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I'm looking forward to coming back to New Zealand in the next few weeks... ! :)
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That's good. How "real" is it?
Looking forward to see some great photos from the Shire and Mordor
great shot +Trey Ratcliff so jealous that you are moving there, just visited and didnt want to leave.
Really hoping you have the time to stop in Melbourne while you're in the vicinity... There's an active Photowalk crowd here that I'm sure would love to show you the city!
did you take that picture?
Awesome! Hope you're coming back to Christchurch :) Oh, and looks like the shore of Lake Whakatipu ;)
heck yeah. i make most of the bears i post
I see why. Would love to go there once more too.
+Trey Ratcliff What a beautiful shot! Would you mind if I downloaded it to use for writing inspiration? I won't publish the photo anywhere!!
+Shari Mattox and I have a good bottle of wine waiting for when you make it over here +Trey Ratcliff - your work has been an inspiration to her as she has launched her own website and held her first exhibition over the last few months!
+Trey Ratcliff Thank you! Thought it would be polite to ask, and let you know you have some serious impact on someone out there with your work!
I hope that your Kea Camper special price is still on
I would like to enjoy it too, if I managed to go there finally :))
im happy here in South Africa thanx..scenes like this and no quakes
That's wonderful news +Trey Ratcliff - I look forward to showing you the delights of North Canterbury... here on the east coast of the beautiful South Island! :-)
Hi, what's the best camera I can buy for up to £250? Need advice people :-)
Great picture by the way!
I'd love to look up my family some day on the Dutch side, Then go here this photo is pretty cool.
its a beauty, i'd love to go some day.
wow, that's so beautiful
Mmm, I think I recognise this location, the lake at Queenstown?
Never seen anything like it!
I love this serene, yet vibrant.
Nice shot I look forwards to seeing what you produce from the trip its a place high on my must visit list just gotta pursuade the wife its a good idea.
best photo I've ever seen just about! gr8 job 2 the photographer@!
Neha g
heyy truly nyc :)
not only is it beautiful scenery but beautiful photo as well....
+Trey Ratcliff your moving to Queenstown? Interesting, please do organize a photowalk in NZ, I'll join it where ever it's hosted. The States is just a bit too far to join for one of those.
Would love to be in that picture! :)
This is a natural painting .. just need to frame it and hang it on the wall .. Artist: Mother Nature! Wonderful!
my mouth literally just fell open there.! what a pic. should be on a postcard or made into a painting!
looks nice but looks cold!
New Zealand is a small place. Keep us locals posted with your movements. Be wonderful to take part in a photo walk. 
if staring at this picture could take one there in person, i would be there about 10 mins ago... sigh...
Did you use ACR for this pic? Or are the color really that spectacular over there? I have never been there but have heard is it beautiful
Hey Kanae hows about we both go to this Island? just me and you.
u are so lucky! i live on the other side of the panet...wish i could go there too...NZ must be beautiful!
+Trey Ratcliff - Where is that? Reminds me of Te Anau...

Also, any pics you could share of Christchurch would be greatly appreciated. It's my wife's hometown, we still have family there, and it would be great to see some of the rebuilding of Chch, my home away from home.
wow! what a beautiful picture! where did you took this picture?:}
New Zealand这是新西兰?it's so beautiful!!
So incredibly beautiful. Do you have wallpaper size by chance? :)
I have lived in New Zealand since 2003 but had to return to the UK three months ago...Bummer
Wow its awesome that you are moving there! I live in Auckland but I have been to Queenstown once. Its an AWESOME / EPIC place!
i am also looking for going to New Zealand next time... very nice place..
this is my back yard! howd you get this picture?!
สวยมาก แต่ดูเศร้าๆยังไงๆอยู่
If I could come home to a view like that, I'd want to call New Zealand home too...
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If Obama gets re-elected, we're moving to NZ.
Das sieht wunderbar aus! Ich liebe solche Bilder.
Lucky you to sense such a magical atmosphere! thank you for sharing this beautiful image.
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I'd love to see what you do with Tongariro National Park. Have a great time down there!
HEY Rudy you are RIGHT
this is still one of my favorite photos, I just love the colors. Also I'm a sucker for water scenes.

Good luck +Trey Ratcliff on your new adventure, you're going to be moving to NZ correct? Any idea for how long, or indefinitely until you get restless and decide to switch it up again?

Either way I imagine we will start seeing even more beautiful photos from you with your new "exotic" home port.
Nice pic. Where in NZ is this place?
looks booooooooooooooooooooooooooorin
So Beautiful I had to use it as my desktop pic today. Thank you Trey!
its beautiful, i could live, it looks so peaceful
Lin Jia
I feel silence and peace, I want to stay here and time could be stop.
bring a jersey.It's getting cold
Awesome ,, i'll feel a real ''relax'' living there ... Seems like in Bali
Why a jersey? I used to get a kick out of all the convicts I'd see sporting various team jersey's (like they actually graduated from one of those schools! ) . I prefer plain sweatshirts and jackets - no team, no product, no school free advertising. They keep you just as warm !
Ehsan B
what do i suppose to do?
lovely beauty of nature! will be there someday...
wow i like to go that place 200 years from now hahaha when i have a lot of money., well its so nice view
realy beutifull i like it......................
Can you take me ? \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
So nice it almost looks fake :)
u r looking forward to come back!!!!! ............. jst kidding :-)
Can you upload a copy of that as a 1080p background? It's very nice.
Hopefully you and you family will get settled in soon and begin enjoying your new home. I know you'll be missed by many people here in the States.
Where is this in New Zealand?
Beautiful! I'm going to plan to go there as soon as I can!
This is appealing with a somewhat somber mood to it.
amazing photo id love to go there!
Nice Art Work I Like It Very Much Trey Ratcliff
Where Are You From ?????
what is the resolution of this pic?How can i get it's original file?
wow amazing pic ♥
could you please add me
Hey mister! Its me. U shud call me
Sounds like you are leaving for NZ right after the Google event? Safe journeys and splendid sunsets.
Wow!!! Gods beauty....I want to live there!!!! Great job on the pic!
So many great shows have been filmed in this pulchritudinous landscape
I've always wanted to go to New Zealand...
Hey Trey, drop me a line if you do come back. Based in Nelson/Tasman region....
It's not a picture, it's a color ful poetry of a photographer.
is it real? I think it is an art!!!!!!!
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