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I just turned on Subscribe on Facebook at

Question: Should I go through the trouble of replicating albums over there? I'm really enjoying albums and photos on Google+. I'm just adding to the Burning Man album below here... but it's hard for me to imagine doing it over on Facebook too. OMG digital drama. I need some chocolate.

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You should have some teasers, then link to a real photo service such as flickr.
lol don't do it Trey, you can't beat G+ for image viewing quality
Since the photos are in Picasa, you could always share the links to the collections over there.
Stick with Google+, the photo viewing seems better. Loving the 'love' btw :)
If you prefer posting your albums here, then just post links to your G+ albums in Facebook?
Have you seen their new Timeline view on Facebook? It's a neat way to track things in a chronological order. It doesn't compare to the sheer awesomeness that the album viewer is here at G+
Keep it here, this platform is far more user friendly!!
Wow! I gotta say the new facebook timeline does a great job with pictures. Your timeline looks awesome!
not every social network needs to have the same content. If you like using this better for photos, then stick to using here for photos.
+Trey Ratcliff I would just posts links of your Google+ albums on Facebook. Looks much better over here.
the new interface @ fb is really great looking, but i prefer googleplus
I don't think so, they have to hit a link to open a new tab to see the albums anyway, why not have that like open G+ instead?
friendster myspace facebook Google+
Some plugins exist on Facebook that directly link with your flickr account, post new pictures on the wall, link to a dynamic library.
Perhaps there's an app you can use to post both places? Didn't G+ release an API the other day?
Don't bother with facebook. Just link here.
You can just post the link to your google album on your FB wall...why do double work?
Populate Facebook also. For those people not on G+. :) (or for those people who use both. I happen to like Facebook's albums better.)
If you enjoy here more than there, then why change (or duplicate)? Do what you enjoy most - if you can't please yourself, then trying to please others is an empty goal.
Rather than posting all your stuff on FB, maybe just post the Picasa album links?
Put those pics on Facebook - the new timeline really does well with images.
Love the photo, don't do the Facebook thing, it is such a pain....and here is some Nutella for ya.
Man, your facebook profile page looks really beautiful with timeline turned on. I think it makes it worth it.
I agree with other suggestions to post links to your G+ albums.
just point them to google+ now that it's gone public.
Yep, post links to your G+ album. 2 Birds. 1 Stone.
Chocolate fixes everything! ;)
Personally, in regards to the photos, I think I would leave them here and post a link to the albums there... That way you can cosolodate the feedback (comments) 'n such in one location... At least with any pro shots... Personal snapshots 'n such? I would post those on Facebook... Of course, that is the difference between Facebook and Google+ for me... Facebook = family 'n friends, staying in touch, look at our family pics! Google+ = learning new things, exposure to awesomeness that I never noticed at near the same level 'there' as I do HERE! ;)
... just my 2¢
Feel free to do whatever you like on FB - as long as you promise to stay active here on G+ and light up our streams with your great photos and professional insight :)
LOL! Just love a guy who loves chocolate. I don't think you need to replicate your albums over at FB. Just share your photo posts on G+ with FB! Photos look so much better here, anyway.
My suggestion... share it on G+ then share the G+ link on Fb ;-)
...that way your extra time will help migrate users here, cutting future time
Here is the only place that matters. Well to me anyway, I think your photography is GREAT and would not have found it without G+.
No need for me to "subscribe" to you on FB as I have you in my Photography circle here. I think G+ does a better job of displaying photo's then FB does. But duplicating it on FB will give you a bigger audience.
I think the images look much better on G+. They may lose their richness on FB. ---- I think ---
It would be great if G+ would add a share to fB link on a posts permalink :-)
+Trey Ratcliff The pictures do appear crisper and bigger here. However, FB has upped it's maximum resolution and as far as I understand there is no limit to the amount of pictures you can upload on FB, whereas on G+, Picasa Web has a storage space limit for their free subscription. Also FB hired a new team of professionals for their Photos section, making Photos a priority now on FB, so expect some nice changes coming their way. I'm just playing devil's advocate. Either way is fine with me, I'm on both so I'll see your pictures either way. :)
The facebook stuff is compelling in a design sort of way, but remember that it's all geared towards LOCKING in people to their "platform", and the shiny exterior will wear off in due time. I would stick with building your portfolio on a platform that won't try to lock you in. We are on the cusp of a whole generation of open source API based apps that will do everything and way more than Facebook ever could. Including interface with Facebook (to extend to that large audience that most photographers are compelled towards).
I say do what ever makes you feel warm and fuzzy in FB. Just keep up the amazing photos and editorial over here. I'm guessing cross posting albums doesn't work?
People like you will make or break a social website
I need some chocolate too. Good idea!
I'd say don't do it! Send them from FB here instead.
Wow! Congratulations- I haven't quite taken the plunge. All my friends are still over there? What is that all about? :D
Jo Jou
no, just keep posting them here. facebook photo viewer is just pale in comparison to G+'s
Always at the right place at the right time. Well actually, +Trey Ratcliff, you decide the place and the time and turn a part of your environment into something beautiful for the world to see. LOVE this! I have heard of burning man years ago but never knew or seen as much as I have since you have made this trip. I would LOVE to go now and experience it for myself. Well done.
Chocolate is good for everything. I am also addicted. ;)
I wouldn't do it, if Facebook is further messing up with the site. Also the photos are displayed smaller there then on G+.

