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I have an idea: Put a link below to a recent photo you posted on Google+ that is a slight insight into you. This way, maybe people that follow me can get to know you through your work. I do this in Google Hangouts, but we can only get a dozen or so links into that lottery... so here, we can do it on a grand scale. Have fun!

For example, give a description and the link:
Enjoying California and exploring the coast:
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Beautiful ~ Sounds like a good idea Trey ~ hmm.. let me think about what recent photo to share :-)
Great idea! I almost always use speedlights when shooting portraits outdoors (usually shooting through an umbrella, but sometimes use a softbox.) I've been experimenting with "traveling lighter" by just using a reflector, which is how this was lit. Still trying to get the hang of it, but I liked how this one turned out.
Here it is ~ Not a recent photo however one of my personal favorite. This photo of the sunrise was taken just about a year ago (Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park) - heading back there this week for vacation ~ it was taken on August 28th, 2010 5:46am after waiting with 100s of people after getting up there around 4:30am or so. It was unbelievable :-)

Most recent is this view from the UpperWestside of NYC - slight view of the Hudson River :-)
I like the link idea. A shame I'm such a lousy photographer.
I'm not a photographer but I'm enjoying looking at all the links!
wow! cool pic, and how about thiland?
Reminds me of Union County, New Jersey! :-D
Wes Lum
don't forget to share "public" links tried to view some, and I get accessed denied :(
San Francisco Bay Bridge. This was my first long-exposure shot that took longer than 30-seconds to expose. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of photography!
I like the symmetry between the houses (red, pink) and the horizon (yellow orange) underlined by the palm trees. I like also the symmetry between the sky (multiple blue colors ) and the ground (multiple green colors). I like how the symmetries are boken by the picnic table. beautiful !!!
My link goes to my portfolio and not the exact picture I guess (this is difficult on the iPhone). Perfect example of where they could use a "share this photo" or similar button on the lightbox. 
Wow! So peaceful, Summer is missed in this part of the planet...
Awesome -- I think I will do this every week. I'm enjoying clicking on a lot of these... Glad you all seem to like it too!
Some of the links posted above are not public. The photos should be visible for everyone to enjoy, or ... ? Just my 2 cents question.
I love shooting bikes and cars!

One of my claims to fame are being featured in one of the first great books on HDR a few years ago with +Trey Ratcliff and Valpo. The book by the amazing Ferrell McCullough is still available on Amazon. He liked the qaulity of the pics I was getting with point and shoot cameras -;0)

This was taken without any flashes or control of the light in the Thunder Cycle Showroom and then mixed in my Virtual Studio.
This gives insight into me in several ways: 1.) It was shot in a place I love and where my heart is, 2.) I think my efforts to get a technically perfect image with my camera whilst at the same time making "art" are really realized in this shot, and 3.) while there is a time and place for DOF, I haven't had much time for it, recently! ;)
I like this one -- first because it was during an impromptu road trip to death valley (thanks to +Romain Guy who proposed it), and I really do like to do things on a whim (I'm of the opinion that you should always say yes when someone ask you if you want to try something new!). The other thing in that picture is that I was experimenting with light painting, and that's what I love doing with photography -- trying new methods, new way of shooting, and hopefully coming up with interesting shots.
Beautiful place, great capture, amazing colors. Great work Trey!
I'm going to wait until I have something more appropriate to contribute. Currently my work is our 1 year old grandson.
Stupid question. How do you post a photo from a specific album like this??
I am inspired by your work everyday! Amazing stuff!
To say my 8-year-old son enjoys Lego would be a gross understatement. As his skill has improved over the years (he's 8 now), I have been doing my best to photograph the amazing things he comes up with. As he grows older I want to create coffee-table books for him to document the development of his creativity. I want him to grow up to be someone who is confident in his abilities, and it's my hope that these books will help him in that quest.

This image is the latest example of his skill.
This is really fun to watch everyone - thanks!
Gorgeous, amazing colors and composition!
great idea Trey...I've never hit so many +1's on a single post before :P
So many! This is great - thanks - a lot to discover here!
Overcast day @ the beach, departing tourists gave my friend's boys their hula hoops. The youngest was determined to master the hula.
Can I do a post that had two photos in it? This was about half way through my 10 day Thanksgiving vacation in Alaska. My wife, daughter, and myself were the only people in the area here. The silence was deafening, and the feeling that sweeps you is indescribable. Looking at this shot of Portage Glacier always relaxes me. :)

Hope these show ok, posting from android.
+Trey Ratcliff Correction to the original image caption: San Clemente, Southern California ;)
Trey, another amazing picture and a great idea. Only problem, is I now have so many awesome pictures to look at, I won't get anything else done.

Well, I'm new to taking HDR photos, so learning as I go. At the moment, I'm taking them on a Canon G11 without a tripod. Hence the railings in some shots. Always try to find something to put the camera on. This was taken after work on my walk to the station. 3 shots combined in Photomatrix pro.
I love this place, I was there 11 years ago and it rained the whole time we were there, there are so many cool things about this photo!
I think the idea with this thread. As for now I have managed to browse only thorugh the half of the posts ....

Maybe not of the best quality but very funny, taken at my sister's house during the Christmas of 2007:

Another interesting is a picture displayed on the water from the fountian in Wrocław (Poland):
+David Kelley I've done that hike several times, but I've never been gutsy enough to take my camera with me! I love travel and my family and so here's a couple pictures that combines both. As you can tell, I've done enough that my daughter feels it's her obligation to pose:
I set a goal to take an HDR photo of every country and I am currently traveling to the first 30 countries in a single trip around the world. Trey you helped inspire my goal and are one of my biggest heros. Thanks for putting this thread together, and everything else that you do to teach photography.
Here are links to 2 photos that i think will let you get to know me.

The first one I took in Budapest at night. The second one is nighttime @ Luxor temple.

Both are from my website

PS I tried to link directly to the photo itself on google plus, but when i tested the link it only took you to my google plus wall rather then the specific photo.

that is the most beautiful place i ever seen
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