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Sony NEX-7 Review -

+ LIVE Show tonight from the Google HQ all about the Sony NEX-7 camera! I just bought the camera a few weeks ago, and I've been using it hardcore!

Time: 7 PM PT (Your World Time: )
Location: Here or
Live chat: Over on

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Thanks again to +Leo Laporte +Tony Wang and +Dave Veffer for producing/broadcasting.

Photo Below - A shot from the Sony NEX-7 Camera with the kit lens!
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When did you get your D800? I'm so jealous, I'm still waiting for mine.
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Ted Orr
Great review Trey. Simple and well stated.
Unfortunately with this great Sony mirrorless NEX-7 stuff it looks like +Trey Ratcliff is gonna cost me some money in the near future!
WOOT i love sony
so here the real question a77 or nex-7 hum?
i need one, please review new lenses as you get them. (lensbaby makes a mount), there should be a new 50mm coming out. there is a macro and a zoom, and I have the 16mm on a nex3.
I like your take on the review +Trey Ratcliff. You should check out the Handheld Twighlight mode for your night time snapshots. It is pretty impressive. I think it cranks off about 6 quick shots and does some Sony algorithm vodo in order to average out some of the noise.
Excellent review of the new Sony Trey, thanks for sharing.
It so simple and so epic... love this pic^_^
how does the manual control compare to DSLRs? Does the camera feel restricted or awkward in any way?
I'm ready to trade in my NEX 5 for the NEX 7! 
Nice review and examples. Have been holding off ordering one, but might finally bite the bullet.

Was that the NEX-7 you had with you last night at Morimoto's? Looked like it, but couldn't be sure from the next table over.
I am weeks away from making a purchase of the NEX cameras. I am struggling between the NEX 5N and the NEX 7. I have a limited budget so going with the more expensive NEX 7 means I'll have to forego a lens to start. My current thought is to get the NEX 5N with the added EVF. I like the added EVF because it is adjustable so you can change angle that it sits on the camera making for some interesting and creative ways to hold the camera and get the shot. The NEX 7 EVF is build into the camera and not moveable. I'm a true amateur that has only been shooting with an iPhone for the past 9 months. The NEX 5N would still be a big step for me.
I moved from a D700 & D90 to a NEX-7 & NEX-5N to phototograph my travels and hikes. The compact and low weight NEX system fits my needs better than SLRs.
+Chris Smith I recently bought a 5N, and have the same iPhone background...and a little film a few years back. It is a phenomenal camera. I don't know that the 7 is worth the extra dough unless you have a really particular need for either the built in EVF or you will be doing very large prints. The extra MP could be useful in that case. I will say that you should look around on the web for other lenses that you can use with adapters. you give up auto focus/aperture control, but gain the ability to try some different focal lengths before dropping lots of money on e-mount lenses. I added 3 Olympus OM lenses and really love the larger Apertures esp. for portraits. either way, you'll love the NEX cameras!
Thanks +Dan Hawk, I appreciate your comments! You are solidifying my thinking which is helpful because I can't afford to make a purchase and then regret it.
This might be an interesting hangout to follow live, but too bad it'll be outrageously early in the AM over here, so...
Anyway, based on the blog post, did you actually read the manual of the camera, +Trey Ratcliff? ;-)
Judging by some of the comments you haven't, although based on the nice photos, you may have, or it doesn't really matter. :-)
Or, on a (slightly) more serious note, have you read the reviews about NEX-7 and NEX-5n written by +Gordon Laing in Cameralabs, or some others in, say, PhotographyBlog and Popular Photography? The point being that, surely the NEX is not completely uselsss in low light, either, is it? At least with better lenses. The NEX-5n with less megapixels seem to do a slightly better job in low light than the NEX-7. Even the SLT models with similar sensors (but half a stop less light) can do reasonably nice results in reasonably high ISO. At least when ignoring the pixel-peeping propeller heads and hardcore gadget geeks.

I'm not going beyond the usual PSAM modes that often, either but, some of the less gimmicky scenes are quite useful. Lke the Handheld Twilight mode, for example, which is worth experimenting in low(er) light conditions. It can be more than just a gimmick at times.
I hope you'll have a cool hangout later today!
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if anyone's looking for the hard-to-find 24mm zeiss, drop me a line! I'm going all manual focus.
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