I post my pics on both too because my friends are to lazy to come over to G+.
As some wisely remarked, you can visit every online place you wish, but it's not bad to have one home location. What you can do is post it all publicly here and share the link to the album there ;).
To be completely honest Facebook has suddenly got very personal, to share photos on there +Trey Ratcliff you'd prob be better off having a page rather than post the albums on your profile, that's why I love Google+ I don't know you personally but I put you in my Photographers circle for a reason, and that's to follow just your posts (and in that sense just your photos etc) Checking up on what your new pets called to what song your listening to on the toilet to your latest girlfriend woes (not saying you have any) But that's how I see the two social networks at this stage, One for following the things you like (Photography, Art, Gaming etc) to the personal profile that is all about "You" the person.
Maybe it's just me, but I don't like how photos look on FB. I think they look better here. Your thoughts?
Noooo! Be strong, keep it G+! :D
photos look a lot better on g+ ... i wouldn't go through all the work of putting them up on there as well. but then again, it would give you a bigger audience... man thats a tough one... i need some chocolate, too!
Put links to your G+ albums on Facebook, so those outdated Facebook people will have to come over here to enjoy them, and they might just stay.
I love seeing your photo's here on G+. You're in my photographers circle, and I get to see your posts as soon as you upload them. They're great! Facebook is so myspace, it will fade. The future is here.
Beautiful capture Trey! Color looks amazing!
It really depends on how difficult it is for you to just upload the same albums. There are some programs that automatically upload your photo libraries to Facebook, like iPhoto for example which could automate the process for you a bit.
It is a big headache. Majority of my family and friends don't see the point to migrate to a new social network and for a power user like you who has a big fan base,you can't just leave them there. I feel your pain. +Trey Ratcliff .By the way love all your shots of China. I miss my home country.
Umm I just saw you have 603 subscribers on FB, and 118419 people following you on Google+ I think the answer is clear.
Whatever you choose to do, do one of the following:
1. Duplicate everything, 100%. Make it identical and just post it twice for a wider audience.
2. Duplicate nothing. Create unique content for each place.
3. Duplicate some - post 100% in one place, only partially in another
4. Drop facebook or (*gasp*) Google+ and just stick to one place.

I don't like the concept option #3. I like the concept of having unique content each place. I'm personally doing option #2 right now, but looking towards option #4 at some point. But I don't know if it's realistic to every expect FB usage to drop to zero, it probably isn't. But you can perhaps comment and respond on FB, but post all things yourself on G+. Anyway for a person like you, option #3 might be acceptable, but I think #1 or #4 is the best way to go.
lmao @ +Trey Ratcliff Digital Drama is a great phrase for the G+ vs. FB mini-war that's going on. Good stuff! I have a friend that goes to Burning Man every year and raves about how awesome it is.
Honestly I wouldn't really bother. Google+ handles photos and albums much better in my opinion. Seems a bit much to put everything in both places.
For now use it because don't forget Facebook has 500 million users.
Enjoying your photos with a cup of coffee.. thanks Trey
I should think posting pointers on FB back to G+ would be your best option.
What about your photos' license? On Picasa you can license you photos on Creative Comons. Can you do the same there? I though that Facebook has all right on your photos
+Trey Ratcliff I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to view the timeline as that looks really neat, but alas, I give up. G+ is so much more simple and intuitive.
Facebook = more users but lower quality and more hassle.
Google+ = less users but higher quality and since you use Picasa ease of use.
It seems to me to be better interaction too but I am not sure how much of that is initial excitement.
Trey, no reason to replicate albums on FB. People will come to G+ just to check in on your albums.
I keep looking for your works on Pinterest...let us know when you join!
+Trey Ratcliff I think the question is do you want to. I sense you vacillating with your decision. You have been walking on the fence for too long. I sense that you want to jump in and crowd surf with your G+ friends and forget the FB world.
Is there any metric that lets you know how much traffic at Stuckincustoms comes from face book vs other sources?
btw... i'm still uploading to both places. I push everything to fb, but only the best ones to g+
What I have done is post one good photo on Facebook and link to my G+ album, instructing my friends to go there to see the rest.
The real issue +Trey Ratcliff is that in the long-run you'll end-up splitting your community as soon as you have more than one place where you have up-to-date or high-quality stuff. I vote you put in on G+ since we found you, here, so the proof is that we're here, actively engaging you, that's a community you definitely want to foster.

