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How does it cost? What's your best guess?
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Wouldn't that go nicely in your bag.... somehow. 15mm 2.8 looks a lot nicer to take care of haha.
You can shoot a picture of your own butt with that thing pointed forward.
Did they make a similar but smaller lens? I know I saw somebody with a lens like this at a concert once, about 30 years ago.
wow!!! HUGE stuff. Need your assistant to hold the lense LOL
I heard about that lens when I worked in a camera store in the 80's thought it was a fake thing. Gotta watch where your feet are
hey Trey! i like your youtube page!! i subscribed!!! :-)
I wonder how many of these things were actually made? I'd imagine they are very rare!
+Dan Bowden -- I remember reading about this lens the other day. I can't remember how many were made, but I seem to recall it was in the single digits. Like three or something like that.
I love how the camera itself is sort of dangling helplessly behind the lens...
I'll stick with my 10mm Canon... it is a 10-22 zoom, a wide wide zoom that I use mostly at 10mm on my Canon D30. I have a nikon film camera and wide angle lens are always something I've been looking for, but sorry, can't afford that one.
Crikey, they should put a filter on that front element to protect it
220 degrees? Talking about making it difficult to compose anything interesting!
Wow, that dwarfs the F3. Damn, now I miss my old F3 :(
$20,000 my best guess . btw im a kid
Just make sure you hold your pinky up to your mouth when you say the price.
what do u mean? do you like ponies?
If I knew that, I'd have 20-220 vision in hindsight ;-)
Is there a LR4 lens profile for it?
I remember these in the Nikon catalog back in the 70's.
What do you use for a lens cap, a trash can lid? And a lens hood.... Forget about it with that viewing angle. You'd have lens flare no matter which direction you shoot. 
$554k I would estimate. I would LOVE to take some shots with that thing!
How much do you think that it will actually sell for is the real question.
i read some where, one was sold on ebay for 34,000 dollars.
Wow... it's more than the Canon 1200mm f/5.6 L. Thought that one was $120K when it was available. It might be more now that it's not.
i wonder if i can get one for the weekend at borrow lenses
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