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Trey Ratcliff hung out with 24 people.Christa Laser, Brian Statman, premankit shrivastava, James Cachine II, Michael Jack, Educando Diario, Chris Lehman, Vince Garcia, toto toot, Ryan Weisgerber, salah ahmed, George Baker, Craighton Miller, Al Nocete, Greg Cary, Le Hai, Ross Burns, nick robeen, Lisa Donchak, Pabitra Sahoo, Lorenzo Araneo, Gaurav V, Vasiliy Krechmar, and Jake Thomas
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Trey Ratcliff was in a video call with 24 others
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No - I can't invite the Public to the hangout AND broadcast on YouTube
So whats up with the public hangouts of recent Trey?
Hi Trey, interesting articles you have. Hope to talk soon. Hope you dont mind I added you. :)
Thank You very Much, I will check out yours in a bit Shelley :)
be friend?....gosh...i have to think first before i add someone.i'm a strange person...
siti aisyah Zahari

Well, we're hundred miles apart and isn't it interesting to gain friends even just through e-mails?--
So if cant invite public circle to a hangout altho u can when NOT youtube live-ing, u cant invite public circle to a hangout and expect yt-live to function (bcause it doesnt work that way/limitation for now?) ? Is that how i read ya?
Maybe start the ho, ytlive it, then post the ytl link in G+?
THAT ONE PIC IS VERY VERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INOPROPIATE!!!!!!!!!
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