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Here is the most recent TWIT Photo from just yesterday... enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions. And thanks +Leo Laporte :)
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Just listened to this today while jogging. Very insightful.
BTW I really like when you said that photographers should stop trying to impress other photographers.
Great conversation… good to see you on more TWiT shows ;)
You're a semi-regular TWIT.
Pretty soon we'll have mirror-less cameras that walk themselves and are infinitely focusable.
So much amazing photography content (in video formate no less) on google+, I need to watch all this stuff. Someone lend me 10 more hours each day lol! I don't even think I've caught any of the latest creative live's in 2 months!!! Thank you for all that you do!
Can't seem to get to that link for the audible twitphoto deal. Anyone else have this problem?
Can you tell us about your experience using the Lytro? :)
Thanks thanks - well I told +Eric Cheng and others that I'll keep quiet until release day... and I'm a great secret-keeper... but I am preparing some fun stuff for release then.
We look forward to seeing how this device will inspire you.
Really great conversation. Had a listen to it last night!
you sure have an eye and traveled to some fabulous places...
Hello Trey, have you ever been in Czech Republic? There are lots of beautiful places there, mainly Prague Old Town, many old castles, caves, Czech Karst, ... I'm sure you would find hundreds fantastic places and points to photograph. If you would like to know more, let me know...
Anaz N
Hi, madam
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