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Storm Over Home

I spent a few days in the badlands with Jack Horner digging up dinosaurs. One day a violent storm came rolling in right by our camp. I was actually sleeping in a tipi on this farm. Just before the storm hit, I stepped outside to get a shot before getting my equipment back inside the safety of the tipi.
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y.b y.b
خیلی خوب بود
Ian Hex
*sigh* One day, I'll be able to take images like this. First, wide-angle lens.
run dorothy! a tornado is coming!
Wonderful photo Trey. Weather can make for some powerful and beautiful photos.
awesome.....beautiful .......but ..........scary.........
Another great photo. Did you find any dinosaur bones? Aloha +Trey Ratcliff and thanks for sharing!
Really cool! Mother nature is so awesome!
How safe is a tipi, really? I suppose it depends on who built it.
looks like a sci-fi movie waiting to happen...
The Mis
how awesome it is this picture!! NICE
s hall
Amazing and, although an oxymoron, positively surreal! Stirringly genius!! Thanks for sharing.
OM double G i wolud be scared to death, i would run away even thow i would di
Cj San
thats a bad storm
D Canty
Stunning. Always loved clouds but this brings natures drama brewing in the sky.
decrepit haunted house to me Haha : )
i like kinda watch tornado vids and it look like a bad storm
That picture is beautiful. But that is bad!
That is interesting how the clouds look.
What lens did you use, sir?
You felt you and your equipment were safe in a tepee?? I remember chasing after a canvas tent in a hail storm. I prefer a basement with concrete with steel rebar walls!!
Thats one cool looking storm...
What a fantastic shot, its Mother Nature yet again reminding us of her powers!
I think that is Dorothy's house, follow the yellow brick road.
Too tweaked in HDRism. Sorry, my opinion.
very nice and at the same time scary
that's pretty cool
Trey..I'm originally from the Black Hills out there. We used to take spectacular landscapes for granted. Now that I don't live there I miss the views..always cherish visits back there. Great shot..I'm sure you have many more from there!
Now that Is cool.tipis are fun to sleep in.I am a firestarter so been in one for three nights.
Pammy S
all photos of u so amazing i like all u really expert
Is this photo taken before a calm of a storm?
wow,,,,,, it's so fearful :O
I LOVE the giant demon face formed by the clouds. Nice touch!
sue w
awesome shot, as always beautifully done
Anna K
very interesting photo
Interesting. Trey, what's going on in the center? About a 1/4 of the way down from the top of the shot, above the house. Looks like a weird kind of funnel crossed up. Was there a tornado going on?
Love this shot. The sky is so busy and interesting in it.
I see a disconnect between ground and sky. You cant trust computer with that. If this was a painting I whoud say the painter was not very good. Why not trust your intuition?
U didn't take this picture. It is definitely fake
They so had some adjustments but it's pretty 8)
Ann M
Look's like'
little house on the Scary Prarie
So a lot people say the picture was photoshoped. I'm not so sure, I've seen things once that I never expect to see again. I remember a few times in South Texas, while I was in the Naval Weather Service, sky conditions that gave me the "willies". I've seen tornadoes from a distance and a waterspout too close for comfort. And at those times photoshop did not exist, I saw these things in person, I was in a car in Lake Worth, Florida on Federal Highway when I saw the waterspout, it only about 1/4 mile away.Just because you've not seen anything like it before doesn't make it fake.
are dorothy and toto home?
very nice photography have visited in india
Love this photo, Trey. I know I should hang out more but don't feel I am good enough or smart enough to even understand what ya'll big time photographers have to say. But how much photoshop type manipulation would you put into a shot like this? I know old school would have maybe been different speeds and exposures, but now, we have it so much easier. Thoughts, Trey, others?
omg the great shoot ! love this so much! great sky and everything!
Y- Fi
oh Wow That Sky is so Dramatic I feel that I could be sucked in there
Bo Bo
oh! my god
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