As an example, Twitter is incredibly popular in the U.S. but in Sweden almost no-one uses it, so when we opened our first store in Sweden we were trying to promote online with that and a web site and realized that although we could put together an awesome web site with deep and meaningful content, the vast majority of our members used Facebook to network around so we decided to link everything to a Facebook page that was updated daily instead and our membership appreciated that. It seems to me in the long-run networking on Google+ is going to be of much higher quality than Facebook because of the fundamental way you interact with content & find stuff/real-people linked to it.
I can't help thinking that most of the people who are saying "don't bother" do not have timelines enabled.
I'm going through the same dilemma Trey. I think G+ is where I'm going to start focusing instead of facebook from here forward. We'll just have to see how it all pans out.
I think at some point, some people are just going to have to make a choice and go with one or the other. I know if you're using both FB and G+ for promotion it will be hard. But honestly, just the little bit of social media I do seems to suck up a whole lot of my time. I can't imagine trying to to seriously keep up with both FB and G+. Pick the one you like the most and really make it great. If people want to follow you, they will.
I've met you through G+ and I think I'll follow you exclusively from here... I'm trying to bring my real world friends to G+ and not the other way around... follow people I'm interested in through FB :)
My solution has been to link my posts on Facebook if I really think they're worth sharing. Just get the URL for the album on Google+ and let them use G+'s (vastly superior) photo system to enjoy it. Then all the pictures and comments are in one place.
Stay where you are and invite people to join you. I'm liking Google+.
Cool shot....obviously 'love' is in the air at burning man!
I turned off my facebook account yesterday. drama over.
Stay here. I'm currently inviting people with pages on FB to begin posting here so that I won't miss a thing. FB is a sinking ship. :-)
I only put photos on G+ and post links to them for my FB friends. Seems best for me.... I would like to see G+ have an email upload option....
Someone needs to design an app to automatically share your G+ pictures with Facebook. I'm surprised it hasn't been done already. I have always hated Facebook, and all of my status updates there are direct from my Twitter. No duplication.

Love this photo by the way!
Wow great album, hmmm i wouldn't bother.
The changes at Facebook may drive people away in droves.
I think I just want to view them here because it's one of the reasons why I'm on G+ ... but it's your call.
I'm actually making my way from Facebook to Google+ and I have to say, I like viewing the pictures here than in FB.
Use your pull to drag people over to G+ if they actually want to see the awesomeness of your photographs. Keep Facebook dancing around.
How about deleting the facebook account? :)
It's funny I was just thinking about this. Not specifically to Photos, though that is a big part of it. I'm not sure why, but even though there is duplicate content in my FB newsfeed, and my G+ Stream, for some reason I prefer to view it in G+. I find myself more likely to actually read the posts, engage, and reshare content from G+. Where as the very same content on FB (where I have more of my actual friends) somehow doesn't grab my attention.
Facewhat? I subscribed but I don't visit FB much anymore since this plus place opened...

I think you should keep your albums in one place and link to that place everywhere else.

