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The British Virgin Islands

I will upload a How-to video soon to (if you subscribe there, you can see it first). I went down to the other side of Virgin Gorda the other day and I had +Curtis Simmons follow me with a video camera to see what everything looked like while I was taking the photo...
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Wow... I just said "wow" out loud (WOL?)
Love the Virgin Islands - beautiful pic, thanks for sharing!
Trey, over the past few weeks I've become a big fan of your photography. Which cameras are you using to get these great pics? I saw a picture of you holding what looks like a Nikon D4 or D3x...You're feeding my interest and helping me into a new expensive hobby. I'm thinking of the D800 to start with. Thanks! :)
Pam L.K
Wow!!! Absolutely love the color of the sky
This is just one of those shots that you could only be proud of. Superbly wonderful.
God's creations are amazing. I am thank for eyes to see.
Trey Ratcliff , when I overtake U? Haha!!
Looks heavily photoshopped. That is not island, it's photoshop.
Very cool, I live and shoot everyday on the beach and so love shooting the ocean I can't get enough
so youre the how to guy how properly ad milk to your tea haha
สุดจะบรรยาย เมืองไทยไม่มี
right click, "set as background" Beautiful!
I mean no disrespect +Trey Ratcliff and I hope you don't take this the wrong way. The comp and moment captured are cool but the green sky is killing it for me.
Oh wow - awesome - love the splashing water!
beautiful,my husband is from the vigin islands and i hope to go and visit soon!
wow thats beautiful!!! i love the close up picture!!!it feels your really in there and watching it!! happen.
Great Scott! That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
Thanks! :)

Interesting how some people don't like the cross-processing -- but most do... Obviously, I like it! :)
superb of da best pics dat I've ever seen in my life ! wonders of nature.................. :D
oh wow, I love this one. thank you
Wow!!! I actually feel like I'm there.
Very, very beautiful!
Oh my God! this is very beautiful
You should come to Queensland to shoot the coral islands and our desert and rain forest btw i love this image...
All of your pics r stunning! Wow!
I think you would love it. The desert just after the rain comes to life with plant life. The colours and the beauty are awesome and inspiring.
That is gorgeous! I want to take my boyfriend there for our honeymoon..
What a wonderful painting.
Can wait to see the how-to on this one!
Already feeling sorry for the splashed camera there... :-)
+Trey Ratcliff look forward to the tutorial. When I took the ocean picture the damned waves MOVED! how do you stop that?
Look at the awesome action in this shot! Did you get water on your lense?
I want to thank you for providing me some super epic wallpapers, Thank you!
Hey +Trey Ratcliff I'm always curious, how many similar shots were taken before you settled on this one?
Defiantly u received hundreds and thousands of comments every day so you don't have time to read all but really your very good photographer have a different vision towards your surroundings.
Hallo from waaaaay on the other side of the ocean! Looks wonderful Trey!! :)
Makes me think of how eternal life is The eternally burgeoning seas are a lifebread of Planet Earth!
Beautiful, i was there in 1989. Still looks lovely!
This photo is truly amazing. Well done.
Trey menunggu dengan sabar ombak datang, jeprett..!! Cantik...
M Way
I just L-O-V-E this one!!!!
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