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Portfolio - The Counter-Earth, the one some of us see...
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How much time does is take for you to shoot and edit such a photo?
Trey - with almost every photo you share I learn more and more about composition and context. Thanks.
Amazing picture.
Very inspiring! You make a gate sooooo beautiful... Makes me wanna to out later after work and shoot!!! I will!!!
This really shows me how a great photographer sees things in a different way. I am glad to be a part of your Google+ following :)
Ambiance : combinaison d' objets dans toute leur simplicité et d'éclairage...C' est l' approche artistique qui est la plus importante et c' est elle qui donne naissance à cette ambiance !
Une série de photos des plus sensationnelles ! J' ai éprouvé beaucoup de plaisir en passant en revue tous les éléments de votre production. Merci !
I love this picture, I used to have this to look at every morning till I moved to the midwest in the United States. I miss this -
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