi
Awesome pic! I'm from Solo, Indonesia & Prambanan is not far from my town
Marvelous! Awesome!!
I am from India and I am Hindu. But I love Indonesia and its culture. And you show me the new picture of Indonesia. Really, I love your job and Indonesian. Thanks!
awesome .............................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whaooow that so wonderful i know this place ..this is prambanan temple located in klaten regency ,central java province this not to far from my place.
beautiful....... is the temple still there??? maybe this year i could take a trip there...
very nice no out of understand
many temples here... come.. visit indonesia :)
built by rajendra chola son of raja raja chola of india.... great chola emperor.......
yeah i m proud of it..bc i m indonesian....
Great emperor also built a big temple in single stone also search in google tanjore brahadeeshwara temple
I like this. yups tery. I'm form Indonesia
you can visit some beautiful beaches in Indonesia like Bunaken in Manado or Pink Beach in Lombok... :)
it is very nice but its true image?
That is an amazing picture!!!! Just breath taking!
yes i am,but i,ve never been to borobudur b4.. :(
it is prambanan temple, isn't it?
im from indonesian,^_^
rin ai
yes, i'm from indonesia ^^
hypo Wu
Indonesia monkey everywhere nice!
Mortal Kombat Temple.............. !
yes i'm from indonesia,...Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple compound in Central Java Indonesia.
the excited temple i ever visit
so Nice sign
looks so beautiful with the sunset colour...wish i was there too!!!
i come from indonesia...glad you want to come to here..have fun and hope you got a lot of amazing pics here!!
truly a great country to visit, and thank you for such an awesome photo
its so beautiful ur right Shikha
I think you have a very good photographing skills.
You should to take a picture at Lombok, that the wonderful place..
please yang udah saya circle, circle back ya, thanks,
everyone that i have circle, please circle back to me, ^^
+Trey Ratcliff My mother's from Indonesia and last year was the first time we went back :) It's a great place to visit, with lots to see. We also went to Prambanan and Borobudur. And as others said: Bromo is something you should see (if you havent't already). And while you're "nearby" Coban Rondo is a cool place to visit if you like waterfalls.
Whoa great pic. Glad you like our country. If your interest is all about temple the next destination would be Bali - often called as island with 1K temples. Otherwise everything were said in comments here is worth a try. Next time you visit enjoy to its fullest, the nature, people hospitality, and also the food. Cheers!
Come here to Bandung, you'll get a lot of food to taste.
Also, great scenery of course, mountainous scenery.
That looks like a WoW dungeon.
In Indonesia there are many subsequent tourist destinations you visit, if you want to see the natural beauty of the Lake, the largest in Asia, you can visit Lake Toba, located 130 km from Medan City – North Sumatra. You'll see a wide panoramic view of the Lake and beautiful. Various unique acessesoris you will get also if you visit it. Enjoy your adventure in Indonesia
yes,i live in jogjakarta. only 18 km from prambanan
fredy k
try to visit Karimunjawa next time :)
yes, in Indonesian there many place that must be visited if u visit Indonesia, there are bormo mountain, semeru mountain, etc ^^
i love my indonesia
Yes I'm.. welcome to Indonesia, Trey.
You should go to: Raja Ampat - Papua, Indonesia
wow. and no im not from indonesia r u? i love your photo. it "AMAZED" me. did u take it?
Nice shot Trey! Yea I live in Indonesia, you should spend more time, you haven't seen another marvelous places yet :)
visit Nias Island, North Sumatra...
Trey,if u intend 2 go 2 make ur next trip 2 Penang, Malaysia. This island was named during British colonial as Pearl of Orients. U gonna luv it, with good sceneries and was rated as one of the World Gourmet Paradise.
Great picture trey, thank for like our country. If you dont mind, I'd like to suggest you to go to karimun jawa or bangka belitung island. There have beautiful beaches and great lanscape. You'd be pleasure to stay there.. And the cost to go there is not too much expensive. Have a nice day :-)
Good pne!

lets catchup on ur next visit. I just moved in here.
I suggest you should come to my country-Sri Lanka (don't know whether you've been here already). It's a beautiful country and especially as you are a photographer, you'd simply love it!
your next stop should try come to Jakarta. experience the crazy traffic jam. lol. Come to shoot at the Old Town(Kota Tua) where all the dutch building belong :D
wow ! such a beautiful picture,in Indonesia many amazing places , from the island of Sumatra to the island of Papua and there came to enjoy the beauty Indonesia country

Sorry, 1st that popped in my head when I saw this picture. perfect picture as usual Trey
yup...Jogjakarta is the best place for Holiday...
im Indonesian
wow... The great picture
Thanks to visit Indonesia..
there are many other places in Indonesia stunning..
you must visit langkisau peak in West Sumatra -Painan
hai halo i'm from indonesia, thanks anyway......
that's cool !!..
Yeah, this is my country...
+Trey Ratcliff You can contact me anytime if you want to know more about my country. I will circle you so that I can share how beautiful my country is. Thanks.
I'm Indonesian...thank you. We're very pleased if you come my country again. Many places will make you surprise...
Thanks for your appreciate to Indonesia. Please visit more beautiful place in Indonesia. I lives in Temanggung 2 hours from jogjakarta.
You are a real tourist and I love that. Try Kenya and you will surely never forget the experience.
I'm off there in 6 weeks, Jogjakarta is now definitely on the list of places to visit!
Im Indonesian, and my home near Prambanan...
ya you r right indonesia such a beautiful country
Very beautiful

You must visit my island,
Well worth a long soggy wait for such a beautiful image. Thankyou
i'm from indonesia.
thank you for your love to Indonesia.
we wait you to coming again to indonesia :)
Tana Toraja in central Sulawesi. (try to go to a funeral if you can!)
AMAZING & beautiful. 
Am Indonesian, thankyou for this post :)
Dont forget to visit Bali and Lombok when u back to Indonesia, they are the most popular tourism place but actually we have alot another amazing place Pulau Belitung, taman Bunaken, Bromo mountian and soon and soon.. :))
Iam indian but my riligion is hindu.i impressed with temple picture
I'm from Indonesia :-) try bangka belitung.
beautiful picture
Im from Indonesia!...thank you, looking forward to have you back in our country...anyway, what sorts of photos do you usually take? We have a very diverse culture here so each place has its own "ambiance"
wohho prambanan.. my aunt live near the temple.. and i use to ride a bike to the temple site when i was still a kid
I've been told that back when the temple was built, they're using chicken eggs to glue all the stone together... Not sure if it was true... :D
wrote to the island of Bali, there are many places of interest
you make the tample like in paradise...
I like it.
this is prambanan temple
I'm an Indonesian and I know this place
very great
A Komodo-Flores trip would be something different for you, +Trey Ratcliff some wildlife but lots of landscapes and culture. Combine it with Sumba during the Pasola festival (wargame on horseback) maybe?
What a RELIGIOUS pic ................ very nice
toba lake and samosir island or nias island, north sumatera are beautiful
Dear Trey,
Thank you for a great shoot about Indonesia.
If you are looking for a best place to shoot a moment, it's up to your expectations.
the beach, mountain, city, peoples, culture, and many more.
Mount Bromo is good, Raja Ampat (beach surrounding by cliffs) at Papua or Banda island and Wakatobi for a best under the sea shoot.
you can add me to your cycle either my wechat id " endi_stuart.
that's a wonderful temple from indonesia... :D
Beautifull temple with the Roro Jonggrang Legend mistic...
I'm Indonesian people
Add a comment...