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“The Verdant Bough”

The photo was shot at this really cool place in Wyoming I found while running around Yellowstone. There was a recent rainstorm, so a splash of color made everything a tad more intense... I’m glad I didn’t fall down that cliff while shooting, but I guess that goes without saying.
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The pic looks like it belongs in the new upcoming Hobbit movie. I'm loving it.
i just wanna hook up a tire swing to that branch...
+Trey Ratcliff This is my favorite photo that you've shared on G+!!!! It reminds me of the artwork of Thomas Moran, who is partly responsible for having Yellowstone declared a National Park.
Wow! What an Amazing picture Trey! :)♥
really nice. what filter did you use to get that effect?... looks almost like a sketch.
(also...i totally had to look up the word, 'verdant'...)
Ian Hex
Breathtaking view!
I really love this picture ...It must have been amazing while it was raining. Love The vibrancy of colour on the tree.
Trey, it would be cool if you put GPS coordinates in some of your pics.
Nice! I know you state on your web site Stuck In Customs that you use HDRsoft Photomatix as your software of choice, however I recently watched the NIK Software commercial for their HDR software that features you speaking about HDR and NIK's software. So my question...WHAT is your favorite HDR software?
Very swish indeed - beautiful image. :)
It's really gorgeous and beautiful picture
Nice,it is free from polotion.
Looks like a scene from Oblivion: Skyrim. What an awesome surreal shot! I love it~!
Amazing shot, you are always able to find the perfect spot and the perfect angle for your pic +Trey Ratcliff !
Why do these damn photos always show up under "What's hot"? Can we get some variety please?
This is an amazing shot, giving the sense of "unreal" with all the vibrancy in color. Photographers impress me how they always take advantage of an opportunity.
Great work as always, Trey. I just followed your HDR tutorial for one of my old HDR images and it made a huge difference! Many thanks!
for a second i thought there was a castle in the background. great pik!
I'd love to know how you do these things. MY experiments have lead me in other directions. I assume it's a series of HDR images.
That would make a nice mural to stare at after a long day
thats so awesome it looks animated i could totally see that in skyrim
It is very beautiful - one of nature's lost treasures. Would love to go there someday.
wow amazing. anyone who would get to actually see something like this is very lucky.
Yes, that goes without saying. ;-) Beautiful image!
This is beautiful, would make for a nice painting
Beautiful.. Belongs in "The Hobbit"! I love the tree roots and quality of light, the mist. The road looks epic. Great photo!
wow thats kool i like the painting it's something i would hang in my room
kinda artsy (like nature)
Surreal... it looks like an oil painting...
wow that's so beautiful also the way the tree frames the landscape is great
you are really talented...but then I am sure you know. that already...
I think I've been in that exact same place in Yellowstone...that makes this picture at least 20% cooler.
who's paint this nice....i like it
all your photos are amazing and beautiful. wish I was half as good as you
Surrealista y maravillosa, en verdad!
I'm glad too +Trey Ratcliff, albeit the shot was worth it, getting hurt would not have been. Great work!!
Has a kind of a Lord of the Rings feel to it.
song xu
Really great tone. Cool vantage point. We're very happy you didn't fall as well!
Love the colors of the tree trunk, very vibrant!
The tree is like a doorway from a colour world to a B&W world. I love the deep colours of the tree!! Great photo, +Trey Ratcliff !!!
wow, just love this amazing view.....
Nik Red
Horsemen, gather your troops, we're heading over...
that is so cool its almost unreal!
Trey, that's a beautiful photo you've taken. It looks really peaceful.
woooowww,,,sooo beautiful,,,pic,,,,,wooowww,,,u r a great photographer ,,,i saw,,,,,,really,,,Trey i like to know about this pic,,,if u dnt mind tel me whats this place n wats the country that place situated ???,,plz tel
your pics are really great but this is my fave... so far! it throws a punch. really love it. thanks for sharing. =)
Wow! it looks like it could be use for a fantasy setting
wow, such pure beauty from mother wife and i live a very frugeal life and love it.
thats nice and looking unreal, great Sir (this pic force me to say you Sir)
Awesome photo and Nature is truly awesome. "Only God can make a tree"
Its a perfect mystifying effect of nature.
+Trey Ratcliff, did you do selective saturation across the image or was that just the light of the day?
Wonderful shot... that is a premier place.
That's a really neat shot. Also, you always manage to get this amazing contrast in your photos.
nick s
wow amazing
freaking great. One of my favorites of yours.
hey, can i use this pic & give credit to you on fb?
I think I have been to that exact same spot, or nearby anyway - the bend in the river matches one in a photo I took...
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