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“‘To take an interesting photo, some may choose to carry around a lot of metal and glass and mirrors and silicon. I choose to carry around less metal and glass and silicon. Oh, and no mirrors.’ – Me, quoting myself.” – Trey Ratcliff

This was a very fun interview for +This Week in Photo (TWiP) with +Frederick Van Johnson  :)

When you press play, you can JUMP to the question you want answered by clicking on the right.  Here are some questions asked:

- How are you able to get the quality of images you are getting with such a tiny camera?

- What was the impetus behind you deciding to try switching to the NEX?

- Why go with the NEX / APS-C size sensor? Why not go down to the Micro Four Thirds format with a slightly smaller sensor but with a better lens selection?

- What about photographers with clients? Is the perception of carrying a big camera vs small camera an issue?

- Bokeh...Talk about the differences there.

- What are the quality trade-offs?

- Durability...what are some of the differences there?

- I've noticed a different look to your edits since you've started using the mirrorless system. Is this intended or just the way your photos have come naturally?

- Did you find yourself shooting more with the NEX once the firmware update for auto bracketing was released? 

- Trey, in your article, you stated you use the NEX6 for day to day and the NEX7 for your epic landscapes. Do you find the NEX7's slow focus the cause for that?

- How do you carry your gear? 

- Going back to your Nikons, with companies releasing adapters for lenses for other brands, do you see yourself grabbing a Nikon to NEX speedbooster to use your lenses on your NEX system?

- In your article you mentioned apps on the Sony. Do the new Android cameras like the recently announced Samsung NX1000 excite you in that department?

- Parting thoughts. Regarding advanced amateur photographers, what would you advise them if they've already spent thousands on DSLR gear or not , should they switch to mirrorless?

and lastly but not leastly:

- What would you rather photograph - Tennis or Water Polo?
Trey Ratcliff was in a video call with 2 people. #hangoutsonairFrederick Van Johnson and Dave Veffer
Trey Ratcliff answered questions from audience
Sony vs. Nikon - Live Questions answered from audience - with Frederick Van Johnson from TWIP!
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You could be using an iPhone for all I care. I was always impressed by your work and that's all that matters. Looking forward to see more of your amazing landscapes. I do miss your "behind the scene" videos though. That was always so much fun to watch.
Thats why I use a Coolpix  s800c; fits nicely in my pocket.....oh yes and the small Samsung Chromebook. :)
I followed you before you were famous :). Over 11 million cumulative followers...daaaaaamn!
Enjoyed the show but I also do still enjoy both magazines as well as regular books ;-). Well we all make our own decisions to suit our needs but to gain clunky autobracketing, miss out on CLS, miss out on weathersealing etc. You can have all that and still not carry a large pro DSLR. A strange misconception you have there that you have to have FX glass just because you have a DSLR ;-). However I agree that a mirrorless housing is even smaller but its still a compromise. Phocus-peaking is nice, I have it on my DSLR (through my sony phone that is ;-)), so its a little awkward but quite doable. I could see myself with a smaller mirrorless type camera as a complement but my main camera will be DX00 (most likely with mirror for several generations to come) for quality and versatility.

Quoting oneself is the true mark of a bad ass. He he. Happy Birthday +Trey Ratcliff! Have a great one!
I'd say you're famous. The definition reads, "well known by many poeple". You're known by the millions. However, I do respect the fact that you're not a narcissist like most people who are well known. You don't gloat over your work. You're a famous average guy, +Trey Ratcliff . 
First time watching a Hangout. Definitely enjoyed the talk. Will be passing this along to some people who are always asking what to upgrade to.
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