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For the Google+ PhotoWalk - How-To Party Mode!

For the San Francisco PhotoWalk tomorrow, +Thomas Hawk and I wanted everyone to be in "Party Mode" on their Androids/iPhones.  This means that any photo you take automagically is shared to the event page.  So, everyone there can see many perspectives AND everyone not there can watch the event page.

Be sure to RSVP and see the Starting Location watch the event page here: 
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Thanks so much for sharing it is really easy too! 
Looking forward to living vicariously through "Party Mode" :) I thought you had a big crowd to lead through the streets of NYC when you were here +Trey Ratcliff ... guess that was nothin' compared to the crowd you & TH will guide through the streets of SF!! Should be interesting lol. Have fun!
Just got back San Francisco mapa bouncy that bouncy Napa County had a great time
How come there are unrelated posts here too?
For a moment there, i thought i'm on facebook...

It's all fun and games until someone forgets they're in "Party Mode" and accidentally streams those unintended pics of them and the Secretary at the office party. 
I am trying to have a party tonight, but I cannot find the variety hour hangout.

Is the hangout happening tonight?

Is today Monday?
This has been available for a year now...nothing new at all here.
thats a knee slapper xD
i have used this feature many time. it works great. very awesome.
Hmmmm, I'm not sure.  I'm kind of ditzy some times, and might forget to turn off the feature.  End up with all kinds of crazy stuff going public.
This is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.  Instead of partying, I'm supposed to go around and chronicle the party that I'm not really participating in?  To hell with that nonsense.  To hell with Google if it wants to steal my party action.  I pity the losers that would use technology this way.
+Robyn Blaber The point for me is to automatically share the photos I would be taking anyway at a party. You don't have to change your behavior just because of this feature. Instead, you should benefit from it when your behavior matches what it expects you to do.
This reminds me of people who come to Paris and photograph and/or take video of the Louvre and its treasures without actually observing them.  If you take even one photograph at a party, you are not IN the party, you are just an observer... and in my mind, a bit of a loser.  To photograph and or video the whole event... well if one wasn't wasn't specifically hired to do so, then I have pity for such people.
I would never use such a feature.  I'm going a step further and suggesting to others that they should stop being pathetic and enjoy their lives.
People like Robyn have small minds. They can't get over themselves and appreciate what other people might find interesting or fun. They'd rather throw insults and call people pathetic because they can't see the potential in embracing a feature like Party Mode. Those that do appreciate it will enjoy the benefits. They'll also be able to enjoy the party, not just at that moment, but also later when viewing and sharing the photos and videos with their friends. 
+Shariq Syed +Robyn Blaber Don't knock it, its a great feature. The party breaks off into different groups and crazy pics are taken without knowing because you might be inside the house and others are outside or elsewhere. Its a great feature and its been used several times before by myself and friends. 
Apple will invent this and call it iParty
Now that is funny. Is it legal?
+Robyn Blaber very insightful. Samsung is considering eliminating the camera on the galaxy s5 for just that reason. 
This explanation might be wasted on some folks that have decided that they're "too cool" to take pictures, but haven't you ever attended an event and posed for various pictures with your friends, and folks that took pictures would tell you, "Sure I'll send you the pics"... but they never do?

How many times have you taken pictures with your phone or digital camera and had the photos sitting on that device for weeks, eventually forgetting that you promised to share them with someone?

Wouldn't it be convenient to have an on-line album already set up dedicated to the event for which you (and others) took photos or videos?

Party Mode on Google+ Events isn't about NOT mingling or enjoying yourself with other guests at a party. It isn't about being the only one person trying to capture all the memories at a party. That's no fun.

The point of it is for everyone that decides to take pictures at the event to have those photos automatically go to a central location. Those that took pictures with a regular camera could upload them to the same event album later. The advantage is that everyone who was invited to the event would then be able to see the pictures...and the pictures would be from various people with various styles, vantage points, angles, etc. (not just one photographer).

Those that couldn't make it to the event (family/friends that are geographically too far away, for example) would be able to see and enjoy photos/videos from the event in near real-time...and comment on the event posting.

It's a fun way to share memories without having to worry about finding a photo-sharing site and re-sending links to everyone. You can make the event public or keep it limited to only the guests that were invited. 

Despite nearly everyone having access to digital cameras in their phones, relatively few know how to share those photos with others. This is a way to do so.
Pretty cool, now all I have to do is wait to be invited to a party through G+ to try this...... =/
why would I wann share my drunk friends pic anyways? XD 
I use party mode at the kids baseball games and we love it!
Hello! Everyone am new at this how do I use party mode, am new at this web.
It happens. Blackmail. I just don't wanna see bathroom pics or too drunk pics. I've seen plenty in person. I just understand the implications. I'm all for sharing party pics. I love taking them. Now lets have a party♥
Sounds great right about now.
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