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Great Wall of China

I used the wrong photo in my talk at Zeitgeist... this is Great Wall photo I meant to use!  I spent so long piecing together a presentation that would span across 14 projectors on that specialized 180-degree screen -- I didn't even stop to make sure that I had the right photos in there.... anyway, below is the photo I meant to use along with a description of when I took it about a year ago:

I finally found an extremely remote part that is far enough away from civilization to stay pure. The ruins of the wall in this area has been overgrown with vegetation. When you walk along the top, you have to snake your way between huge bushes and all sorts of trees. Stairs and parts of the walkways have crumbled away in the past thousand years. The old towers are slopingly fragmenting as lichens and moss cover parts of the stone that are decaying away.

This has only reminded me that the main tourist part of the Great Wall is a very tiny stretch that has been re-built in recent years… so it is all fake and kind of Disney-wall. I don't think I like that...

I've walked from tower to tower throughout the day, looking at the sinuous wall as it snakes over the mountains. It's so huge that I won't even begin to come up with analogies… but, speaking of snakes, a family here told me to watch out for them. I kept that in mind as I hiked back in the pure black of night. I had a little flashlight to keep me company, along with my music. I didn't see any snakes, and I didn't fall down, so all together it was a great day and night.
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How do you even begin to comment on this!?
Maybe some day I can see these wonders but I sincerely appreciate you taking me there since that is probably not going to happen.
I enjoyed the snake part too!
wow its amazing //////////beautiful
+Trey Ratcliff : That's a beautiful shot that has special personal importance, because I have been trying for years to describe to friends and family what the remote areas of the wall are like.  This photograph finally nails it.  (I cross paths with the more removed sections of the Great Wall when doing field work).
So very beautiful ! I don't like snakes at all!
Yeaow! It looks fantastic. I wish I were there.
wah so beautiful +Trey Ratcliff
would you share with us that how many time you visited this beautiful place.
its great to have your sharings.
+Trey Ratcliff your stories as as good as your photos. I haven't yet travelled the way I want to, and here you give me both inspiration and desire to get out there. Yet again. Some day I hope to have a wall of my own to hang one of these beauties on.

