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Tableau Vivant of Wild Horses

It was about 2 A.M. and the sun was just dipping into the horizon for a short stint. These horses were frolicking about in a huge flat field a bit inland from the end of the fjord. They were all so lively and alert, jumping and posing here and there. And then they set up in a very interesting configuration, and I barely had time to put on the right lens before it all drifted apart.

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+Trey Ratcliff the colors going from cold to warm is intriguing. Those look like some small horses :-)
I love the way the Sun looks in your photographs :)
I wish I was a frolicking horse every now and then. 
It is most absolutely a wonderful equine configuration, +Trey Ratcliff! Often horses are bunched up in all the wrong ways, but it all came together for this shot! =D
I think we should make up stories about the 6 horses on the left and why they won't hang with the two on the right ;)
Mary M
It's daylight at 2 am there?
+Bruce Jones the horses on the right are clearly having a "moment". The others are embarrassed and pretending to be concentrating on the grass.
That's the best caption I've ever read. 
look at da purty horseys!
hermoso atardecer..
good shot! i love it!~
arun kb
magic in horizon..
Super spectacular photo. I am however intrigued by this 2am mention. 
ning lu
fantastic color
Very beautiful image! And the show was great like always
incredible absolutely incredible photo, congratulations and what a blessing to be there at that time
蓝天,白云,草地,牧群...我向往的地方..梦想的天堂 ........
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Hmmm... Any chance of seeing the original for comparison to the edit?
a romantic land .. real nice. sunset or sunrise so
beautifull view..........
luks like heaven....really amazing picture..
Lake district?.......wished Wordsworth could write a few lines on this.
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+Trey Ratcliff  Is this in Queensland? (and Sun sets around 02:00 AM in summers ? ) . Spectacular as usual. 
/me waits for a day to spend atleast 3-4 months in New Zealand. Luckily with some tweaks I have that flexibility at work. I just have to be patient enough :)
And I know most peps said that
WOW!!!!!!! What a beautiful Scene. Hey TREY, Take Care of Your Eyes.
...Absolutely excellent and thanks for such a nice post...-:)
tone mapping:photography::dynamic range compression:music
Beautiful Trey, Thank you for sharing. I felt like I was right there with you sharing the moment.
Wow, nothing else I could think of to say
A Luna
very beautful....
all the images in your collection are fantastic man.
Beautiful shot with the sun rising in the background.
amazing pic
natural photo shoot. which place is it?
colorful and clear  ...beautiful
What an amazing photo indeed. Same with the fact perhaps that the sun rises at 2am at his place. :))
superb, what is timing superb one of the best
Hi the picture is very beautiful
Veryyyyyy beautiful
Excellent pic, with so much sun at 2am I'd feel disoriented the next day and falling asleep would be a problem.
San dip
very nice n cool pics...
The light in the pic is stunning. Good job.
Wow that's what I can dedication.  At 2 am I'd be grumpy and tired and irritated.
hbs hbs
perfect shot, keep it up!
So which lens and settings did you finally land on to take this?
ros han
so nice..............
I had made it a desktop background ;)
wow!!  so nice this place i like it
Beautiful picture Trey and thanks for sharing, quite intriguing that the sun is just setting by 2am, in my part of the world (South Africa) it's winter now and the sun sets between 5 & 6 pm if we are lucky.
this picture amalgamate two great HDR photography concepts as on left we can see some icy blue whereas on right side this warm red giving great hot feeling. 
thanx for my new wallpaper! I love the Sun! and BTW my name, Filip (Philippe) means "horse lover" (phil hippos)
That's the beauty of nature for you.
it would be much better if you don't push the HDR technology so hard. Looks realy cheap.
so beautiful! feels there :)
Beautiful. At 2 in the morning!!! It's pitch dark in my country.
It is amazing how your photo's make you feel like you were right there at that moment. Beautiful!
is beautiful adds a touch of joy is the color of sunset is beautiful with horses grazing in the field is price!
Ki Wi
wow..did i heard 2 AM ? b'coz I never knew that sun dips at 2 AM
wow amazing view...i love nature ^^

"nature's at its best"
hourse is my fevourite animal
very nice photo
superb.what a pic...!!!i love nature
Awesome!! This will be my new wallpaper for awhile :)  Thanks for sharing!

It was about 2 A.M. and the sun was just dipping into the horizon for a short stint. These horses were frolicking about in a huge flat field a bit inland from the end of the fjord. They were all so lively and alert, jumping and posing here and there. And then they set up in a very interesting configuration, and I barely had time to put on the right lens before it all drifted apart.
It would make a great puzzle,nice!
makes me feel soooo good looking at this pic..!!
wow this is so beautiful I love it.
We have wild horses in Eminence Mo!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful pic thank you Trey!!!!!!!!!:)
OMG P4wni3s!
This actually looks like a real exposure, kudos to the photographer. Hope shooting into strong sunlight didn't adversely affect your CCD, coz it doesn't seem like you used a polarising filter on this one.
That is so beautiful. Especially the tufty grass and the rays falling on the two horses to the right..
That is beautiful, thanks for sharing
jk tina
Its gorgeous!!
Trey! Trey! Get the lonely horse in the sunset shot next time !!!! You might start a lonely horse trend here on g+ lol. Lovely pic! 
Its like a painting! The earth has amazing faces a lot! Im so impressed with it Thanx\(^∀^)/
Waooo! wat a nice twiglight pix!^_^
Really a breath taking awesome photograph having deep serenity
Wao its reallly Beautifull
God I wish I were THERE;but it would have to have a beach
The sun rays... Green field with horses... It's picture perfect. I dunno how you manage to capture such moments.
horses r my fav animal! i <3 this pic!!!
One of the most majestic pic I have ever seen.
The thumbnail looked like a painting. It didn't look like it could be real. Amazing!
what a beautiful picture to see
How is it that u happen to be at the right time for such breath taking picture???? Your take is awesome as always =)
Fab pic and its always early in the morning or at sunset, u can take the best shots ever !
Linda paisagem! Amei!
I just saw this photo again and am moved to comment on the whole composition. Really, great work!
I like the spectacular view, nice shot Trey
Wow +Trey Ratcliff 2 a.m. and the sun was still up? Where were you?  The story behind the photo gives you more appreciation for the shoot :) Thanks
Great - to get pics like this you have to be in right place .right time with camera and see it. So often have seen them but missing camera or position/angle
love it,sooooooooo........PEACEFUL,It's beatiful shot,can u teach me how??:)
i dont have anything to say. its very beautiful
+Trey Ratcliff .... I haven't ever thought I will feel both warmness and coldness in the same photo until I saw yours. This one is a great example. Thank you Trey.
nice superb..............,
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