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Running Girl on the Beach in Santa Monica - from our fun walk last night...

Reminder: Live Google+ Hangout tonight at 7:30 PM PT - all about the PhotoWalk!

Thanks for everyone that came out for the Google+ #LAPhotoWalk (<- click to see more photos!) - it was so fun! I enjoyed meeting you guys, the talks, the questions, and seeing everything that was going on... I was honored and humbled to see so much fun activity there around the event. I am VERY glad so many of you got to meet other members of the community... that's cool. See you soon during the hangout!
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Was she running away from the 400?
Cool catch +Trey Ratcliff and thanks again for putting the photo walk together! It was a great one for my first. ;-)
Nice work. It was great to meet you and so many other friendly photographers.
pics amazing, but here I want to saaaaay something dat you are more amazing than those bcoz , some people creates so many pics , not every can see those, but u make us to see those amazing pics without u we miss lot of amazing nature . We cant go everywhere you show , at least you take us der with ur work dats y i called u amazing than'q'
+Trey Ratcliff Gorgeous shot Trey. At first glance I thought she was dressed as some sort of princess, fleeing from some sea monster or other. Love the sun and the fairground silhouetted against the sky. You really are a talented guy.
Thanks thanks.

And yes, I WOULD like to go on a motorcycle tour of Vietnam. I was beginning to think no one from the tourist services in Vietnam was going to visit this stream +SaiGon MotorBikeTours

+Joe Vallee thanks - and I was happy to meet you - also thanks for all the fudge! :)
Youre a very talented man keep doing what youre doing
Love it! Just curious, did you add the warm orange cast after the fact, or did it come out this way from Photomatix?
Nice shot with the tide out and even a few clouds to slightly obscure the sun. This is a scene I know all too well... I used to run along the beach here just about every morning. :)
reminds of the freedom and the innocence of childhood in the serene n peaceful arms of nature
best shoot....................give me some brief details abt the place i m cuming
love yor pic ........ I wish I was there !!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see the helicopter shots~
Awesome shot +Trey Ratcliff! And thanks to you and +Tom Anderson for setting this up. It was a lot of fun seeing you guys in action and meeting so many others. ;-)
Very nice, so wanted to go. Gonna try to make Monterey.
I'm jealous of the great sunsets you get there in California. That's a very nice picture. How did you manage to avoid the 200 photo walkers undoubtedly also taking picture of the sunset? :)
How did you take this shot??? Like it looks HDR
I'm so excited for the April Monterey photowalk! It will be my very first photowalk.
Trey i had such a good time with you Tom and the whole gang last night i wish we could do it at least once a week. thanks again
Nice one Trey ! Is this an HDR shot ? Looks like a single file HDR but a may be wrong ...
Great shot as always Trey, and thanks for inspiring an interest in both HDR and Photomatrix Pro. Great software, happy to have your tutorials as I dig into it deeper.
Great Photo, Thanks for hosting this had a great time with you and everyone there.
Really feels timeless ... Like there will always be sunshine and Ferris wheels...
kool pic it has a fair in the background
Thanks again Trey! Great seeing you. Come back again soon!
at first glance it made me think of Blackpool uk
Beautiful composition and of course I love your HDR work.
Gorgeous image, what is up with the creepy guy in the distance?
hey +Trevor Marshall super composition - there's a particular tension with the solitary *other figure - it appears he's been there forever (he's almost creepy)
(bug alert - when I clicked Post Comment, it said Trey, not Trevor - whoever Trevor is)
+Trey Ratcliff - I'd love to see you post a "sleeping girl" photo. A young woman curled up in a chair or on a couch. They look so peaceful.
Very nice shot. This photo contains more a story than usually. The man standing straight, was he placed like that?
Tuan Le
Nicely done Trey. Pretty interesting and rather surreal image you captured. Thanks for organizing!
holy crap that's beautiful! How'd you edit this?!
Trey, you see the world with something like a "maxwell parrish" visual sense, don't you? somehow you "see" or at least pre-visualize a "look" that not only is compelling but you see or find a story in the frame, like you did with this one that makes it more than just a photograph of the setting.
The image oozes warmth. It is cold in my office today and this just warmed me up a little.
Looks like I missed you there by a couple of days. Would have been cool to have joined. This is a fab shot.
Life is a Beach & if ur lucky enough, u get to ride on a ferris wheel!
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