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The Deep Icy Lake

Lake Wakatipu, cut by glaciers 15,000 years ago, plummets to 399 meters in depth (almost a quarter-mile)! There is something creepy about very-deep lakes. I don't know what it is. I mean, anything could be down there. Something cold, old, and terrible... slithering around through a slurry of icy mud and grit, just waiting to shoot to the surface for a snack...
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Gorgeous colors! I love the shade of blue that creates the glacier waters! Oh... just got an idea! I'm going to "chip" this! That means to put it in a paint wheel to get the complimentary colors for the purpose of making a room around it. The blues here have just the right "temperature!" Thanks +Trey Ratcliff This is inspiration for my new office palette!
+Trey Ratcliff The Maori have a legend which explains the large seiche - the rise and fall of the lake level of about 10cm - as the heartbeat of a sleeping monster in the lake
Nice shot.

This lake is similar to Lake Tahoe, which is even deeper (500 meters). But Lake Tahoe was not formed by glaciers, rather, it is bordered on all sides by mountains and simply filled up. I suspect Lake Wakatipu might have been formed the same way (natural canyon bordered by mountains that contained water.

Any way you look at it, the combination of deep lakes and mountain ridges makes for striking geography !
Exactly +Jeff Braswell which is why I'm making a Tahoe trip right after I get my D800 that will hopefully be here next week. ::crossing fingers::
all I wanna kno is can i swim in it
Would assume so +Lea Garrett . People swim in Tahoe and Donner Lake all the time. They are both snow runoff fed. I think in the summer they're around 50F.
did you tell ghost stories around a campfire and scare the hell out of the other kids?
Very nice, I'm intrigued by these deep places as well maybe not the slithering kind but what archeological finds await in these unexplored places.
I always feel a bit creepy over very deep lakes too--kind of vertigo, like I could fall in and just keep falling down and down and down. Never mind that I can swim!
The unknown depths are truly awe inspiring and weird too...
Watching this photo, I feel a little chilly.
Beautiful! Hopefully its beauty and those who thrive in it will be preserved..
josh h
There's nothing creepy about the lake depth.
Kinda reminds me of a local lake I grew up around. My grandparents had a house on White Lake in British columbia, it is circled by lake Shushwap and is an old Volcano. It is named White Lake because of the volcanic ash for a lake bed and used to be crystal clear water. You could see down over 100 feet and it would just disapear. There where these cool shallow spots that were like underwater mountains, and they just dropped off out of sight. It was always creepy swimming over these. Every once in a while when sun bathing out on the dock a huge wave would come out of nowhere and it was caused by large releases of gas from deep within the lake. I love that place, will always have a special place in my childhood.
@Ray Thornton
Very Cool :))
Such a pretty scene and landscape! Nice one! :D
hehe thanks - and it sounds like a lot of you guys don't like deep water either....hehe
Cold cold cool
So beautiful...^_^. .
I like this place..
try swimming in the OCEAN
Al, I have swum in the ocean there, lots of sandflies and the same green, glacial moraine, most of the water was very recently frozen. Why was I surprised that glaciers were so close to the beach?
Genevieve, Google maps "Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown Lakes District, Otago, New Zealand". My comment about swimming in the ocean was the West coast of the south island, around "Fox Glacier, West Coast, New Zealand"
Look at the color of the waterr!!:) So gorgeous!
hi tery it's really nice where from u find it??
love the colors...they r soo much in harmony...breathtaking
It's missing Sam and Frodo in the elven boat
Beautiful pic !LOvely scean !
tranquil and serene. very beautiful... #warmfuzzies

i want to see? osammm, really beautiful.
I love the contrasts between sky, mountain and lake.
Maybe the loch ness monster holidays here?
fantastik photo.i like this
Wow, great job, love the water it's so blue! and how the clouds are circling the mountains. :D
...deep lakes hold "deep" surprises; enough said....
The most dangerous thing around these big, deep lakes is overestimating yourself, e.g. when doing a tour in a canoo / kajak. Two kajak tourists died on Lake Wakatipu while I was around for the last time. Strong wind and the waves coming in were too much for them, they died from hypothermia.
what a amazing image of New Zealands home to Middle Earth the Mount Wakapitue the lovely water tranquiling accross the sea
Sarah A
Absolutely Beautiful...:)Wish I Was There
There could also be : nice marine life or even mysterious life forms..
Only one way to finde out: why not deep dive?
beautiful! i really like how the water looks in this pic
Ha my friend is I m very Happy.
A lake, 400m deep! I know this isn't the deepest one, but I always hv a bit terrible feeling about something deep, very deep:P
the earth is only just over 6,000 years old dude
Um....julia the earth is 4.3 billion years old aprox, out of wich humans have populated it for a measly 14,000 aprox
I look forward to your photos everyday, they are so inspiring.
深水 恐惧症——
yo,why dude why ,why do u think lakes are creepy
it's so breathtakingly beautiful. i love this picture but you're right, lakes can be creepy...had that feeling when i went to one of the lakes in japan...i don't know why...
Beautiful place great exposure very real looking. Deep water dose that to me as well, just don't lean over the side of the boat and stare into the water. Thank you. Allan
Mr trey very curious of de stuff underneath the blue.....
Hi Trey, beautiful picture. Majestic I would say - definitely not creepy, I would say. :)
Hinds pond Rosewood NC skinny dipping at 2 am.
Надо отдать должное:судя по прекрасному снимку место и в самом деле удивительное!
есть еще красивые места, куда не приложила свои руки наша цивилизация!
cantik bangeet.....
it is nature in its beauty
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