Thank you so much.
That's absolutely breathtaking.
Wow, this is just awesome! I've never seen such an image of the wall. I think the chines gov't takes care that tourist only see the intact parts of the wall :-(
best image i've seen in a long time! Congratulations!
stunning and breath taking...feels like I'm actually at this place enjoying the view, the breeze, the rustic whispers..
One of the best shot for great wall.
very beautiful place......someday i will visit this place
Fantastic and amazing! Great photo!
Agree whole-heartedly on "the fake and kind of Disney-wall" part. The one in your great photo is the real Great Wall :-)
It's really quite beautiful. You've taken a fantastic photo. really!
@Savana: Me too! I do hope to make it a reality someday! It's one the things on my "Bucket List"!
love the leading line of the wall, and the great orange glow of the skyline, such great contrast.
Good picture. Great Wall in BeiJing. As a chinese, i also want to see
Can you just imagine this as a type of mural on your bedroom wall....from the foot of your bed....waking up to this view? Just a thought!
i can't believe it's a picture of the real world
+Trey Ratcliff will appreciate if you can share yr camera specs (make/ lens et al) :) The color spread by our only star are brilliant!!
wow very long, even how long can we finish crossing over this wall. very beautiful
your photo is beautiful! awesome
Any one reading Game of Thrones think of the Ice Wall when seeing this?
Uma N
I makes me feel I've never been there.
No words to describe this wonder. God is the creator.  awesome
Uma N
how r u?
This make you think in what or why did some one went to build this but as you look at it now how beautiful something like this can make you feel. Just letting your eyes be your soul!
always dream to walk on this great wall 
it looks heading to the sun. . .
nice shot... so bushes grow on the wall itself?
R Shree
Wow.......................Love this
Wow, finally there are areas that remain to natural! I thought everything was invested in tourism ... but no. It really looks like the great wall that belongs to a vesitge of a bygone era, in a civilization that is history. Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing!
A pure morning with a vision of non-tourist place. Nature's winning.
I love that.
A very special picture for me.
I really want to see there.
I've been to the wall 4 times and this is still the most stunning photo ive seen. Thankfully it was quite a clear day. Taking the picture at magic hour didn't hurt either. Excellent job Trey. 
Beautiful to see, but tiring to continue the walk. I went there last 2 years. OMG! It was cold & tiring.  I prefer to see it from photos.
its tooo old i prefer mt everest in nepal (8848)  highest peak of the world
Wowwww.....China's Great Wall ...!!!
nature at its best
WOW, Great Picture. No masses of tourist, definitely a remote part of China.
I have been to China numerous times & never visited the Wall. Missing out. Someone told me it's also called the "longest graveyard it the world", after all the workers that died building the wall and buried beneath it.
One of the man made wonders......
what do you mean the great wall of china...have you seen the size of this thing. Its 'The Great Wall' period...
Gotta hand it to you +Trey Ratcliff, you certainly are quite the adventurer! Very nice shot, too.
This picture speaks history! The colour of the sky, the length of the wall disappearing over the horizon exudes tranquility.  Great shot!
this wall was damaged cause of an earthquake
some time this wall like rock so please recover this wall
People all through history have worker to keep others out. Why is that?
No words to express my feeling
wanna have a walk with my friends in such a lovely place...!!!
awesome it is....
Jay Cee
I didn't think that their was grass on that walkway 
U r so fortunate 2 walk the real Great Wall of China!
ali pv
the grate one..
J Gohil
Great Wall of China
Doesn't look nearly as breathtaking live as it does here
Which part of Great wall is this ? I did Jhinshialing- Simatai route before. Also at inner Mongolia .
great wall of China is great at heart
This is a beautiful capture. I have never seen part of the wall it's gorgeous. 
Your choice is right, I guess one reason for opening the rebuilt Great Wall for the tourist is it's relatively safe, and most importantly most of the tourists have no idea and time to have an adventure in the beautiful GWs like your choice. Anyway, u truely find the right GWs.
That, right there, is beauty at its best.
Sorry you had that glitch +Trey Ratcliff ... it's an amazing shot of the Great Wall for sure! Is your presentation online anywhere?
I am a avid runner and I would love to run in that scene nice photo
Great wall is Great actually....  ;-), thanks for posting this.
beautifull picture and beautifull landscape!
Y Xie
its jst like a bridge to heaven.............
Awesome sunset, did you feel like you were walking back through time?
Ok wall of China. Not that great...
an chan
what a nice view... ^^
it'd be really awesome if I could someday take a walk there ^_^..,
I'm checking out the scenery,and sunset
the world's most special, scenic, serene, sublime and artistic architechture...........
Ryan Ng
What is the use of the Great Wall of china?
Why do you hide your eye in your photo in the same way many musicians do?
Amazingly beautiful...
the great wall named "changcheng" is not as original as it was ,like Trey said ,it is fake now ,i don't like it either ,almost all u see was re-build  ,and this place ,was crowdedddd when holiday comes.....
+Ryan Ng I believe it was built to stop the mongols from invading China. I don't remember when it was built but I do remember that they ended up marching around it and invading anyway.
+Trey Ratcliff Such a beautiful picture! Question: the white on the stones, is it snow/frost or is it part of the stone?
Wow,its very beautiful,,,u have a very nice shot,,,
Micki L
yeah real cool considering that it all as the hills>
I would love to go to places like this... So many fantastic places to visit and only so much time and money!
thats an extraordinary were so lucky for being there. I hope to see you in my country .It has a very rich culture .(Iran)
Its seen its better days has'nt it! Pretty though!
Most amazing man made engineering fears I've ever personally seen!
Thanks for the insite into a world of interest
Loved this story and photo. Good work. Well worth the hike. Glad you shared. I'll have to keep the snakes in mind once I make my trip there one day.
WK Woo
Thanks for taking this. This is the view of GW that I would like to see.
Art & nature rolled into one..gorgeous!
China the best place I ever seen

my sister has a friend who lives in China. shes so lucky!
is that the great wall of china
Fake N
Sun raised or sunset???
جدد صوره من الاخيرررررررررر
WOW! I have been to Great Wall in 2006 with my Chinese mother in law, my Chinese wife and our half Chinese son, that was one of my greatest moments in life and an ambition achieved.However, the view we had at the Badaling Section just outside Beijing, had NOTHING on this pic! Awesome picture Tre, keep em coming, you are gifted brother. ARE.
How magnificent the sight is!! I went there decades ago. Back then I didn't even own a camera!
No one but a fellow photographer can appreciate all the walking and looking for that perfect photo.  And no one but a fellow photographer can appreciate the walk back, in the dark, with the snakes.
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