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Live Astro-Hangout!

Who wants to join me next week for a Live Hangout with astronaut +Ron Garan ? For the upcoming show on Monday at 7 PM PT, we'll be talking to Ron all about awesome and geeky stuff like Space and Photography. So, maybe you are (or know of) a good night-star-astrophotographer? My producer +Dave Veffer is helping me, as usual, line up guests for the next show... Any and all suggestions are welcome! :)
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I would love to sit in on this.
Thanks for sharing~greatful
Damn, I'd love to be involved in this, but 7pm PT is 3am GMT and I will be all tucked up in bed.
Thanks for all the great suggestions! :)
You should certainly see if +Ben Canales can join the hangout. He has some gorgeous night/star images. 
Would be interested to hear his take on 12/21/2012 :P I'm definitely going to try to make it to this one!

While I was trying to setup a reminder for this one, it struck me that it would be pretty cool if Google+ had a way to recognize date values in the description text and convert them to Google calendar links so we could just click into it and add it to our Google calendars... Guess my thinking hat donned on me inadvertently :)
Thanks +Brian Matiash and +Kedar Kulkarni for the recommendation! +Trey Ratcliff I'm heading out to the mountains this weekend, but should be back late afternoon Monday, in case you're interested. I won't be leaving until tomorrow evening.
I think NASA's new Space Station time lapses of the aurora over the earth have finally made the ultimate connection of what astronomers, telescope-photographers, and landscape astrophotographers have all been doing differently, but also doing the same. We're all looking up and out at the beautiful night sky but with different lenses or equipment; the Space Station time lapses provide the link from deep space to our atmosphere showing that barrier is not all that thick and it really IS all connected. Technology is paving the way for photography/digital media to soon give another cultural revelation of what the night sky is for us humans in a jump beyond what it already has.
I'd love to sit in on this one. +Ron Garan always comes across as such a down-to-Earth guy... He's been a great ambassador for the space programme
Sorry this is off subject, but gorgeous pic! :)
Das sieht echt toll aus, es ist eine Mischung aus Nostalgie und Neuzeit, echt gelungenes Bild. Werde wahrscheinlich nie sowas vor die Linse bekommen
+Trey Ratcliff For a future show how about trying Joe Cornish a top UK landscape photographer it would be interesting to see a discussion between you two as your styles are at opposite ends yet he is intensely creative like you.
If the timing is right for Australia, I'd be interested. I do astrophotography through telescopes, as well as the landscape astrophotography like +Ben Canales .
Sounds like a cool hangout! Can we all hang out on the moon or hangout with the space station folk? Now THAT would be amazing! WHoo hooo! :)
Count me in! Excellent idea and thank you for sharing!
Cool shot, works well in black and white
Great shot!! i love this!!
ok.. +Trey Ratcliff I have yet to try a hangout. Is it kosher to lurk and just watch what's going on? I'd love to be a fly on the wall...
My father-in-law personally knows several astronauts, including ones who walked on the moon, like Buzz Aldrin. You will be in for some good stories from Ron Garan for sure!
I'll join and play the 2001 Space Odyssey theme...or any space themes you like.
God love you all his coming back God love you all his Coming back God
I will try to make the hangout, and we'll see how good an astrophotographer I can become in a 48 hour period (got the new T2i body, wedge mount for polar alignment is ready for p/u tomorrow! I'll be under the stars (and solar filter sun) Sunday!!
I hope I can bring some game, then, +Darryl Van Gaal; I won't have much time for processing so lets hope some almost-SOOC are worth-while!
Hey there, I am from Austria and it's midnight rightnow here, so one hour to go and I'd like to join you all there and a friend of mine +Sascha Einspieler too, at least he wrote me some hours ago that he'd like to ;)
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