P.S. If you subscribe via FB your profile is linked as a subscriber for all to see. Update your privacy settings if you don't want to share everything with everyone who likes Trey's work...
G+ is more easy and clear.
FB is only better for groups like "Pluto for president" because there arent in G+.
You can use the StartGooglePlus chrome/firefox extension to bring your albums to Google+ from Facebook, and you can use the G+ Pic Import iOS app to bring albums over from Facebook, Photobucket Flickr and Instagram. The app, however, makes the albums public, so be sure to adjust that if you need to.
I would not take the time to upload the photos to facebook albums. + photos are housed in Picasa web albums. No reason not to share a link to the album on facebook.
Here's a sucky thing about FB. When I started there, there was an option when you edited your photo albums to disable right click downloads. Not only did they take that away, they now have a big 'download this photo in hi-resolution' on every pic that is shared. I've quit putting most of my art & photography there, even on my biz page because of this.
Just in case you did decide to put things on facebook, there is an easy way to migrate them all If you use picasa, there is a facebook plugin for picasa which lets you easily upload picasa albums to facebook albums... Not that I think you need to, as many others have said, most people are moving over here for pictures etc
but i open fb daily,its fun to play backyard monsters there
Merci pour les conseils, mon Dieu vous bénisse soeur et mon Dzaki la charité
That's brilliant!! Oh, and forget about Facebook.
no to fb :) and this is such a warming shot
how can you not +1 "love"
I'd say throw up a couple teasers and mention all of your stuff is at G+ .... of course I'm completely biased
I think you should just tell people to follow you on google+ :)
I say keep your photos off facebook. Just just a link to them.
I should send you some Theo chocolate from Seattle. It's so good!
Google plus is open to all now. So I'd say use the opportunity to show the huge Facebook world the special G+ photo community (and more) that is growing. Maybe lead with a teaser pic over there and throw a link over to here?
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How about starting by dropping a link to the G+ albums on Facebook and seeing how your Facebook audience reacts?
Delete the Facebook account, G+ is perfect for what you're doing. Brilliant photo!! This for sale as a print? ;)
Are you using FB? Are you going to use it for FB users who are not on G+? Then yes, you need to keep your FB updated as you would G+.
Hear ya, Trey. Oh...the drama. lol
I agree to most of g+ users, just post a teaser and link them to g+. Photos here looks so much better. 
Trey, you have both page and personal profile at FB; most know you from that site and your participation there for years; I like G+ for photography but the Q is how do we get all of our "fans" and "friends" over here so that we have the same interaction and contact? You may have to do both with lots of chocolate. Love the image, fantastic light, shading and expression.
At the moment gplus is more about business contacts and cross pollinating ideas. The masses are happy in fb land. So yeah, a different approach is need here, for the moment, think less broadcasting and more hunkering down into smaller groups. But agreed, photo sharing is the bees knees on Gplus! There's some pretty savvy people on here to learn from.
agree Paul, and music on FB will sooth the masses, so both are needed
Trey. You should investigate Facebook's content ownership policies thoroughly before posting your work there. They seem to think they own everything you upload to do with as they please.

Photographers beware
Agreed +Dwaine Gallimore . The UI on G+ is beautiful and really highlights the photos themselves. I'm just playing devil's advocate and I acknowledge that Facebook will most likely be overhauling their photos module. This is however an assumption on my part based on the news that they have expanded their Photos team and have made Photos a new priority. It's nice to see G+ and FB compete like this, cause it forces both to come up with new innovative ideas.

If FB copies implements a similar feature or improves upon a feature that G+ has, G+ is forced to better it as well. Likewise with G+ improving the whole lists idea with Circles. It forced FB to make Smart Lists. Just excited to see what's in store.
Facebook has modified the way they show images, they now show full page like here on Google+ only with a white background instead of a black background color. It all depends on the audience you want to inspire. I still have a lot of folks over on Facebook that just have not moved to Google+. +Trey Ratcliff
I think being simplified Google + is the future. Mark Zuckenburg is really projecting his own demons on to facebook. I think he truly thinks he is bringing the world closer with his SHARE everything approach but at the end of the day I think that deep inside Facebook is just his way of being closer to the world because of his own social quarks.
Kyo Cho
I would personally like to have my fb friends see ur awesome work..

if you are satisfied over here, why bother duplicating it anywhere else?
Plus, i like this format much better.
+Trey Ratcliff Stick with G+ Facebook is for your pals. G+ is for interesting people. Also, I don't want to see your same photos in two streams... too spammy.
It is of course up to you whether you replicate your albums on Facebook as well as G+, but I'll only be looking at them on G+. I think it does a better job of presenting the photos.
For chocolate, Dark Chocolate....yumm!
I agree. You are free to upload photos on Facebook. But I will only be looking at your photos on Google+.
It's up to you. People will look at them in both places. It comes down to weather or not you want to maintain and moderate your albums in both places.
I'm doing both. The more exposure the better. For me anyway. :)
I don't upload photos to Facebook. I feel they compress them too much and they don't look great. Here at Google+, the images look fantastic.
Amazing pictures. Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to your next Google+ post.
I would say no but then again I'm partial to G+... I do think you should just post teasers and link to G+ via Picasa since all of your albums are public anyways.
I think you should post in Facebook, there are many art lovers there, more people see your art it may inspire others. I prefer G+ though.
Well, +Trey Ratcliff , if you wish to duplicate your photos on Facebook, follow your head and your heart. I understand the "go where the audience is" arguments. For what it is worth, I do not have a Facebook account and have no intention of opening a Facebook. I have been thrilled Google+, and it is all the social networking system that I need (and have time to use). It's your content, so post it wherever you wish.

