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HDR Photography Tutorial Video - Free how-to - share and enjoy! :)

This comes from a longer, 11-hour set of videos at - I made that series for beginners-intermediate++ that are interested in post-processing in general with many sessions on HDR Photography.  

There is also a free "text version" of the HDR Tutorial at -- I list out all the tools I use like Photomatix and others...  there are many samples there - enjoy!
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Awesome! Thanks +Trey Ratcliff ..after watching your other tutorial, am wondering maybe i should take the basic course first! Confusion..confusion..
This is where I started... its worth it guys!!!
Have the series and often rewatch, and each time I learn a little bit more

Thanks Trey 
I'm always amazed by your images. Great stuff.
I was curious.  I am having trouble with my HDR coming out blurry.  The original images are sharp, but I can't seem to eliminate the fuzzy images out of tone mapper.  Do you have this problem and how do you tackle it?

+Rama Drama no worries - either video set starts at a basic level and moves on from there :)

+Travis Putman yes, often times the tonemapping result can be a little blurry.  This especially happens if there is the slightest camera movement in little breezes or longer exposures.  I usually use a sharpening step at the end to get rid of that fuzziness...  
+Trey Ratcliff. Really appreciate the way you promote HDR specifically and photography in general. Have you weighed in on the many software options for processing photos for HDR?
Yes +David Mossman I play with ALL of them, but I keep coming back to Photomatix.  It fits into my multi-layering, poly-sourced workflow best... plus it's fast with predictable results.
+Trey Ratcliff , as always, thanks for posting this tutorial. I have been shooting HDR for a few years now, but I like returning to your tutorials to gain new perspectives on the process and even go back to the basics. I just watched a video by +Matt Kloskowski about the 32bit processing power of lightroom and its ability to create the HDR look. Have you done work with this feature?
Awesome of a fella as skilled as you to share something that's usually profitable for you. Many heartfelt thanks brother!
Really nice tutorial - thanks +Trey Ratcliff . Fantastic timing for me as I've just downloaded Photomatix Essentials today (there's a voucher code "CaptainKimo" if anyone else is thinking of buying it).
Magic Lantern looks great but doesn't seem to list the 7D as compatible... :((((
+Rob Crispe , yeah I have been watching it for a while. I was hoping the firmware upgrade would expand on the bracketing for the 7D. I feel it is the one thing missing from that camera.
I have a 7D and have been using DSLR Controller on my Toshiba Thrive tablet and can bracket up to nine shots. It would be nice to have it in the camera but DSLR Controller is great.
Awesome! I have a set of photos I took with HDR in mind, but haven't tried to process them yet. Perfect timing... Thanks!
Thank you +Trey Ratcliff  for your contributions to the field.  Your tutorials are great.  I love how you explain "why" you do things too, as opposed to just quickly saying "Click here, then there, copy the layer like that, drag that thingy, etc."  You take the time to actually teach.  Keep up the great work.   
Enjoyed the tutorial and it clarified for me much of my misconceptions regarding HDR photography. Thanks +Trey Ratcliff 
Soooo helpful. I love this guy anyway. Thank you for all the help.
still couldn't hear it speakers r still broken
Thank you. Have been wanting to get involved with the hdr photo community. Will be checking out the site, and taking some of those tutorials. Again thanks for your time.
All of the people who look at this are geeks
My wifi is to slow here in Houston. But I'm sure it's worth watching :-)
Gof C.
Thank for sharing your rich collection of your exceptional photos. As a great fan, video tutorial like this really helps me define the beauty of photography from my own persective. Ons day I might invest in professonal camera with wide angle lens to get the similar effect as your Colosseum shot.
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