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San Francisco Giants Stadium: How to!

I took this photo last night at the Giants game here in San Francisco. Many people ask me how I take these kinds of HDR photos with moving objects. I have a full free HDR Tutorial at -- but I can give a few other tips here:

- I take 5 exposures, but I make sure my longest exposure is 30 seconds.

- Since I'm in Aperture priority mode, I crank up the f-stop to ensure the long exposure will blur the clouds

- One of the exposures is typically nice and fast. I use THIS exposure in lightroom to lighten the shadows and darken the highlights around the objects that are moving (in this case, people)

- Since HDR is really "frankensteining" the photo together anyway, I have NO problem masking in one of the 5 exposures with the clean, non-ghosted people.
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Was also at the game last night.. You picked a good game to go! Cain and Lee were amazing!
Very nice. Was that with the D800 Trey? I'm on the list. I hate waiting.
can i take a picture like that with a nikon d40?
That looks awesome, you did a very good job! =)
Look at sky man woooooww....
These pictures from Giants Stadium are awesome. Thanks for sharing.
WOW - such an unbelievable image!! AMAZING work!
That is how baseball feels ! :)
nice picture. my camera is Canon T2i.. I'm beginner... can or no take a picture like this...
Great tutorial, +Trey Ratcliff. I've dabbled a bit with HDR (and been moderately pleased with the results). I think I'm going to have to do a bit more now, using your tips as a guide.
Very nice!!! I'm assuming you used a tripod?
I thought stadiums were starting to limit bringing in DSLR's? I will have to check the policies in AZ again. Still an awesome pic.
Thanks for the tips - very interesting to see the different thought processes behind these -
Mind = Blown, Again. Trey you are my favorite photographer, ever since I heard of you when I was researching HDR photo's for my D5100.....
+1 because I love the Giants!
great ,nice shot for supreme place so fascinating and shine.
Your photographs are excellent. There is no denying that for me. However, they almost always appear too "edited" and unrealistic. Is this because of how you are taking the photos, is it simply the editing you are doing with software, or a combination of both?

It would be nice to see some native non-edited photographs that look more natural and true to life.
Woow! And thanks for the explanation Trey, really appreciate it.
great tutorial on your site! also great photos!
one of the many reasons I love baseball.... a view like this!
It is a very cool shot and thanks for all the tips you give about your work. It is most appreciated.
Cool!! Where is this precisely?
thank you for detailing a bit more of what you do
perhaps I'm still so new to photography that I'm getting lost. But, by 5 exposures, you mean taking the photo 5 times right?
+JD Garfield if you don't mind I will answer: HDRI with common cameras (e.g. DSLRs) is based on multishots with preferable different exposure times (not aperture etc). The amount of exposures and how different they are in exposure time will create a more or less good result.
Very nice Trey.

I must say, you are one of the most inspiring people here on G+. You give us free "cookies" all the time with your tips, and inspiring pictures.
Thank you +Trey Ratcliff.
Great capture and I'm always partial to your HDR processing..Sweet job!!
This looks great. The wide angle is perfect for this shot!
Come one Trey, I hear you have a RED camera!? Why don't we see any samples from that baby, is it not any good for stills? I thought it was supposed to have huge Dynamic Range? I'd love to hear what its like to use it and what the files are like, not that I'll ever own one, it's just cool..
Do you see a big difference between 3 and 5 exposures? If so I gotta get a camera with 5.
regarding bracketing, it depends upon your camera and how far apart it will bracket, I know the D300 can do upto 9 brackets, but only at a maximum of 1ev per bracket.
Awsome Trey, I've got to become a better ghost buster.
Your avatar photo is so nice and handsome :))
Wow ! The stadium looks so beautiful ! Nice shot !
zdravo daj bol lepše igrajte pa dajte kakšen bol lepši gol adijo rudi
love the you're awesome
I am not sure I actually like it ... gives me a feeling of vertigo.
Hi Trey, as always - great job and beautiful result. Will you consider posting the photomatix shot (prior to any masking)? It might be a great learning opportunity to see the initial 'before' and final result.
Hi +Trey Ratcliff I have a question, do I undetstand that we are only looking at one set of clouds and one set of people? Again, thank you for everything, HDR, name of the wind, and starting such a great community.
kam greste špilat dajte zmagat 10 proti4
i love it i love it i love it so much :)
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