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And here I am doing some paddleboard yoga! And, no, I did not fall in... BUT, I accidentally knocked off my glasses and they sank to the bottom... so then had to dive in and get them. It's very hard to get glasses like that when you can't see! This photo was taken with my camera by my yoga teacher here, Sara Garcia ! :) 

+Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Bora Bora :)  
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hehe yeah - it also happens in the morning +Viana de León  when I don't put my glasses in their usual place! :( 
Excellent composition, perhaps she should be a photography teacher!
+Trey Ratcliff they are the first thing that I reach for each morning. Wish I could still wear contacts. What a wonderful vacation you all are having. Enjoy! 
I see that things are a bit rough right now with your horrible bad luck in BoraBora... :)
So beautiful. That is totally awesome though, Trey!
I seriously admire you - you've got my dream career, so that's why I love following you!!
I don't know how you managed to find your glasses in that horrible, filthy water.
Awww!! You are great too! Enjoy your holiday my friend.. cherish every moments.. god bless..
I do that pose all the time in acro, one of my personal favorites.
controlled in the world of Chaos, g8d destination to be
Check you out! :-) What a wonderful vacation you're having with the family! So blessed! :-) Cheers to you! 
My children accidently break theirs forgetting they place them down while napping or at night while we go chasing after their lenses popping out of the frames they mangle...actually funny sometimes the mishaps") yet expensive and yes very blind as a bat without sonar") 
Oh wow I hope they can get new ones 
bet that was difficult dropping the glasses and picking up
and I'm just saying... unless your blinded by the light
Lol not funny she could step on something 
O experience - so at 1 - Lucky!!!!!! 😜
at least it wasn't too deep to fish your glasses out :)
hehe +Lars Wright  I set it up on a tripod then ran out there and yelled, now now now!  haha  

+teresa andrws  have you heard of Warby parker — they make really good glasses that are much cheaper ! :)
What an amazing place to do paddleboard yoga!
Go Sara! I do Yoga during my pool physical therapy and Trey, if I loose my glasses in my house. . .glad you found yours !
You mean Google Glass doesn't automatically float right back to its rightful owner? :-)
it is so beautiful
Liz C
Wow. Fantastic in every way!
The corona doesn't count
Why even wear them on the water doing a head stand?
I bet you where like hurry hurrry take the pic hee hheee hhe but still yea 
looks so sick!
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