San Francisco Giants Stadium: How to!

I took this photo last night at the Giants game here in San Francisco. Many people ask me how I take these kinds of HDR photos with moving objects. I have a full free HDR Tutorial at -- but I can give a few other tips here:

- I take 5 exposures, but I make sure my longest exposure is 30 seconds.

- Since I'm in Aperture priority mode, I crank up the f-stop to ensure the long exposure will blur the clouds

- One of the exposures is typically nice and fast. I use THIS exposure in lightroom to lighten the shadows and darken the highlights around the objects that are moving (in this case, people)

- Since HDR is really "frankensteining" the photo together anyway, I have NO problem masking in one of the 5 exposures with the clean, non-ghosted people.
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