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Thanks Google+ !

I asked my son Ethan to play something from The Hobbit for you as a sincere thank you !
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Is that the view that you see everyday... ?!! Wow!!
+Trey Ratcliff Very talented! I also enjoyed the dance routine on the deck : ).  You are a very lucky man. All the best. K.
Bravo - (you moved a baby grand from Austin to Queenstown?)
Thank you +Trey Ratcliff, thank you +Ethan Ratcliff. Very cool!

BTW: What was the reason for your movement to New Zealand? The great view from your door? Would be a reason for me :)
Fantastic job Ethan.
(I love that Yamaha)
Awesome job Ethan. I hope you stick with the piano. It is an awesome instrument to play. I played piano for 17 years. It was a lot of fun for me. Anyways.Take care Ethan. Bye. 
That's wonderful +Trey Ratcliff. Thanks also for your wonderful photos that you share with us and yes, the interesting storytelling that goes with it :)
Thanks for sharing your wonderful family life.  Great piano playing, Ethan!  Thank you all.
Oh wow! You are such a PROUD dad - and so you should be : Ethan will be so embarrassed in five years time :-) Watch out H, Shore & H. Zimmer ....
+Tim Brown  Yes it was one of the heaviest things we moved from Austin to NZ! hehe
+Trey Ratcliff Oh man, that is too adorable. :) You should have your son do the background music for your videos!
Lovely!! He plays great!!! Congratulations Trey and Ethan!! :)
Great video :) I was smiling the whole time. 
I might be an exchange student in either australia or new zealand in my third year of high school. I'll visit ya :P +Trey Ratcliff
You have a phenomenal view out there and your son plays great!
Bravo! Ethan..surely awaken sweet memories of New Middle Earth..perfect scene of the backyard, your beautiful girls and music to match +Trey Ratcliff ;-) Thank You much for the continue mentorship..
Very charming and oh so talented!  Thank you!
Delightful and Adorable ! Well played Ethan !
He looks like you +Trey Ratcliff I have noticed Trey that you are starting to get a slight Kiwi accent. :)
Wow - tell Ethan he's awesome!! Beautiful!
Trey, thanks for sharing, what a talented wonderful child; the others were darling too..Happy Holidays and God Bless.
Excellent Ethan! From all of us in Canada - keep up the great piano playing!  
I wish I could play piano like that genius

Fantastic! What a talented household you have there! 
hehe iv played piano for 4 years and i was always nervous to play infront to a camera but he did an awesome job
Well played! Nice Piano too it sounds fantastic...
+Trey Ratcliff That's one of my favourite pieces from The Lord of the Rings movies. Howard Shore composed an amazing score and Ethan definitely has some talent.

Oh yeah...fortuitous timing with the girls ;) and what an amazing view!
Absolutely adorable! Such a talented little family 
Really talented young man!  Love the view from your patio!
Rose L.
Awww, Ethan is quite talented and I love your daughters running back and forth (especially in front of your camera) for your attention, lol.

Beautiful kids you have there, +Trey Ratcliff Your son look a lot like you that I can almost picture how +Trey Ratcliff looks like at 11 ;) 
+Ethan Ratcliff that was spectacular! Great job! ♥ Keep playing! And Trey, how wonderful to have such a happy chaos...energetic & beautiful children! And the view...le sigh! :) 
You are truly blessed +Trey Ratcliff . What a wonderful home you've created for your children to grow up in.  Ethan's certainly a good sport to play for the 4 million of us tagging along on your adventures :)
You're AWESOME Ethan!!!
The view from out the window... is simply breathtaking.. Great job on scouting the house. :)
awe amazing son, he did a good job!
That was wonderful! I just happen to be watching The Fellowship of the Ring! You seem to have a very amazing life, Trey. Thank you for your pictures and showing us how crazy beautiful this world can be!
Well done Ethan I really enjoyed your playing.
+Trey Ratcliff Congratulations on 4 million followers, only 400,000 more and you'll have more followers then the total population of New Zealand! (Not counting sheep obviously.)
YAY, WTG, Ethan! Excellent and one of my favorites. TY for sharing w/ all of us.
i can see he will end up like his dad very clever boy 
Thank you! Ethan.That's very nice. 

Thank you Ethan litle boy so nice that you love the music and you are big frend the piano.kisses
Be sweet be fresh be beatifull be your dream be strong JUST BE YOU!kisses
Nice job!  (And beautiful view of the outside from your door!)
Bela melodia, mas, o melhor foi o sorriso em seu rosto, Ethan ganhou uma fã do Brasil agora, chegará fácil a contagem de seguidores do pai! Parabéns pela linda família! :)
That is so awesome!!  I can't wait for the Hobbit and Ethan has now inspired me to go get the music so I can play at home too! :)  Thanks for sharing!!
I have been following you for two years plus and your work have been a inspiration for me as a photographer, but this post have been the best and the most touching that I ever seen. Good job Trey.
thanks, Ethan, if there had been music from the Lord of the Rings when I was learning piano I might have actually learned how to play.
That is very cool! Thanks Ethan... nice work. 
Very sweet … what took my breath away was the glimpse of the view outside.  OMG that's awesome!!
That took concentration. Kudos! 
Ethan's well-chosen and well-played song, combined with that all-too-short shot of the landscape outside, was utterly beautiful!  Thank you.
Excellent work Ethan. Lovely change of tempo at the end.Thank you. :0)
That was lovely. Thanks for sharing your son's talent with us. 
well done Ethan had my daughter watch you as she is 8th grade and teachers little children like yourself.Keep up the good work and take great care of that baby grand,my daughter loved it and said you were so lucky to have such a wonderful Dad,look after him as they don't come as good in this day and age if you can under stand. Thanks Ethan for playing to us all and well done. Have a pleasant weekend
Wow that was flawless, so talented!
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