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Trey Ratcliff was in a video call with 7 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Christa Laser, Dave Veffer, Doug Kaye, Gino Barasa, Thomas Hawk, Nat Aniela, and Peter Giordano
The Great Watermark Debate with Miss Aniela, Thomas Hawk, and more! :)
Trey Ratcliff and 7 others participated
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Anybody? Watch hangout link takes me to YouTube? 
Sometimes it works better to go to the person who is hosting the hangouts, home profile , in this case +Trey Ratcliff ...and follow the link from there +David Moyers , hope this helped.
Hi, Trey. It has been nice to read your input.
"Publication  is the distribution of copies or phonorecords
of a work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership,
or by rental, lease, or lending. The offering to distribute
copies or phonorecords to a group of persons for purposes
of further distribution, public performance, or public
display constitutes publication. A public performance or
display of a work does not of itself constitute publication.

Courts have not yet decided if publication occurs by merely posting a work online.  However, sale of works online does constitute publication."  

From a personal e-mail with a US Copyright Office registration specialist, FWIW. I would have posted it in the chat- but it disappeared. :)
Eliot S
Hey Guys!! These hangouts are amazing! Keep up the awesome discussions! How do you feel about watermarks that are more like signatures, similar to the way a painter signs their art at the bottom? Yea or neigh?
Didn't think this would be such an interesting topic. I've always been on one side, and didn't think much about the other way. I'm comfortable where I'm at...
+Trey Ratcliff hey buddy, are you chiming in from NZ? if yes, your connection in the deep south is crystal. I'm in Sydney and having broadband issues to do a smooth G+ Hangout. Any advice on how to create something similar to you? (assuming you're in NZ). Cheers mate
You speak so well of Stocksy, which sells Thomas Hawk and Trey stock images,  who watermark every one of the stock images. 
You know you've made it when you have made it on Dynamic Mobile Photography!
Also, can someone help +Gino Barasa with his mic levels?  Explain to him that this is digital and hot levels are not desirable?   I am one of the fans that likes Gino...but his mic levels kill it for me everytime.
+Scott Bourne What's interesting was the above response from the specialist was in relation to images I submitted as "published"  to the USCO because they had been ...only on G+. And you raise a good point about that case, though it would seem that if I am diligent to register every 90 days then I should be ok. In fact- it's on my 'to-do' list for tomorrow. :) I actually have a registered  image that is being used w/o compensation by a small college and has been for a few years...but I know the president to be a very litigious man and I don't have the resources to fight it. :/
Good show!
I'll support Miss Nat Aniela point of view.
Enjoyed the show. I'm in the 'don't focus on the negative' camp. I used to track down those that stole my photos, and then realized if I did that, they took more than just my work, they were taking my time and my happiness. Since I'm not selling my work, I'm happy others can enjoy it. Splattering a watermark all over it punishes everyone for the sake of the few bad folks out there. 
Really was a fantastic chat. Glad you guys got my question too :) Good times. And yeah... I totally failed when hunting for that amazing barfing unicorn polo.
I have a feeling the internet will not be kind to "Dynamic Mobile Photography"  Thanks for making me chuckle Trey!
+Trey Ratcliff, I just watched the whole hangout and I'm open to the no-watermark stance and/or the CC option too. I don't have an awesome "look" that people want to steal, other than a couple steampunk art pieces from 5 yrs ago. I'm sure you have a huge step-by-step resource somewhere for those interested in pursuing your no-watermark, CC creed. I'm late to the game, so where would I start? I'm totally down with buying a book to read on the subject as I basically got into the whole Copyright reg thing by reading and following +Jack Reznicki's advice in "Photographer's Survival Manual".
All the very best for the Birthday +Trey Ratcliff  May the very best of years past be the very worst you need to put up with in the year ahead.
Trey, is there a link to the site/blog/post who made the counterpoint to your conversion to NEX?

Also, The same guy in Sherlock is the voice for Smaug.. so Sherlock and Watson are both in The Hobbit
Wonder if the photographers promoted on the show had been asked permission to share their photos in a Hangout On Air that will be available later as a recording? Wonder if it's necessary from a legal copyright standpoint?

When the intention is good (to introduce photographers you appreciate), I suppose most promoted are just happy about it, whether asked or not. 

Ping +Christa Laser +Scott Bourne +Pamela Reynoso
Thanks +Cinde Luke . I'll give that a try next time. Second time this has been an issue?
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