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Driving across the ice early in the morning.... wishing I had some hot coffee! :)
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Starting to shiver just looking at it. Beautiful image . Love the tracks curving off into the distance!
Are you sure you weren't driving towards a nuclear explosion? :)
Looks pretty chilly.  I like the fog/mist/cloud around the sun with the blue skies.  Seems like you're in the middle of nowhere.
Hmm... if you ever need an assistant that takes rubbish action photographs, give me a call! Your life is too exciting, Trey!
Wow, that's what I'd call a job perk! 
although i will do anything to see that beutiful view personaly . but , yes i think hot coffee will be great :D
I've gotta get a job like that.  Looks like my kinda place.
that demands some steamy beverage for sure. ;)
Almost 100 degrees in New England. Your photo cooled me down immediately. Thanks
Don't fall through it!  The ice, that is, not the coffee...
+Trey Ratcliff Where are you anyway?  We could turn this into a game.  "Where in the world is Trey Ratcliff"...  You leave clues with pictures :)
wow, so amazing! Really good! Like it :)
Thai can't be South Island New Zealand, can it?
That almost looks like you could be driving across clouds .
You've been watching that Ice truckers show again. have'nt you? Nice photo.
I wish a big and warm Hug from special one..Haahaaha
"It's 82 Degrees Fahrenheit [ 27.778 Celsius ] Right Now, But."
I am so jealous! Wish I had the money to go to 1 of the beautiful places in the world you've gone to! I have my passport if you need someone to make a great cup of coffee for you!
what do you do in there???
it's great picture with beautiful sunset
I wish I was in the southern hemisphere, I miss winter.
Anna K
I wonder if it Alaska or Canada
Anna K
now i believe it is Iceland
wow you got snow its so hot pretty much everywhere else right now lol
I like that there are tracks in this this picture to the right and an amazing shot of the sun to the left. The photo could have been less spectacular.I hope I'm on the right track?
It is great.I have no idea about driving car on snow,but  have several experience of trekking on snow in early morning during our expedition
over GREAT HIMALYA.we used to walk  14000/ 15000ft over see level.
most of my pics are B/W. Your pic is more lively.  
lol jared i was thinking the same thing haha!
woow lucky you  hahaha lol
This is beautiful!

LoveInfinity; Karen
i haven't seen your writting but would love to :-)
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