This reminds me of some visions I had, after reading How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan

Public Service Announcement from Trey, regarding moving Google+ activity to my private Facebook group for creatives at !

Well, it looks like one of our favorite playgrounds here on G+ is getting the wrecking hammer. It seems like a great time to invite you over to our Very Active Facebook Group called "Becoming an Artist - Trey's Funky Lounge" at

I know some of you HATE Facebook and aren't afraid to tell everyone, and hey, that's coo that's coo. I have other follow options below.

It's a great group of new and experienced photographers and creatives! We do giveaways, critiques, tutorial videos, and more! Plus, everyone in there is super-nice, so it's a safe place for you to share your creations and get/give feedback. One thing I do ask, if I may be so bold, is to comment on all the photos that you find interesting. People love getting feedback, and this is a great place to do it.

As for my Facebook page, go to and then "Like" it, IMPORTANT: under "Follow" select "See First." This is a way to get around Facebook's algorithm that will hide stuff you really want to see. That page is another where I do fun giveaways, Facebook Live events, critiques, and more. It's also cool because I have my awesome team there to help answer any questions you might have, 24 hours a day!

Here's another great free resource for you with my Newsletter at - don't miss that!

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I don't have MySpace any more, but I do quite like MySpace Tom.

Last, if you are learning photography from one of our Masters inside - then you know we extensively use Google+. We have a plan to migrate off of G+. It's not a great plan, but it's a plan.

Warning: I'll be repeating this beautifully crafted message here on Google+ until it the platform disappears. Sorry about that, but you can think of it as one of those DHARMA initiative recordings in LOST that people will find on auto-replay in the vaults.
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