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When I stopped on the hike for a little drink of water... this was the view from the rock I was sitting on...
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You, Sir, are my inspiration. Thank you!
... and you have Lightroom installed on your phone and shared directly to G+? ;-)
Wonderful composition. The colour diversity is also lovely, and brilliantly captured.

Great shot :)
Mr. Ratcliff, you inspired me to make a serious step into photography two years back. Thanks to you I'll have my first photo exhibition in the art gallery of Maribor in a few days now. And that picture of yours... amazing work. As always.
You´re absolutetly right. Argentina is gorgeous. And the picture is beautiful. (side note: the mountain is called Cerro Torre.)
Amazing sight. Thanks for sharing it.
How com here is a bright spot like lens flare? Surely it can't be lens flare, the sun looks to be way off to the side...?
..nop my friend..its the true and real nature!!
+Trey Ratcliff any editing? If so, what? Photo looks great, good job, hope you're enjoying the trip.
When I die, I hope I come back in my next life as your camera.  Another great view.
Oh, Great Lanscape.
It is very nice for scene and better place and very nice place I feel it
Omg! You see on a regular basis visions of grace and beauty that most of us see only a few scant times in our lifetime. Thank you for taking my breath away!

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Jesse H
Wow Trey. Excellent capture
Magnifique j'adord sa ces de l'art un paysage magnifique
You chose a well-placed rock :)
Trey, this is the finest picture you've ever taken! Incredible.
Wunderschön festgehalten - spricht mich unheimlich.
Amazing what we see when we lift our heads isn't it. Lovely view.
Wooow...This is awesome..
Trey where is it? which country
Wow... I HAVE to find this rock (you were sitting on)! 
the water must of tasted amazing!
really osum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a great picture! This is the perfect desktop wallpaper! :-) 
Amazing, which place?
Hi Trey. Overall this shot is amazing. I was wondering why you decided to keep the lens flare? IMO, they ruin the image especially the bright one. My eye goes straight for it. They also look super easy to remove.
All I can say is, "Wow! I wish I was sitting there with you!"
+Trey Ratcliff i have been going thru your portfolio along with a lot of other photographers on g+ since the last few weeks. Just wanted u to know that you have the most amazing of creations amongst all, not that the others are not enchanting, but your photos are the most varied, most pleasing and surreal many a times. I think to call u a photographer only is an understatement to the extreme. U r an exemplary artist who creates photos rather than just shoots them. Kudos inspiration to many like me.
WOW! That's how God created the world!! 
Tsu Lai
Beautiful lighting ratio & global composition.
Are you on a mission in Lord of Rings?
That's a wallpaper for my phone . Doubt u took it buddy 
Right, Dan Marx.  Some other famous photographer took this picture.  Any idea who?
wd Ou
Mother nature's back yards 
Trey this is just beautiful! Keep up the good work!
I think I can see Gandalf and the hobbits making their way up through the pass.
colour... beautiful
merci beaucoup Trey...magnifique photo de nature
Expansive view, would love to take a hike there. Just awesome.
amazing view and contrast
if you have  upload it in that site.
good luck
I like it, fresh!
Looks like Alaska minus Grizzlies, Dall Sheep and Caribou....
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