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I shot this last night as a massive storm was hitting Virgin Gorda... the humidity here has been so high that I have to keep my windshield wipers on all the time!

Virgin Gorda is a very small island with two big pieces connected by this small bit you see here in the middle. This spot has turned out to be my favorite place to take photos! :)
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You must be thrilled to have such a view day in day out ?! Beautiful picture like always
Lovely. Where's the movie theater?
My wife and I got married on Virgin Gorda... Such an amazing place. Love this view of the island, I will have to track it down next time we are there.
What a great place! Few people I know have been there. I fell in love with Virgin Gorda. My husband and I were vacationing, missed the plane from the mainland (I think Puerto Rico, or was it Miami?) and were escorted to the Island by a ship captain who navigated by the stars. So romantic. Roosters woke us in the morning, the photography was amazing.
Beautiful!! Amazing capture! What lens did you use? What camera, too?
That is some view--very nice work, Trey!
the picture is so GREAT.. i mean PERFECT.. but its effect, i mean the storm, is definitely NOT.. :)
Could you possibly send me an image download? I would love to use it for my computer desktop background :) Thanks.
Never mind, I can photo drag. GREAT PIC!
That looks like a amazing place. Great image!
I cannot begin to tell you how special it is, each time I log onto Google+ and find something new from you...
Anna K
WOW. outstanding colorful
Beautiful pic. Great island even if those crazy Europeans thought it looked like the pregnant virgin mary.

+Beau Watson all of my images are uploaded full rez for you to download and enjoy for personal reasons :)
you shot it by yourself? you must be lucky to see it directly... :D
Amazing the pink with the blue , beautiful shot !
The line of pink at the end of all the rich and dark blues, greens, greasy and blacks is just breathtaking
I wish I was there then... I LOVE STORMS!!!!
Wow I love supreme but not ones like that wrote horiball
I would hate to be in that.But I would love a copy :)
That is beautiful! I would have loved to see it in person.
That is the skill of a great photographer.
Mother nature has her moments...
ZFirst thing I said when I saw this was, "That's pretty!" Wish I could travel the world and see things like that :)
kewl thing :D my girlfriend loves it
brilliant photo - thanks for sharing
Fucking awesome dude :) This amazing pic, made my morning! Keep up the good work!
good selection of site and nice photo. Congrats
Rach T
Thats incredible...
Just about time to get under shelter that looks like a big storm coming
Nice photo is that a walking track or car track,where is Virgin Gorda
+Trey Ratcliffe
Nice shot. What camera are you using?
I was amuse seeing this picture, almost excellent environmental!
Powerful scene. The clouds pull you right in.
Amazing, looks as if it could be the beginning of time!
this is an incredible shot..can see why its your fave spot!
SWEET!now thats my kind of pictur AMSZING to an11 year old COOL
That's all I have to WOW!! =D
Beautiful shot!!
it has the feeling of calm before the storm ... that is a great shot both the land and clouds meeting at distance on the horizon adds impressive depth and distance
very nice photography right there luv the, valley in the clouds so kool..
cant get heck out of the g+ without seeing his port it had became an drug fr me :p
Dude dat shit i totaly gay!!!"""
So Intresting...i have read all the matter...yepe...
Beautiful! When I'm stressed I'll put myself in the middle of it all. :)
Eh Ku
It is a wonderful sight. Is that really exit?
Nature is simply amazing and you captured it brilliantly! Awesome picture-
I'm confused. Why aren't YOUR shots available as wallpapers in the updated Chrome OS? They're so good!
OMG! 1st of all, I want to say that the photograph is beutiful, and 2nd of all, I love photography too! You can check it out on my profile!
Awesome fotographs, something the digital foto gurus cant replicate :)
Oh my!!! What do u feel when u shoot this?
Beautiful, I love the dramatic clouds!
Oh looks like a sort of monkey face in the middle and arms with claws either side, pulling the cloud open to look down on the town. I know, imagination gone wild ...
looks like sea and sky have been merged together
Rob Oey
it is very beautiful
What kind of camera and lens did you use?
i love the contrast of colors in the sky/land. they are intense but yet in some way have a calm beauty about them. i love it:)
wow! amazing...
f i could have a thousand thumbs to up i would say thousand thumbs up to u...! ;-)
A beautiful place!
Is this island in the Carribean??
what a great seen. and so beautifull
Looks like a giant face(God) is over the water & is ready to blow a big storm, and on the left are hands working with the breath. very awesome photo.
looks like a sink hole in the sky. how cool
That is a fantastic picture Trey. I love the depth.
...and to think our race is destroying this beauty. a rare and beautiful sight ty for shareing.
wow.....its ammazinggg......!!!!!!!!!!!
What a Fantastic picture. Must be quite the place to stay.
Fantastic Shot ..Its beautiful...........
ahhh!!!! man is this earth????
Wow, I would love to pull over on the narrow strip and hike down to the water if I ever visit the area.
what a great shot
Is that a rain cloud or the end of the world!!!
thats really beautiful, you're a great photographer
Wow! That must have been exciting and scary at the same time! It is beautiful.
wao,what an image.wonderful!
Very awesome picture. The view where took this pic must be absolutely breathe taking experience
no word's to describe
nice composition and leading lines~
jac jac
Essa é a foto que pode dizer [ beleza única ] .amei ....esta linda foto .
We loved A Dream Come True villa, overlooking Pond Bay. Nice photo.
any place to get a print of that?
honestly, very beauyiful. Nicely captured too!
That's slick! I downloaded full size, was worth it!
i wish i could be there right now......
Very nice, but where in the world is Virgin Gorda? I've never heard of it. Thanks for sharing this with us! can see a face in the clouds ....can anyone else see it????
never heard of the name before!!
New zealand views are much better, you dont need luck for shots like this there!! Seriously this is nothing in comparrison !!
wwwoooowww that is soo amazing :)
Are you going to explore the other islands or trek out into the wild blue yonder? There is much to see...many, many sunrises & sunsets... Epic vistas await! Guess if you're chillin on VG that's cool too! You might find some pirate treasure in a secret cove..yaarrhhh! We discovered a bat cave near somewhere Sandy Spit I do believe as well! Freaky but cool! ;)
Without saying a word, images like this are truly inspiring!!
nature has the most unreal scenes.. only God could create such beauty..
Beautiful - love BVI. Can you get over to Necker Island? Some stunning landscape potential shots there, best in the area maybe +Trey Ratcliff?
Neha g
simply waoo
ok this simply amazing!!!!! what are you show us exactly?
Hi Anna I really like this I i really like this picture. 
it is epic especially with the sun at the end
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