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Here's a photo of me in the hangout the other night from down here in the islands :)

That was Trey's Variety Hour #34 with some great guests - see the full video at
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This is about as cool looking as it gets !
lol, it looks like ur below deck in a ship :)
That is a big ass hammock. Nice place to kick back.
We can actually see you now ;)
This is probably the most literal "hangout" in the history of G+. ;-)
+Trey Ratcliff I'm only slightly jealous. The rest of me feels mellowed out just by looking at this photo.
jac jac
Ambiente maravilhoso .........belo !!
+Trey Ratcliff Not sure what kind of hammock you're on, but I discovered the comfort of a Brazilian hammock when I was in Costa Rica--it was hard to peel myself off it (so comfortable).
in Indonesia are rarely or never wear something so rare hammock, can be rich, rich comfortable for relaxing ..!
Thanks! I'm able to have this lifestyle thanks to +Chee Chew ! :)

+Rezaul Haque I thought the Brazilian hammock was some kind of fancy underwear
I haven't been in a hammock in years. Especially one that looks as comfortable as that one. You can call me jealous. 
well brazil style bed seem a luxury, can be used as a business in Indonesia, with a market share that almost does not exist, this is a new market
Now that's enough to make any normal guy feel the envy..
Wow.. I envy the way you seem to be relaxing. ;)
wow I like this relaxed .. you've been to Indonesia many wonderful beautiful places you should visit you will definitely feel at home and love ....
Wow... That looks really cozy...
Yu Sam
looks so relaxing,i wish i was there ...
Looks like a relaxing place. Love the picture...
کار خاصی نداره
یخورده اطرافته بهم بریز
بعد اون تشک علم کن
Garage your sleep.
I like very much.
It is very comfortable.
Give it to me.Thanks.
Now that's 'hanging out', in every sense.
cheerful life style... admire it.
Hanging out in more ways than one.
Now that is truly a great way to hangout!
Such comfort, too! Beautiful shot and composition.
Wow, you really look comfortable! Looks like a great office. :-)
Looks like a tough job, but someone gotta do it :-)
Cool. That would me amazing. 
My eyes must be playing up - I thought I saw the hammock moving :-\
ever been to elephantine island egypt
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