Great Wall of China

I used the wrong photo in my talk at Zeitgeist... this is Great Wall photo I meant to use!  I spent so long piecing together a presentation that would span across 14 projectors on that specialized 180-degree screen -- I didn't even stop to make sure that I had the right photos in there.... anyway, below is the photo I meant to use along with a description of when I took it about a year ago:

I finally found an extremely remote part that is far enough away from civilization to stay pure. The ruins of the wall in this area has been overgrown with vegetation. When you walk along the top, you have to snake your way between huge bushes and all sorts of trees. Stairs and parts of the walkways have crumbled away in the past thousand years. The old towers are slopingly fragmenting as lichens and moss cover parts of the stone that are decaying away.

This has only reminded me that the main tourist part of the Great Wall is a very tiny stretch that has been re-built in recent years… so it is all fake and kind of Disney-wall. I don't think I like that...

I've walked from tower to tower throughout the day, looking at the sinuous wall as it snakes over the mountains. It's so huge that I won't even begin to come up with analogies… but, speaking of snakes, a family here told me to watch out for them. I kept that in mind as I hiked back in the pure black of night. I had a little flashlight to keep me company, along with my music. I didn't see any snakes, and I didn't fall down, so all together it was a great day and night.
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