Thank you for sharing with us here at G+. Your Burning Man photos have been terrific and provided a wonderful participant's view of the event.
I think there is a reason, why you are one of the most followed persons on G+ and in my opinion you belong to G+ ;D You can't avoid to be into the "fight" between fb and g+ ;)
Just have your album public on G+ and point FB users there instead of duplicating the effort 
I don't know, Facebook is starting to feel more and more like MySpace to me. I don't know why you'd bother. I almost never check my facebook page. I'm actively evangelizing Google+ amongst my facebook friends.
trying to do the switch myself from fb to g+
OMG, Facebook is so yesterday dude! Just keep making G+ pretty! :)
+Trey Ratcliff I heard FB upped their image quality with that last update. Which they had to, the compression destroyed any hint of a solid photo.

As an aspiring amateur photographer I made the switch to G+ completely after this latest debacle they call an update over at FB but I was migrating here for 2 reasons:

1. Larger files and no compression (so it seems)
2. The people here, like yourself make this a great place to learn and grow in an area thanks to all your tips and tricks.

I only check my FB once or twice a day because of G+.
"You hereby grant Facebook an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense) to (a) use, copy, publish, stream, store, retain, publicly perform or display, transmit, scan, reformat, modify, edit, frame, translate, excerpt, adapt, create derivative works and distribute (through multiple tiers), any User Content you (i) Post on or in connection with the Facebook Service or the promotion thereof subject only to your privacy settings or (ii) enable a user to Post, including by offering a Share Link on your website and (b) to use your name, likeness and image for any purpose, including commercial or advertising, each of (a) and (b) on or in connection with the Facebook Service or the promotion thereof."

Ooohhh that's hard dude!
The upgrades at FB may improve things there, but I'm really enjoying your and other photographer posts here on G+, unlike other sites to date. Seems this platform is really well constructed for exactly how you have been using it.
I say: Eat the chocolate first. Then, ponder how awesome the chocolate was that you just consumed. Third, open Facebook and think about the process of replicating everything over there despite having a huge following here (since G+ is the best place ever). Finally, ponder consuming more chocolate in the wake of the stress of doing step 3 of this process.

Wait till the dust settles, eat chocolate
I'm only putting them here now (and some on flickr and 500px) with a link back from Facebook... my Twitter use has dropped to almost nothing.. just don't have time for them all...
C Lee
I need love,it give me power,thanks!
Like Ziggy Marley said, "Love is my religion"
Like it !
Trey, post your photos on FB! There will be some who'll never switch. These are gorgeous!
HER there's fact and delusive
a FACT is the SUN and a delusive is .........,
I don't know, you can get quite a following over there and you can publish your own fanpage seperate from your private facebook page, I know b/c my daughter is MISS PUERTO RICO NPRP 2011 Francis Cruz, she is the current crown holder and she desperately needed a fanpage b/c she became an instant celebrity overnight.
Don't even bother since a lot people have unsubscribed themselves and it's become rather bother on facebook.
Good stuff man!! ✰✰✰✰✰
nice..........n beautyfull..........
All I'm going to do from here on out is occasionally post a link on fb to my G+ stuff. G+ is infinitely better than fb.
Keep'em here, for sure. They'll look way better.
Beautiful Photo's. Thank you for sharing them... Some are just stunning... I cross post between FB and here, but finding I am posting less and less to FB lately. Thank you again.
Amazing photos. Really capturing the story for those of us who are unwilling or are unable to experience the journey. Thank you.
The graphic views were different.
This is really the place for photos. We really appreciate them :)
We need something like this here in Europe!
Facebook Photos do not upload with the same quality as G+ and the features are not there. Just leave them all here for us to enjoy
Much better here. It just works. I use (and give credit to you of course) your umbrella photo on my Facebook homepage to encourage my friends to come over to Google+. Also when I share your photos on Google+ the ones who don't have Google accounts get emails with links to your Google+ album. 
Facebook gives you additional exposure though.
just stay here,  fb gives more exposure and discussion and friends, but it up to you, just start fresh and stay here also, is that so difficult to decide?  :-)))
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