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Exploring foreign temples in faraway lands... these are really some of my favorite times... I don't take any of it for granted.
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beautiful,where is that?
As usual Trey, a quite remarkable image.
looks like Asian architecture to me. Awesome looking :) Good work!
Nice painting.......................
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niceeeeeeeeeeeee location
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A traditional temple of east Asia
This is great,quite an angle to go shooting.the colors r royal
I just can't stop loving your pictures. Thanks.
beautiful. it's almost like a painting.
Where is it? In China?
Great image but +Trey Ratcliff Am I witnessing a slight change in your processing? Have you inserted a textured layer on this image?
Chinese style,哈哈
Very niceee 
religious places are home of god. so they have all the beauty and peace of world
Of course you would choose a temple in Beijing for your exploration in faraway lands. But naturally I'm biased :)

Great image.
That's one of my most favorite things to do here in Japan, +Trey Ratcliff. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch the cherry blossoms this year at a few temples and castles.
Amazing what one can do with any photo on a computer these days
It has a oriental painting feel of serenity
Is this Beijing?
what an amazing life you have lived, Trey. We all appreciate you sharing with us, bits and pieces of that amazing life.
china older style
lovely texture, feels like a painting!
nice pic, good place, great effect!
speechlesssssssssssss.... so amazingggggggggg!!!!!!!!
It's a painting? Not a photograph of actual building, directly.
like an ancient palace of China
Beautiful, but... surely, this is a photo of a painting? Look at the sky. It doesn't look real. I almost feel I can see brushstrokes... And the light in the temple courtyard itself seems wrong given where the sun is in the sky -- but that could just be something to do with the technique used to take the picture. Where is this?
Beautiful i m also fallow to Mark Fletcher. where is this ?
Hey, I played the game 'Hitman: Codename 47'. The first five levels of it show the buildings with such structures in it.
wow dude plz have visit in india
Love the textures, inspiring. I'm going to use that idea w/some of my Nepal pics. Wow, gorgeous photo.
Atmospheric... I like this one it has a subtlety that a lot of HDR lacks.
I'm not a 100% sure, but this is probably one of entrances/exits leading to and from the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. I like the look and feel of this picture looking like a painting.
The processing on this is really interesting, kind of looks like a 20's postcard!
nice editing light effect but muze is software ka nam chahie
oh yes... i do love the texture in this one... the canvas feeling of the sky and the just chalky sun... and the unusual perspective and framing... yes, this is really intriguing...
Ken Zak
This is great. Love the textures.
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