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New Chrome Extension for Fans!

I was surprised when the team below contacted me to make this! It's available now for free at:

It's beautiful and fast-fast! I'd really like to thank +Mohamed Mansour (coding) , +Jake McCuistion (art & design). Wait until you see the amazing extensions they are making next… They swore me to secrecy… and I am a great secret-keeper. But… wow it is cool!

Every day, it keeps track of when I release new photos across the web... easy to +1 or share with your friends that like photography... and this sort of thing. Thanks again Mohamed - you rock!
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I really wish Chrome didn't crash everything on my laptop. really.
What?! You have your own Chrome extension? That's ridiculous! I must install it now! Good work, Trey.
That is pretty awesome. Pretty soon I won't have to visit any websites, just use extensions.
Wow, just tried it. It actually works ;)
Trey? It's great that along with the talent and eye for Photography that you also have the people and sales skills to make your posts so entertaining, while still feeding us great information! Kudos and Thanks!!!
Wow!... one of the greatest app builder for g+ +Mohamed Mansour (and his team) did this app only for you^^... Great job and I will proudly use and promote it ;) Keep your great work +Trey Ratcliff
Using it now. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
LOL, the first photographer with Chrome Extension, well deserved
Trey !
hehe yes +Ricardo Lagos - they are great... I feel very lucky that awesome people come to me and offer me incredible things -- how can I not say no?? hehe - I thank them very much. I'm happy to promote them back -- even though they didn't ask for a thing.
Installed, I wont miss any of your excellent work again.
Kevin F
That is incredible they did that. Installing now
I'm looking forward to seeing the different pictures each day. Good idea.
chrome is becoming more popular. I wonder if this type of extension will be made for various types of people to be followed on chrome eventually?
Pretty soon everyone will have their own chrome extension and instead of going to Google+ I'll just load all 520 extensions into chrome, set up a couple extra toolbars to manage them and I can read everyones posts from there! :-)
+Mohamed Mansour I've often wondered why my Boxee has 239 apps when all it needs is an RSS feedreader. I often wonder the same thing about Android apps. If the API is known we only need one app. Hopefully that's where we're going with Google+.
someone who makes an app
for when you are sharing a new photo !
this is the first class men !
a form of consecration ..?!
bravo !
The app works like a charm. The pictures look great specially the SF one.
Nikki N
Just installed it and love it!
Well deserved Trey.
The extension is awesome, by the way!
+Trey Ratcliff Because of this I have finally downloaded and installed Chrome:) I just had to have a great reason to switch over:) Its very cool Trey:)
Awesome, Wonderful and Useful!
Great Addition to Google Chrome. Works perfectly and love the photo layout at the bottom with the dates the pictures were taken.
you may have just jumped the shark, my friend. :)
Installed the extension. congratulations you deserve it, awesome pictures.
Sean G
Very cool Trey
Installed it, but... it's not really necessary, is it? I mean, you post the photos here, anyway ;-)
Wow, congratulations! This looks great. I don't use Chrome, but I'd probably install it if I did.
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