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The New Lytro Feature

What do you think of the new Lytro 3D stuff?  I think it's pretty cool and fun... sort of like a live Matrix-like effect...  I tried to convince them to call it a "Moviegram", but they went with Perspective Shift.  

Here's a picture I took of my daughter's eye...   

I'll post more on tonight...
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What a coincidence.  I'm reading up on the new filters and looking at a slide show.
I'm not sure this was the best subject unless there's something about teh picture that I'm missing. Maybe I'm just too used to anaglyph where you can get a real impression of depth.
Is it two shots compressed to make the effect... or more?  I can see the half and half reflections in her eye.
did you make the gif yourself or does the device do it?
+Trey Ratcliff  there is a strange artifact at the bottom of the image. Are-there such artifacts in the whole lightfield or was-there an issue with this shot? Does it alter the other effects you can do (like refocussing etc.) ?
whoa, spooky...  I was just telling someone about Lytro cameras
Glad that you like the new +Lytro features, this is only the beginning for Light Field Photography :)
Holy **. I'm totally nerding out here.
The shifting view is such a big improvement to the stationary view. It's so natural that we all do it. We shift our head and view to "make out" distant objects better. It is a sort of synthetic aperture.
I really want to see someone do a Lytro mirror tunnel.
Post more! It's cool!
Wow, that is amazing.
I need to become a photographer so I have an excuse to play with this stuff.
Van S.
Kinda freaky in a way!
Nothing is impossible. U C 
Wow! That's so captivating ! 
That Lytro technology looks amazing!  I really should buy one to check it out.

+Trey Ratcliff: I notice an odd artifact/bad pixels in the lower left (on the bottom edge about an inch right of the left corner).  There seems to be a section that is behaving incorrectly.  Is that caused by the gif for the lytro system?
haven't heard of what you're talking about, but this doesn't appear to be any different than animated gifs... something I'm missing?
What's happening in the bottom left?  lol
I. Think it's really cool...
I love it! Can't wait to get my hands on a Lytro cam.
That's truly trippy!
Not usually a fan of 3D stuff but exciting to see what is don't with this technology
lol lol i think i got brainwash by looking at it lollol 
but it s epic 
Changed your mind about 3D then Mr Ratcliff? Remember magic eye... ;)
lol well i all ways work in 3D  PICS  and perspectives drawing 
that's because FB does not allow animated GIFs. 
Your daughter and I have very similar eyeballs :)
spooky! It is off putting then you cannot please everyone
And when used with two pictures side-by-side (drag perspective on one to the left, and the other to the right), it'll show real #Stereo-3D.  Nice.
Looks like they're still stuck in annoying gimmickry. On the other hand, looks like they are slowly making some progress on the way to the (actual) final product, the hi-res 3D imagery and 3D video.

Meanwhile, meh. I'll hold them responsible for a lot of wobbly and annoying anigifs like this one littered all over the social media during the next few weeks, hopefully not months. :)
The eye itself is pretty, but the wobbling effect gets old and distracting after the first 5 seconds. The eye still looks better as a still image. 
+Erkki Juurus Not sure what you mean by "gimmickry" If you are referring to the wobbling, that is not in the original image, that's +Trey Ratcliff trying to show us what it is capable of by rotating through the entire range of perspective shift.
If you go to stuck in customs, you can look at the same picture and control the perspective shift yourself. (although i think changing the focal length is more impressive)
Nope, +clifford lowe, I was not referring to the wobbling, but the feature itself. I did get the point of the animated gifs.

"you can look at the same picture and control the perspective shift yourself."

Which is another useless gimmick, like the viewer changeable focus point. A feature that has little or no practical use, so far. Both of them are still mere proofs of concept that show what is possible with the Lytro tech, but so far have very little practical use.

That is, for now. Looks like the Lytro project is on to something cool, though, and like I said, the final 3D application(s) somewhere in the (near?) future will no doubt be genuinely cool. 
+Victor Pantoja Check out the samples on his website Vic, click to change focus point, click+hold to tilt the perspective and double click to zoom!
+Erkki Juurus  ahh.. I definitely agree that the wobbly gifs are annoying and would really prefer if there were a practical way to post the lytro image itself. The lytro images are not nearly so annoying.
From a practical standpoint, the only real benefit is the ability to tweak your composition after the fact. That's not terribly practical for almost everyone, but it is definitely impressive that they manage to get it into a camera at prosumer level cost ($399)
I like it.  Your daughter has beautiful eyes!
What's that? hahaha it's rare and awesome!
Trey, note that the movie gram motion is active on G+, but static when selecting g+ on Flipboard
it is amazing to see this. the camera will be the future no doubt about that. What I see in the I is the persons in a field on a clear day. Clouds and landscape, golden flowers with the person taking the picture in the shaded area. Am I mistaken?
I love this!! Its beautiful!!
Pat M
Not a fan at this time.
one step closer to harry potter!

yesssss :)
wobbly...think I'm getting sea sick... ;)
arghhhh it's freakin me out!
wow. i wanted to buy lytro cam for a long time. one more reason to it.
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