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Bob Ross is awesome dot com.  

(thx +Curtis Simmons  for the link)
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I spent countless hours in front of the TV watching him work his magic.  He is sorely missed.  What he could produce in 30 minutes or less was, IMHO, truly astounding.  He was my inspiration for picking up a brush and trying to paint in oil.  I did pretty good, thanks to his teachings.  But, then came along the camera... haven't looked back since.
Happy little Trees!  I used to love that guy.
I loved Bob Ross! Thanks for sharing!
hey he is the best of the best 
Bob Ross is awesome.  Love the Happy Little Trees!!  _wiggles fingers_
not a bad remix at all, my favorite still is the carl sagan ones
awesome :D
That's how I feel with photography... it'll bring a lot of good thoughts to your heart. 
his voice always soothed me..even as a kid. His happy trees were my favorite. thanks for resharing :)
I miss Bob, his shows taught me alot about visulation. How to see the picture. I still watch the reruns!
My mother-in-law is a Bob Ross painting instructor.  I'm betting she'll enjoy this nice compilation of his best phrases.  He was as much a motivational speaker as he was an artist and a painter.
I miss him alot I learn so much from him ,I watch his show every day that is on.
O I loved him back in the days. I would love to find and buy box sets DVDs of him.
this guy was awesome.  he would put me in a trance
Love this guy but can't find him on Direct Tv
As a kid watching him...he was like magician!
I miss that show too. i never saw it that much but this guy was really good and might even the un-artistic feel like they could paint.
Sad story, but I'll tell it here... when I went through a divorce and the wife took my son to another city I didn't know what to do.  I sat in solitude in an empty house.  I woke up one day, went to the art store and bought a tutorial Bob did on how to paint a mountain.  That painting I finished really gave me an escape and solace.  As Trey said... Bob ross is AWESOME.COM.

Later, remarried and happily connected with my son.... Bob Ross remains a fond memory.   I gave the painting years later to my grandmother who passed away at 104.  She loved painting and always wanted me to paint.  Good times....
All about faith - isn't it Stephen.  Bob Ross is boss!  Always love to watch his programs.
omg, his company's products are all over my art school
Holy cow! Havent seen this guy since middle school or something.
that's because he died 
 July 4, 1995 (aged 52)
I remember watching as kid and being mesmerized as this painting seemed to magically appear.

His show should serve as a model for those trying to evangelize the "Maker's Movement"
That was great! I remember watching Bob all the time when I was a kid. I'd sit there mesmerized while he created those paintings out of thin air.
Bob is and forever shall be!
I remember sitting on the couch watching with my aunt, and then watching her paint later on. Very good memories. 
Great memories and feelings from Bob. Havent seen a happier tree since.
This is one of the reasons I really love working for a PBS station. :-)
This is amaing why cant we all think that way
I've always liked his Afro and his paintings :)
I believe this is a very happy little fun.
"Happy little trees" totally rox +Trey Ratcliff .

My wife always watch it. It's still running on German TV!
That was soo cool! Thanks for sharing!
Bob Ross was the Man..!! Where can I fun him on tv? 
I miss that guy and his show! Reaching out and touching others is so valuable.
I loved Bob Ross when I was a teen. I remember him from the age of 13 to 15... Magnificent artist in those days...
Bob was/is(?} great! His combination of teaching and voice has not been matched. I found his voice hyponotic in its soft powerful tones. Many people watched just to get the good feeling from his voice... 
I would always watch his shows every Saturday morning when I was a kid. He is really amazing!
1984--auto accident--broken neck--incredible pain--BobRoss gave my mind a chance to escape for a few minutes into a brush-stroke.  tks BR
Oh my gosh!!!!!!!you got way back to childhood, thanks
Satisfaction in the creative act of painting is something that is rarely
seen.This post,which was presented just showed happiness and
ecstasy of creation.Music painting is perfectly accompanied by the
creation of images.
The expression of the artist˝s satisfaction is fantastic.
Thanks Trey Ratcliff. This post should be present in every school.
Inovation,creation and creativity is the goal of every civilization.
I absolutely love him...I still watch his show from time to time and I am amazed what he can do?
"The Joy of Painting" is one of my favorite programs when I was kid.
Satisfaction in the creative aciof painting issomethng that is rarely seen.This post,which
was presented just showed heppiness and ecstasy of creation.
Music painting is perfectly accompanied by the creation of images.
The expression of the artist´s satisfaction is fantastic.
Thanks Trey Ratcliff for experence that you gave and shared.
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